Mac Framerate issues still plaguing users

As a Mac user (flame on) this issue has been hitting close to home. Many Mac Diablo 3 players are reporting sluggish frame rates, that is if they are able to play at all.

Blizzard had this to say on May 22nd:

We’ve been closely monitoring community feedback since the launch of Diablo III. The top issue for our Mac players is performance, especially on low-end cards such as the NVIDIA 9400M.

We’re working on an optimization update to significantly improve performance for the NVIDIA 9400M. Other cards will see a modest but noticeable increase in FPS. This fix will be available in the near future.

Many Mac users are reporting frame rates varying from 5-15 fps and a game that is almost unplayable. In fact just quickly perusing the Mac forums just about every other thread details this issue. From my beta experience my Mac performance was excellent until patch 16. At that time we were told release would fix any problems as they didn’t have time to patch the beta. However, those issues have reared their ugly head again and for Mac users it’s a waiting game.

Are you a Mac user experiencing these problems? Sound off in the comments below!

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57 thoughts on “Mac Framerate issues still plaguing users

  1. I am on a 2011 Macbook Air and I have actually been quite amazed with the performance. Though i run all low settings I can usually stick between 20-30 FPS, this also depends on how much AoE is happening, but for the most part it has been great! I do not have the Nvidia card, mine is the Intel 3000

  2. Don’t get me wrong though if any fix adds FPS I will welcome it with a smile!

  3. I have a mac with a 9400m, and when I tried to play the Beta on the open weekend, I knew I couldn’t enjoy the game on that machine. There is no way. So I spent £130 fixing up my PC with a better graphics card, and now I find out they will fix the mac problem… 

  4. I play on a macbook pro which is 5 years old. My system spec is pretty much the exact same as the minumum required for mac users, and I honestly have to say that the game is performing much better than expected for me. I do get FPS drops now and then for sure, but usually it’s quite smooth. Have to add though that there are certain areas where it’s performing much worse, such as the Dalghur Oasis, and that is just plain weird as there it’s unplayable even without any mobs on screen 😮

  5. I got a Macbook Pro from the beginning of 2011 running on Mac OS X 10.7.4 with a AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB… a Intel Core i7 2.2Ghz… 8 Go RAM… an SSD hard Drive… And the maximum fps i can get with this config (in 1980×1080) , is about 20 fps idle… and 16-17 when i am playing….
    I think this is not the best my config can do, then i will wait for this fix, and i hope this will help…

    • Same setup as Darkpandoraa but 4Go Ram instead of 8 (bought in Aug 2011)
      The game runs smoothly with 1680×1050 with all settings at the minimum. It can hold 35fps but I block it at 26 to prevent it from heating up. It failed as as soon as the game runs (even just the menus) the fans go full speed and the heat is terrible.
      I wouldn’t mind a bit of optimization in order for my computer to chill down and save itself (and some battery if unplugged). Wow for example doesn’t switch on the fans at 35fps, max rez, good settings.

      • The fans should always kick in when it switches on the Radeon HD 6750M and starts using one or two cores with any significance. (I have the same mac book pro)

        A long, long time ago I bought something to place the laptop on for ‘lap’ usage, because macbook pros get too hot.

        My problem is I have a high power CPU Intel Core i7 and a high enough video card at native resolution, 1680×1050, that I should never drop below 60 fps unless some outside process has done something significant. The fact is, when someone installs Windows 7 via boot camp and runs Diablo 3, the game works relatively flawlessly. 

  6. Using the latest iMac. Playing in max resolution with all settings on max and it looks great. Only the spider cave in act 1 always causes a horrible drop in FPS, as does the very start of the game.

    • I got a pretty good PC and the spider cave also causes fps drop, a lot. I guess there’s something screwed up on that level.

    • Same here. Have a new IMac and I runit he game on max resolution and max settings, with only the spider cave giving me trouble. 

  7. I’m on iMac (mid 2011) and game runs great except spider queen zone, where framerate drops.

  8. I’m running D3 on a Mac Pro (2008, 8-core) with a Radeon HD 5870 on 1920×1200 with all setting high, no issue 60-fps. On my MacBook Air from 2010 however, I have to put everything on low to run remotely playable.

  9. Btw, antialiasing was set on by default in the settings. Make sure to turn if off if you have a lower end machine or it cuts your FPS in half. Was unplayable until I discovered it.

    • 1. No I won’t sell
      2. I’ve had PC, its nice but I like OSX more.

      FIXED, don’t seems to be an issue for me, maybe lower ends of Mac? I’ve running on lastest MacBook Pro 15″ i7 not a problem.

  10. im forced to run low settings to get rid of the INSANE lag that i experience each time i open a new game/go into a new area
    i cant do hardcore as i will just lag/die as soon as iget into a new area its really annoying  me

    • What Mac are you running on? Post spec? I’ve running highest on all and I do play hc.

  11. I’m on late 2008 macbook pro with 9600M GT.
    I can run at 1440×900 and high settings around half of the game. It drops from 25-30 FPS to 10-15 FPS as soon as I enter certain areas* (other half of the game) – I have to switch to lower resolution for these areas… It’s like you’re playing another game whenever you play a new location. that’s very frustrating, and I’m 100% sure that could be fixed/improved by Blizzard. 

    *the areas with the worst FPS drop I can think of : spider cave (act 1), dahlgur oasis (act 2), way to belial (act 2), all the first half of act 3, most of act 4. 

      • “LOL” ? – then what about all the people with the ultra-crappy 9400M ? should they kill themselves?

    • Same issues here. I’m running on a 2009 MacBook Pro – game works great until I get to certain trouble areas, which largely seems to be the places where the backgrounds are prominent (ie – a lot of Act 3, but the skywalks near Belial and Izual are also prime examples).
      Honestly, if there were just an option that turned off the background and gave me a blue hazy muck, I would take it in a heartbeat – the game works great everywhere else.

  12. It’s amusing that some people still use the argument that Mac systems are “meant for graphics” and pc’s are “business machines.” This is not 1992. Anyone with half a brain knows that most well-built pc’s are far superior and less expensive than ANY mac on the market. “But pcs crash all the time!” is the next argument…

    • you are confusing which mac systems are meant for graphics. 

      Macs are far more popular now than they were.   However, the models that are selling are the iMacs and macbook lines.  The iMac has a mobile graphics card in it. These machines are mid-level business machines.  The fact that they can play games is a bonus assuming the game will run.   Apple has never pushed these machines as gaming rigs and I doubt they ever will.

      The graphic and video machines are the Mac Pro lines.  Most are dual processor with top of the line graphics cards.   They are f’ing expensive tho.   They are still preferred in a lot of video and graphic publishing houses.  

      D3 plays fine on my 2008/2009 imac.  Not top settings mind you, but it does run.   I did build a PC in december for 1100 and it rocks the game of course.  PC still wins when it comes to gaming and probably always will.  I’ll take any performance increases for the mac of course. I’m sure they were focused on their larger market in the PC.

      • I have a 3 year old iMac (Core 2 Duo).  I was playing WoW, so I ordered it from Apple to get the upgraded graphics card and upped the RAM to 8 gigs.  I get a framerate of 32-36 and only occasionally (maybe once per session) get the deja vu jitter.  I have one setting on medium, the rest on high.  Diablo is very playable and enjoyable, although I wouldn’t complain if Blizzard (or Apple) could optimize things to increase the framerate.

    • So you could build a 27 inch iMac for less than what Apple sells them? The cost works out fairly equally, assuming you don’t make the rookie mistake that nearly every Windows user does and use a $200 1920×1080 27′ monitor as an equivalent to the iMac’s 2560×1440 display. The problem is OpenGL and the terrible job AMD and Nvidia are doing with their OS X drivers.

  13. maybe that’s just a false assumption by now, but you were never supposed to have a high-eng gaming rig to play blizzard games.
    MBP’s with 9600M GT should be able run the game at mid/high.
    some ppl with far more recent ones can’t play it any better anyway, so there’s clearly a problem of optimization.

    • Apple is still putting i5’s and sub-par graphics cards in the “new” models.

  14. I just upgraded my mac 9 months ago and it runs..relitevely fine.  All exept for the spider queens zone from Act 1.  That just kills me and even with my high end mac, it still lags as if its a 5 year old computer.  It pisses me off to be honest. 

  15. Got a 9400m as well on my Mac and it’s unplayable, everything on lowest. Sounds great that they will improve it, that means I can play in the summer vacation w/o my PC. Woho!

  16. Got a 6870 in my 2009 Mac Pro, and performance is obviously very good. Only surprise: in 4 player games I sometimes get very noticeable slowdowns. 

  17. Have the dark pandora mac with 16GB ram instead of 8 and I get like 30FPS but drops to 15 depending on zone. Just terrible. Had no issues in closed beta theya screwed something up big time. 

    • the beta only had a portion of Act 1, which is clearly optimized and still runs without FPS drops in retail version.
      thats even the reason why I bought the game, thinking “ok, that’ll work”…

  18. I have a MacBook pro from 2010 with a corei7 and a 330M. I get 20 fps on average which is disappointing. hopefully this fix will bring me closer to 30 fps. 

  19. Playing on 2008 Mac Pro tower: dual intel Core 2 duos, 4GB, Radeon 8800GT, 2560×1600 resolution screen with max settings. I get ~25fps in general. Combat never really slows it down unless the screen is flooded. But like others, the Caverns of Aranae in Act 1 makes things choppy occasionally.

    But my fan turns to highest speed the moment I launch DIII. Even at the login screen it starts screaming. Really annoying.

  20. Diablo III is completely unplayable on my MacBook. Sometimes it works at a low framerate but then suddenly it decides to pretty much freeze up for a few seconds. I switch into Windows 7 using Bootcamp and BAM, suddenly the game works perfectly with no hickups and 30+ FPS. Pretty silly what a huge difference the OS makes.

    • DirectX instead of OpenGL, and that the OS X drivers don’t include any game-specific optimizations like the Windows ones do makes all the difference in the world.

  21. I hope this will be solved for all mac’s not only those with a 9400M. If we disable the shadows the fps quite doubles… but without shadows it seems that my characters are levitating lol and activating the wings from collector’s edition it seems that i changed game … Aion maybe ? ^^

  22. Please spit your rage elsewhere… Blizzard team has always develop for both OS, that means we can go on Mac too. If you prefere your PC, that’s great… but here we don’t give a damn of your limited opinion, we are discussing about how to get the game working on ours Mac’s as it has to works.

  23. Both wife and I installed boot camp, updated drivers and 2011 iMac is running perfectly. 2009 MBP with 9400M is a bit problematic in some areas of game (ACT II – sewers, oasis).

    This news make us happy, especially as they put focus on 9400M. That means we can give it a try, later on, running the game on OS X. 

  24. Running on a late 27″ iMac 2010 core i5 with the Radeon 5750 at max resolution except shadows and anti alissing. Runs mostly fine but noticable frame draps in spider cave and when the screen gets swarmed. Using a Fiio E10 usb headphone amplifier sound gets dropped at lot of times in act 3 and 4. I hope af fix will make it better. 

  25. I play on a 2009 iMac, the highest-end model. I don’t remember the tech specs. I run D3 at the highest settings and it runs great 99% of the time. There are a couple of areas where the game is slightly less smooth, like the spider cave, but it’s minor. Latency spikes are a far more obnoxious issue, although most of the time I’m free of that, as well.

    Now if only SC2 ran this well for me. For the past year or 2 it’s been unplayable.

  26. i have a pc a intel pentium dual core 2.8 and a nvidia 460xt 1gb with ddr5 memory… i run at 1600×1200 all settings on high at 60fps….if i turn shadows or anti aliasing on it drops to 15fps… with these cartoonish wow like would think the game would run better than it does…obvious software problem thats quite upsetting seeing as how blizz games are usually very compatiable

  27. My iMac has a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256MB and it is pretty bad.  Act 1 and 2 are 75% playable.  The Dulgar Oasis is TORTURE as is most of act 3 and 4.  I am glad the see that this is something they are going to fix… eventually… maybe… We’ll see 😕

    • so everyone is experiencing exactly the same thing.
      makes you really wonder how blizzard write and test their mac client… 

  28. Not just Mac users having FPS issues. The “micro stutter” issue has been plaguing many people since release, and Blizzard just now addressed it .

  29. Mac Pro 8 core 2.8ghz / 16 gigs ram / 10k rpm Barracuda HDD / ATI 5770 with 1024meg vram / snow leopard
    I have to run in windowed mode. Turn settings to low and vsync at 60fps. Still choppy every 3 or 4 seconds.
    Their is a fundamental problem with the game on Mac’s if my machine can’t run it.

  30. I had no idea about this issue, so imagine my surprise when I buy the game and go to my brothers house for an awesome weekend of gaming….Total disgust!

    I really felt ripped off, the only reason I bought the game was that my mac mini was listed as acceptable by the minimum specs.

    Boot camp was better but still took a nose dive after the beginning of act 2.

    does anyone remember the d2 mac issues?

    good times.

    I agree with what someone said earlier, this game should run on all systems that meet specs, its not a fps in HD.

    Right now I am stuck in act one in softcore farming the fields of misery over and over and over again.

    I don’t know…. my reaction is a mix of total disgust and warm and fuzziness for being here before (d2)….

    The only good news is that my mouse from my d2 days made it to the D3 installment of the franchise and 3 macs. So at least some things work.

  31. I am a mac user. 
    The Framerate issues are real, although I am of the opinion that the people complaining are exaggerating somewhat…

  32. NVIDIA GeForce 320M on a 13″ macbook pro

    In some places game’s fine- mostly deserts.

    Even with bottom graphic settings,
    Spider cave in Act 1, Oasis in Act 2, and anywhere above ground in Act 3 are almost unplayable. 

  33. it seems to get worse as you play on at first it was great on my mac and now its unplayable.

  34. anybody has experience with macbook air 11′ from mid 2011.? problems with fps in crowded areas? How about online gaming?

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