As a Mac user (flame on) this issue has been hitting close to home. Many Mac Diablo 3 players are reporting sluggish frame rates, that is if they are able to play at all.

    Blizzard had this to say on May 22nd:

    We’ve been closely monitoring community feedback since the launch of Diablo III. The top issue for our Mac players is performance, especially on low-end cards such as the NVIDIA 9400M.

    We’re working on an optimization update to significantly improve performance for the NVIDIA 9400M. Other cards will see a modest but noticeable increase in FPS. This fix will be available in the near future.

    Many Mac users are reporting frame rates varying from 5-15 fps and a game that is almost unplayable. In fact just quickly perusing the Mac forums just about every other thread details this issue. From my beta experience my Mac performance was excellent until patch 16. At that time we were told release would fix any problems as they didn’t have time to patch the beta. However, those issues have reared their ugly head again and for Mac users it’s a waiting game.

    Are you a Mac user experiencing these problems? Sound off in the comments below!

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