Low DPS Challenge Starts Tomorrow

If you’re up for the challenge then Capt Goodman has thrown down the gauntlet in the general forum. He’s opened sign ups for the Low DPS challenge:

I’m going to be running a competition to see who can find the lowest DPS so ilvl – 61-63 item. 10k gold buy-in, and it runs weekly from Sat-Fri. Could be an interesting game, and will definitely make you laugh at how bad some of these items can be. Let me know if you’ve got any questions or anything.

Whoever wins gets the lion’s share of the pot of gold and the rest goes to the second place.

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23 thoughts on “Low DPS Challenge Starts Tomorrow

  1. Games too easy, I could win this in my sleep. It’s obvious Blizzard is sponsoring this to promote their muck up on itemization. How much $ do we get if we win?

    • Sounds like a challenge, good sir. You should put your money (gold) where your mouth is 😛

    • i’m curious as to how you think you have some amazing ability to equip the worst items that far exceeds anyone else’s potential

  2. Ya I guess no one ever did naked or ironman or things like that in d2. Variety is good. Community events are great. Except for the bitter haters…

  3. Could be really fun if there was a way to make people only use items they personally found. Unfortunately, the “winning” strategy for this competition would be quite boring and repetitive.

    -Open up auction house
    -Search 1h by dps lowest to highest – spam the search button for hours
    -Continue buying any weapon with a dps lower than your current lowest

    • I mentioned that strategy in the thread. If this picks up, and we get a lot of people participating, I may ask for auction house history screenies, to prove it’s self-found. As of right now, though, if someone wants to do that to win what is probably going to be ~100k gold, they’re more than welcome to it.

      • I think that’s a good idea, would keep it more fun and you would actually see a nice range of items, rather than three 156dps daggers for 1st-3rd place. I believe that is the lowest attainable dps weapon for ilvl 61, and it would be really rare to see that in the competition without the use of the AH.

        • That’s about the only way to keep it legit I could think of. If it picks up like I said, I’ll probably request screenies for history all the way back to today’s date, to make sure people aren’t buying them now in hopes it is off the screen by then. (I’m an accountant, I take all these types of situations into consideration automatically, haha)

          • I thought this might be a problem earlier in the competition, but there simply are no really low lvl dps weapons on the AH. The current leading DPS is 52.7, and the lowest I saw on the AH was 1 ~87 DPS bow, after about 10 looks. Everything else listed is in the ~156 range.

  4. Looks like it could be fun….unfortunately, the AH completely dicks it up. Good luck with your contest, Captain.

  5. Reminds me of Eliminator talking about his naked playing in the beta, when he’d pick up LQ weapons that did LESS damage than bare handed, just to have the challenge and variety.

  6. Please stop playing this game so Blizzard can see people are quitting, do the rest of us a favor and quit. please 🙂

  7. How I miss Ironmans


    Save yourself

    I believe captcha is getting it right lol

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