Loot Epic Prizes at the Official Diablo III Launch Events

We are pleased to announce that you will have the chance to win some amazing prizes at the official Diablo III launch events across Europe, thanks to our official partners.
On the night of May 14/15, BradyGames, Future Publishing, J!NX, NVIDIA, Panini, Razer, and SteelSeries are offering top-notch treasures to those of you brave enough to join your fellow heroes in the battle against the forces of Evil. So don’t miss out! This is the perfect opportunity to grab some outstanding loot in addition to being among the first to get a copy of Diablo III!
Head over to the dedicated website to find the location of your nearest launch event.

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    9 thoughts on “Loot Epic Prizes at the Official Diablo III Launch Events

    1. I understand “near” is a relative term but “find an event near you!” isn’t that helpful when there’s only one in the US.

    2. Yeah… lot more launch events in Europe. Not the first time I’ve seen that for US based companies, but it does seem odd! I wonder if there are logisitical barriers to it here that don’t exist over there.
      Anyway, yay for a sensible decision to let us install… and especially patch! early 😀

    3. Hmm… So I’m on the western hemisphere. Where is the nearest event? Oh, there’s only one. Well, I guess THAT’S the nearest one.
      Sheesh… 😕

    4. I’m sure there’ll be an extensive list, or official word for the US. One single event for the states makes no sense.

      I’m from Denmark, and I counted 142 events. That’s not a typo (142!). There’s 3 events going down just in the city where I live.

      A considerate amount of them are Gamestops and Blockbusters. I’m inclined to think that it’s the same deal in the west.

    5. I believe theres a difference between Midnight Launch Event and Official Blizzard Launch Event. There are 3 Midnight events in my city of Malmö, Sweden (Gamestop) but the closest official event is in Stockholm 600 km away.
      Malmer are you sure you havent mixed the events up? 

      • It’s just Retail Launch Events I’m talking about.

        As far as I can see, the only official events in EU are located in: Berlin, London, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm and Warsaw.

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