DiabloWikiBashiok has just answered some of our question on how DiabloWikiBosses will work with the new DiabloWikicheckpoint system for player DiabloWikideath, and DiabloWikiitem loot sharing between party members. As usual, it seems a lot of fans are quite afraid of one or another small balance problem in D2 will come back to haunt us, but Bashiok calmly explains that [this is not the same game as D2, and] they will not put out a game they’re not happy with.

    It’s possible the DiabloWikicheckpoint system may affect boss encounters. If it turns out that checkpoints make kamikaze runs a viable technique to down a DiabloWikiboss, there will probably have to be some measures to keep it in check.

    I’ve also seen some alarmist concerns with it being used as a way to grief others, or take advantage of this system or that. They’re certainly valid questions and concerns, but I suppose it’s the conclusions that are being jumped to and the certainty in which they’re held that’s off-putting.

    In general it seems some assume too much, that we’re going to put in a feature, and then dust our hands off with a nod and say mission accomplished. No, if a feature makes the game too easy, too difficult, or more importantly doesn’t make it fun and engaging, it’s not going to go in as it is. That all takes a myriad of balance and playtesting to reach, and we’re not there yet. We can guess at what issues may crop up, you can guess too, but they’re all tweaks and changes for a later time. Bottom line – we’re not going to put out a game we’re not happy with.

    And then, on a personal note, Blizz-stalkers around the USA can now rejoice in knowing what type of car Bashiok drives

    Currently? I drive a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Yeah, it’s not fancy, but it’s like driving a fish tank. Excellent turn radius. Not having any blind spots is awesome. I’m thinking I’ll buy something new and sporty in the next couple years. I miss driving a manual with some pep.

    I’ve owned a lot of cars. Highlights would be my 66′ Mustang GT. 95′ Mustang Cobra. 57′ Chevy Townsman.

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