A fan asked for some ETA on Loot 2.0. The reply was about what you’d expect, but it’s worth considering the larger issue. First, the blueage:

    Any idea on when we are gonna see Loot2.0?
    Grimiku: We don’t yet have a release date for all the changes included in Loot 2.0. Our goal, however, is to release some of the new features we’ve discussed for Reaper of Souls with a pre-expansion patch. Loot 2.0 changes are definitely something we’d like to be a part of that patch, but there are still things that have to be taken care of before we’ll have any additional information to share about it.

    We’ll be posting updates about the pre-expansion patch, Reaper of Souls, and Loot 2.0 itself as we iron out the details, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

    We’re all expecting an update and more details on DiabloWikiLoot 2.0, plus a bunch more Reaper of Souls stuff at Blizzcon next month. Perhaps we’ll get more of a timetable then, but I wouldn’t count on it. What we do know is that the DiabloWikiAuction House will be shut down on 18 March, 2014. It’s widely assumed that Loot 2.0 will come to D3C at that time: 1) not earlier since all the new gear would instantly flood the AH and defeat the purpose of Loot 2.0’s DiabloWikiIronborn enabling, and 2) not later since the current game’s drop odds aren’t palatable to most players without the very fluid buying/selling that the AH provides.

    How about DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 for D3C? RoS will certainly launch with Paragon 2.0, but when (if ever) will it be added into D3C? Before/with/after Loot 2.0? Before RoS for a trial run? Simultaneous with RoS? DiabloWikiLadders are also expected in the future, but it’s not clear if they’ll launch with RoS, or post-release, and when they’ll be implemented into D3C.

    The most logical sequence of events seems to be AH-shutdown and Loot 2.0 in March, Reaper of Souls expansion some months after that, and then ladders (definitely in Ros and probably in D3C) some months after that. Note the staggered timeline there, giving players something new and exciting every few months. That’s purely speculation, though. Nothing official has been said on any timeline for anything.

    Anyone wants to weigh in on the likely sequence of events, hit the comments; I’m curious if there’s any real agreement on the timing of the upcoming changes.

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