We noticed first thing yesterday that the new Loot 2.0, Bound to Account Legendary items were showing up in the Auction House, and were selling, but then bugs ensued. Blizzard noticed too, and leapt into action with a couple of hotfixes, and then a more solid change during a brief server maintenance last night.

    Legendary items obtained in Patch 2.0.1 onward are supposed to be BOA, but players are still able to list them on the AH.

    leg-sale-errorThis is what happens when you attempt to buy something:

    You can click to buy and you will successfully buy the item, however, you cannot send it to your stash (assuming this is because the item is BoA and you cannot obtain it on your account).

    Lylirra: The ability to list Bind on Account items on the auction house was not intended and most certainly a bug. Early this morning, we implemented a hotfix which now instructs the auction house to reject all Bind on Account items, including those that currently have a 2-hour (or less) trade timer active.

    Here’s some additional info:

    As a result of this hotfix, players who attempt to list an account-bound item on the auction house will now receive an error (“[Item Name] Auction Failed (32105)”) as soon as they hit the “Create Auction” button and the item will be returned to the player’s stash or inventory unchanged. Since deposits are only taken on a successful sale and not for simply posting an auction, players won’t lose any gold or real money for attempting to list account-bound items.

    Account-bound items that are currently listed on the auction house will not be taken down. Instead, we’re letting those auctions sell or expire naturally.

    As we speak, we’re looking at making any account-bound item that’s been sold on the auction house BoA for the player that purchased it. This would apply retroactively. Our desire is to avoid taking anything away from players if possible, but still ensure that our goals for items in patch 2.0.1 are being met. This particular solution seems to be best of both worlds.

    We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any further changes, should they come through. Thanks for your reports!

    AH transfers of BoA items would rather defeat the purpose, so no surprise this was fixed so quickly.

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