Here are the winners and honorable mentions in this contest.

    As stated in the rules, we picked 7 winners in this contest, then slotted them into a random 1-7 order. This only matters since the prizes are 1 BlizzCon ticket and 6 WWI Cards. Congrats to all of the winners. Lyquid had first choice, but couldn’t make it to Blizzcon, so the ticket fell to Jodaus. Click through to view all the winners and honorable mentions.

    The Winners
    Embedded for your viewing ease:

    by lyquid:
    It’s not clear if the Fallen were killed there, or photoshopped in. If they were killed on the spot, then bonus points galore! This shot also gave us an idea for a fun future contest… stay tuned.

    by Jodaus:
    A clever addition, and a good observation. None of the judges had thought of this, despite all having seen the book cover and the movie.

    by Kirborg:
    One of the most clever uses of an existing photo with caption. The bulging yellow eyes are a nice touch.


    by Van Cleef:
    A nice combination of games, and knowing what’s actually about to happen with that “ruby” makes is all the funnier.

    by Cowguin:
    Probably the judges’ favorite, this animation works on multiple levels, with a great reference to the “too colorful” issue that ties in perfectly with reference enthusiastic, “happy trees!” painting style.

    by Kunzaito:
    The classic “in ur base” line, perfectly applied to Diablo 2.

    by BigVF:
    Leah’s expression here, and her role in the new game, perfectly matched the tone of the issue. And yes, it was probably inevitable that we have two winners who made reference to the (art) controversy that will not die. Try though we did to avoid it.


    Honorable Mentions
    Picking 7 winners was tough. We got 3 or 4 that we agreed on, and then had to debate and horse trade to pick the remaining lucky 7. Here are some others that the judges enjoyed, in no particular order.

    Thanks to everyone who entered. If you enjoyed this contest, we will be running LOL Diablo images as a regular site feature in the future, to keep your photoshop skills and senses of humor sharp. Watch the site main page for selected/suggested images to run through the DiabLOL generating machine.

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