This contest is now over, and the winners have been announced.

    It’s LOL Diablo time!!!1!

    The contest is simple:
    [INDENT]1) Take any Diablo image and add an appropriate LOL-style caption.
    2) Upload the image into the contest gallery.
    3) Cross your fingers.
    3.1) Spend hours browsing and laughing at the other entries.[/INDENT]
    Six winners will pick up WWI cards. One winner will pick up a ticket to Blizzcon 2008. You want? This too good for you. You take!

    What’s a LOL Diablo image?
    I slapped together a few samples, which can be seen below or in the contest gallery. If you want background info, check out wikipedia’s LOL cats entry. For examples and inspiration, there are endless options. Cats, Dogs, Politicians, the Creation Museum, God, and many, many more.

    How do you make them?
    You can use Photoshop or any other graphics program, or if you don’t have the software or expertise, use the LOL builder. Create your image in that, then save it to your hard drive and upload it to our gallery.

    Images must be uploaded to the LOL Diablo Contest gallery. (Any registered forum member can upload to our image gallery. Look for the “Upload Media” link on the top right of every gallery page.)

    Allowed Images
    Images must be from the Diablo games, but you can use anything you want within that limit. Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, screenshots, concept art, Blizzard.com splash screens, fan art, fake screenshots, photoshopped mashups, animated gifs… let your imagination and creativity run wild. Our image gallery is a huge depository of D2 and D3 images, but you can use shots you find elsewhere, or even pose and take your own in-game.

    Judging Rules
    You must be a registered member of the forums on Diii.net to enter and to upload images to the contest folder. You may enter as many times as you like, but there are no random winners in this contest, so spamming won’t help you. (And wading through 50 lame entries by one person will definitely annoy the judges.) In the event of very similar shots, credit will go to the one uploaded first, so don’t delay and let someone else beat you to your idea.

    Winning shots will be chosen based on their originality, creativity, and humor. They should maintain a reasonable adherence to the general LOLness format, (an awareness of all Internet traditions will help you) but innovation may be the key to victory?

    The staff of Diii.net will chose the winners, based on the criteria listed above. All winner selections and prize judgments are made at the sole discretion of Diii.net site staff.

    Winners and Prizes
    We will choose seven winning shots. The prizes are six WWI cards, and one ticket to this year’s BlizzCon. From the seven winners, one will be randomly-selected to have first prize pick. If they want the BlizzCon ticket, it’s theirs. If not, we’ll pick a second winner to take their pick, and so on, until the BlizzCon ticket is chosen.

    You can read the fine print on the WWI card in this photo. The beta slot is only redeemable in the ongoing WoW Lich King beta. If you don’t use it for this beta, it’s dead. It won’t work to get you into the upcoming SC2 or D3 beta tests. If you don’t play WoW, I’m sure you’ve got some friends who do, and ultra-rare WoW pets like the mini-Tyrael are greatly sought after.

    The contest runs until Sunday, September 14th. Entries must be uploaded by midnight of the 14th, Blizzard time. (California, PDT, -0700 GMT.) Winners will be announced a few days later, and contacted via a PM in this forum. They must reply to receive their prize. In the event a winner does not reply promptly, Diii.net reserves the right to choose an alternate winner.

    Sample Images
    A few samples, to give you an idea what we’re looking for. These are not anywhere near good enough to win; I just threw them together in half an hour (and had fun doing it). There are a few more in the contest gallery, and there will be dozens of contest entries there soon enough, if you need more inspiration. Don’t delay and let others beat you to the good jokes, though.

    Remember that you can always find all active and closed competitions in the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiDiii.net Contests article!

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