A notice on locking of Leaderboards while Diablo 3 2.6.1 is deployed

A notice on locking of Leaderboards while Diablo 3 2.6.1 is deployed

Blizzard is almost set for 2.6.1 but have issued a notice regarding Diablo 3 Era Leaderboards and they will experiment with “technology” that will allow them to lock them while the patch is deployed. This will however impact all leaderboards.

Patch 2.6.1 is on the way and, for those of you who have kept a close eye on the PTR, it is jam-packed full of balance changes across all classes. While many are looking forward to the start of Season 12 to try out these changes, we recognize that those of you who are passionate about the Era leaderboards may be viewing this next patch with apprehension.

We’re experimenting with some technology that will allow us to, temporarily, lock the Era leaderboards. This will allow us to give some “downtime” between this era and next while we deploy the upcoming patch and take care of any serious issues that may arise post deployment. Because the nature of Eras is to be continuous, this does have an unfortunate side-effect; this will effectively lock all leaderboards, including those associated with Challenge Rifts. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to complete Challenge Rifts for a reward! There just won’t be active leaderboards to compete on during the downtime.

To reduce the impact of this lock as much as possible, we currently plan on enabling this lock on October 20, at the same time Season 11 is scheduled to end. We would leave the leaderboards locked up until Season 12 begins, aligning the next roll of Era to occur on November 9.

Overall, we feel that this is the best, most fair way for us to ensure that the most hotly contested leaderboards remain in as equal and fair a state as possible.

Blizzard also offered up a “first look” piece for Diablo 3 2.6.1 but you will know all of this already if you’ve been keeping a close eye on 2.6.1 developments.

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    9 thoughts on “A notice on locking of Leaderboards while Diablo 3 2.6.1 is deployed

      • They should sell the AH itself as a separate DLC kind of like PoE does with their more stash tabs feature. They can continue to upgrade the AH with search features and options, more filters, more item storage and so on. Just don’t have a real Money auction house, and don’t go back to basing the drop rates on the damn thing.

        • lol that reminds me of the old days when we used the auction house for mulling.

          Bringing back the auction house sounds interesting…. maybe make currency lgems, crafting mats, or hellfire mats.

        • The AH would be a complete waste of time and dead in about week. With Primal items, that is all there would be. Maybe AH would work for seasons. Gold is meaningless, shards would be too since you can just buy Primal gear. AH would essentially would be a donation box. Buyer would give up Primals for a currency they have no need or want of.

          The only way I could see AH being viable is with a complete overhaul of the item system. There should to be some form of clan trading though.

      • Flux moved to Oregon and lives between Portland and Salem, working in the wine industry there. I visited him in August to see the total eclipse.

        So he wasn’t directly affected by the CA fires.

    1. AH will not be waste of time, not all have time to do endless farming 3-6 hours a day and Primal is more or less worthless, guess i found more than 300 primal items and cant use any of them unless I will make my class weaker. Agree with PearlJamaholic that there should be a clan trading as minimum but why not allow trading in general?? Players salvage loads og items every day, even they could safe some of them for another char, but u dont have the stash for it

      • Because, the reason why it is “a waste of time” is because there is nothing to trade FOR. Gold is worthless, blood shards are almost useless, and crafting mats are a dime a dozen. There are no valuable commodities for trade in exchange for the item.

        Actually when I stop and think about it, there is only one thing that is of any value to a high level player, bounty mats, but it would have to be a ton of them to be worth while.

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