Local Release Times

What time servers will go online for retail is a question many have asked – will all servers go live midnight PST (8am GMT) or is it midnight local time, thereby giving some access sooner than others? It’s a question that will be answered by the end of this week.

A blue update has just appeared on the Australia/New Zealand forum. The majority of the post was the same as the US update yesterday regarding the beta end date (1st May) but tagged on the end of this was:

Also news regarding local timings on release day should be up by the end of the week.

Thanks to Edward Hananto for mailing this update in.

Update  – It appears it’s Blizzard time GMT. Corinthians has let us know that Blizzard Portuguese CM, Rashtion left this update:

4:01 da manhã (horário de Brasília)

So midnight PST which is 4am in Brazil, 8am GMT and I think that’s 9am in mainland Europe?

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60 thoughts on “Local Release Times

  1. It’s prooly local time but I wish it wasn’t so I could start playing closer to the opening of the servers rather than 8~9 hours late ( damn deliverymans are probably laughing at me now in their elite secret deliveryman club :c )

  2. I’d be soooo happy if it was local times released. Would get some play time before sleep.

    No fun waiting for 8.00 a.m. just to get up and go to work 🙁 

  3. My local EB told me blizzard local time, so they aren’t going to do a midnight release for the game as there’d be no point. Hopefully there will be good news soon though :/

    • EB doesn’t know better… I’m in Jakarta (GMT+7) so I’m sure as hell hoping for local release time 😛

      Btw, Aussie and SEA are sharing server with NA. So this give us hope that we can be in the NA server and play the game up to 19 hours early (for NZ) 😛 

        • yes, that’s what I’m saying. If the server goes online on midnight NZ local time then they got to play before everyone else in the world, even though they’re connecting to the same NA servers.

    • Your “local EB” told you?
      Two months ago, we would have burned you at the stake for quoting ANYTHING a retail store said. 

      • Looks like they are 100% correct though, with those times, (I’m +10) the server goes online at 6pm… So there is no point of midnight release the night before at all.

  4. Will probably start at local time. I play on the European Servers but honestly, US time global release would be more convenient, the game would start at around 8AM here in Germany. I guess I will go to sleep early and start out fresh at around 4-6AM at night.

  5. Elly, just for your info: In the Brazilian Diablo community, there is a blue post from Rhastion (CM for Brazil) indicating that the servers will be ready at 4:01 AM (Brasilia time – capital of Brazil).  We are 4 hours ahead of PT. It is in Portuguese, but see the link below! Hope that helps!


    Community Manager

    4:01 da manhã (horário de Brasília)




  6. I hope it will be based on Blizzard local time, as it will be around 9-10am where I life so I could sleep a little longer and maybe get my CE before it all start.

  7. probably much easier for Blizzard servers if they go local time and not Blizzard time 

    probably better to have people downloading, patching and logging in in waves instead of all at once  

    • agreed to this as well… Staggered launch actually makes more sense on balancing load and testing for any unforeseen problem. It’ll be a bigger challenge for a global simultaneous launch.

  8. For those of us down under, connecting to the US servers by default may have some interesting implications, depending on their answers.

  9. Not only did they announce when they were announcing the release date, but now they’re announcing when they’re announcing the start time. Sigh..

      • The point is why it takes so long to answer this sort of question. They should have had this nailed down months ago.

        • Why would they have needed to nail down the starting time months ago?  They were still working on getting the game ready for release at that point – I don’t think they were too concerned about launch day details.

  10. Pretty sure it’s always been Blizzard Time (ie PST) when it came to midnight releases for WoW, SC2, etc.

    • Nope, ever since they have global launches for wow expansions EU gets to play before US. Should be local time, would be awesome to get to start monday afternoon on the chinese server 😀

      • that isn’t exactly local time… that is an an entire continent getting it at a different time.  if it was always ‘local time’ then east coast in the u.s. would get it 3 hours before the west coast, and thats never happened.  all four time zones in the u.s. got expansions at the same time.

        • Yeah I meant local time for the server. The whole Europe logs on the same set of servers, same for the US so you have to set a local time per server. That’s also what makes me quite unsure about the Brazilian source, if they’re supposed to play on the same server as the US then it doesn’t confirm anything, he could just be saying that the american servers will be up at midnight PST which wasn’t really our concern.

          • Except anyone can log into any server and play, it’s called Global Play. You just don’t get access to the auction house.

  11. Elly: is there a reason for my comment not being accepted? It is a official info from Blizzard website… Please  let me know the reason my comments are waiting for moderation… thanks! As I tried to mention before, according to a blue post in the Brazilian Diablo community. Rhastion (CM for Brazil) the servers will be ready at 4:01 AM (Brasilia time – capital of Brazil). We are 4 hours ahead of PT. Therefore, it will local time for Brazil and South America. I tried to post the link but this website do not allow me to do it!

    • i trust the american blizzard post that was just today saying later this week they will have all the info about local release times before i listen to a brazilian CM.

      • It is not about trust an american, european or an australian CM… You missed the entire context of this post. Firstly, it was a blue post from Australian/NZ that generated this post, but i believe you were not able to read it properly. Moreover,  it is information posted in the blizzard official website. If you agree or not, it is up to you. Secondly, you should do more research before posting. Rhastion is a CM from the Brazilian Community, but he works in Irvine (Blizzard HQ). 

        • you mean CM’s dont work and live in every single country that they have forums? how SHOCKING.  and how hard would it be to miss the context of your post, that a CM said something about one countries release time.  thats what you were saying right?  still doesnt change the fact that CM’s have routinely been misinformed, and just this very day there was an official english post saying they will have more information at the end of the week.  THAT is what i believe.  maybe you were not able to read MY post properly.  you should do some research before posting – that i understand english.  get off your high horse.

          • No. I did not miss the context. What matters to me is the info that was published. I never tried to sound arrogant. I just think before posting. I believe you should do the same. You are not  reading properly and getting the wrong context of the entire post. I know many CMs have published misleading info, but at least it did not happen with Rhastion until now. Moreover, it is a blue post and we will see by the end of this week, but my guess is that Rhastion is right. Again, just to be clear, I am not trying to be right. Just publishing some info. 

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      however, if you paste the link, then click on the icon that looks like a broken paper clip or broken chain, it will “unlink” the link and allow the post to be made  

  12. Hope it is local time everywhere. Why would other countries need to wait till midnight PST? Everyone wants to start playing at local time

    • I live in the united states and I won’t be able to play the game at 12:01am local time. It’s just the way timezones work out.

      • I live in Europe and most probably won’t be able to play at midnight local time either, cause my country is +2 GMT.

        My point is – let there be several “local time” releases throughout the world which are not tied to PST time. That’s all.

        • I’m not quite sure how feasible that would be or if the work would be worth it. After all, I doubt they have servers in every time zone.

          • I agree with you. Imagine the moar if some regions start before others… I think everyone start at same time.

  13. It’s always Hard Hard mode for us in Brasil.
    Start playing at 4am with 300+ latency on Hardcore Characters. 😀 

  14. When they say local time, I think they mean local time for each server (aka US server would go up at midnight PST, which might be why the Brazilian CM said it will launch at 4am for brazil, but the Euro server may go up midnight for whatever is the local time for the EU server). When they do releases like this from Blizzard they don’t do local times for each person. Obviously that is speculation, but it ties into all the speculation that the Chinese servers would play before the rest of us do.

    • It is an option. In this case, the Local PST would work only for Americas servers. Therefore,  Brazil and the rest of Latin America will follow PST (Blizzard time). The other servers (Europe and Asia)  would go up independently at midnight. This would explain the speculation related to the possibility of China servers (and other countries part of the Asia servers) going alive before us. 

    • There is no indication that Brasilia is in Portugal. What was mentioned is that the CM is Portuguese. It is a typo. The CM (Rhastion) that provided this info is in fact Brazilian (but it is written in our language – Portuguese). 

  15. …and the confusion will confuse all…This thread is getting really entertaining *grabs potatoe chips* :mrgreen:

  16. LoL … As far as I read the release will be global, all servers will go online in the same time, that probabbly will be midnight in EU and 4 am in brazil. Just like this….

  17. If the American servers go online at 12am on the 15th of May, then us New Zealander’s won’t get the game until about… 8pm on the 15th?
    This makes me sad.
    I shall sit their for the entirety of the day of the 15th biting my nails. 

  18. 4am? Holy shit! I’m glad I’ll wait some months to buy D3, otherwise I would have to stay awake and probably miss my classes to play the game! LOL

  19. Per Taiwan Battle.Net community manager, Asia servers will be going live at midnight 5/15 Taipei time (9 am, 5/14 PDT), a full 15 hours before American servers.   That doesn’t mean anyone can just hop in and play on the Asia servers, because access is controlled by the earliest allowable installation time.  Those who bought the cheaper traditional Chinese only version of the game(about US$50) and will be able to install the game right at midnight 5/15 Taipei time.  Those who bought the global all language version of the game will not be able to install the English version until 3 pm 5/15 Taipei time(midnight 5/15 PDT). Therefore, if you are willing to play in Traditional Chinese, you have a 15 hour head start over the American folks.   

  20. Here’s the million dollar question, though.

    I’m on the east coast. Let’s say servers go live to play at 12:01 PST which is 4:01 EST. Will I at least be able to INSTALL my pre download at midnight my time?

  21. Here is my opinion:
    Every server will go online on 12:01 local time for that server so if you live in china you will play sooner than the US. Now if you have a US account you won’t be able to log to the chinese server with them as it goes live because your game is locked and it wont unlock for a US account until 12:01 US to prevent everyone from creating an account in the same region that goes live 1st and flooding the server.
    Remember you may have downloaded the client already but you cant install it until Blizzard decides you can.

  22. California is on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), not Pacific Standard Time (PST). All of the US except Indiana and Arizona go on Daylight Savings time. Midnight PDT is 3 AM EDT (USA Eastern time). That’s great for me in Florida, I will just go to bed early on the 14th and wake up at 3 AM to download and play the game. Taking the 15th off work and playing all day and into the night. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  23. Gamestop in Malmö, Sweden claims to have a midnight launch 14 may 11.59 PM. Servers could still open 8 am GMT though.


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