What time servers will go online for retail is a question many have asked – will all servers go live midnight PST (8am GMT) or is it midnight local time, thereby giving some access sooner than others? It’s a question that will be answered by the end of this week.

    A blue update has just appeared on the Australia/New Zealand forum. The majority of the post was the same as the US update yesterday regarding the beta end date (1st May) but tagged on the end of this was:

    Also news regarding local timings on release day should be up by the end of the week.

    Thanks to Edward Hananto for mailing this update in.

    Update  – It appears it’s Blizzard time GMT. Corinthians has let us know that Blizzard Portuguese CM, Rashtion left this update:

    4:01 da manhã (horário de Brasília)

    So midnight PST which is 4am in Brazil, 8am GMT and I think that’s 9am in mainland Europe?

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