Livestream: Botting 4 Accounts at Once

Livestream: Botting 4 Accounts at Once

A player JDance, out to raise botting awareness has been streaming himself multi-boxing 4 different botting sessions at once all evening on He’ll undoubtedly be taken down and banned for the effort, but if you want to check it out while it lasts, click through for the embedded player.

I like the top left Monk best, myself.

Livestream: Botting 4 Accounts at Once:

Watch live video from jdance25 on

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16 thoughts on “Livestream: Botting 4 Accounts at Once

    • Apparently is. We can only tell by suspecting someone – judging by the time they spend playing. Looks like Blizzard can`t ban someone using that as a purpose so they have to wait until some "would like to" expose himself.It is weird because they doing it shamelessly and one time (two) happened that someone got banned.I`m confused as hell.

  1. No one created a youtube video if either it seems. I wanted to see it too lol 🙂

    I dont give a shit about botting, it doesnt affect me whatsoever, there is no economy, no competition (PVP, DPS meters etc). “Leaderboards” for grifts are ridiculous, who gives a shit, you will never be able to compete unless you are unemployed.

    They should:

    -bring back trading
    -bring back PVP that is balanced by players themselves, either your build and gear suck or it doesnt.
    -bring back runes, runewords, base-items (white/grey-ethereal)
    -bring back charms
    -bring back old classes and new ones
    -more destructible environment.
    -way less “hallways” and more open world, even dungeons should be more open with big halls filled with monsters, elites and bosses

    • I couldn't agree more. I desperately want my entire inventory filled with crap stat charms, and my entire stash filled with gems AND crafting mats AND dozens of runes. As it is, I think I can almost fit gear for every class in there, so that definitely needs to be fixed.

      • Carms go into the talisman, which is separate from your inventory.
        Runes would go into the Runebag, which again, is a rune inventory that lists all the runes you that exist, and how many you found of each.

        Next, all main stat is removed, and replaced with “+To All skills” or “+to specific skill”, this not only improves the number of possible builds exorbitantly, it also limits the amount of items that need to be hoarded.

        • Replacing main stat with skill bonuses, especially specific skill bonuses, would only make matters worse.  Even limiting it to skill the 6 skill groups would mean I need to hoard 6 times the number of chest pieces, leg pieces, etc.   As far as + to all skills, well, that's essentially what main stat already is.

  2. Bibi, I know we all look upon both the first and second game with fond memories, but this game isn’t Diablo II. While I’m sure we can all agree that there are some aspects of the second game that added a bit more longevity to the game (such as the never-ending hunt for better charms to bloat your inventory), most of what you have listed there only added the illusion of depth to gameplay and really only served to funnel you towards the same character and item builds as everyone else. Now, I’m not saying that D3 has the most balance between the different builds for each class, or that there aren’t some flaws as far as itemization goes, but I’m glad that this game is different from the previous entries in a lot of ways. I believe the community, and Blizzard, should be more focused on making the game better, and more balanced, while still being faithful to what it means to be a Diablo game, rather than trying to bring back features of old and hold onto past gimmicks for the sake of nostalgia and a false sense gameplay improvement. My advice to you, and to anyone so wistful for the previous games, is to go ahead and play them again and try to relive the magic that those games brought, instead into of simply hoping or even demanding that this and future entries play it safe and rehash old content. Perhaps the D3 era of Jay Wilson wasn’t the best for this series, but I think it will be healthier and better for the series as a whole to look to the future without getting too mired in the past.

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