Live Stream: Xanth’s Paragon 99-to-100 Hardcore Moment

Bonus random content coming later tonight, courtesy of our long time Hardcore columnist Xanth. He’s been steadily leveling away for months and is knocking on the door, inches from achieving a Paragon 100 Hardcore with his Witch Doctor. (And you can get rich when he does! In fact, we might even handle that 100m payout live on the stream.)

The plan for tonight’s stream is that I’ll host a game or two with my Monk while Xanth advances the final bar or so to 100. We’ll be running it a bit like a live video podcast, with Xanth and me talking while we play. You’ll hear discussion of builds, equipment, strategy, Hardcore guidelines, ways to level faster, tips to avoid PKs, and more of Xanth’s successful tactics to survive this far.

Watch it after the break.

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Watch via the stream and listen to our chat, or hit the page to type at us while you watch and listen. I will be recording this session and afterwards posting it on our You Tube channel, if you miss the live moment. (And yes, I’ve congratulated Xanth on his timing, achieving this moment when everyone’s distracted with anticipation for the D3:RoS debut coming up at Gamescom. Rather than say… any time during any of the interminable DiabloWikiDiablo Droughts™ we’ve endured over the past months.)

Update: Xanth didn’t die and reached 100 successfully. We talked for a couple of hours while playing and covered how he got to 100, his build and gear, what he’s planning on now (switching out ruby in hat and Hellfire Ring at least), if he’ll be retiring the WD to play other classes, and more. We’ll cut out some of the best parts and put those into a video podcast on YouTube in the days to come, so if you missed the live stream you can still watch/listen.

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  1. May I ask Mr. Xanth how many hours it’s taking him to get there?

  2. Not on Twitter, but enjoyed the stream. Congrats on Paragon 100 Xanth!

  3. Congratulations Xanth!!

    I imagine your next Hardcore Paragon 100 will be a Demon Hunter? 😉

  4. Uploaded an mp3 of (most) of the Twitch stream. Missed maybe the first 30 mins or so. I did get him hitting 100. Volume may be low. I’m not an expert at this.

    I uploaded it here:

  5. Congratulations, however now your witch doctor will never be the same. There won’t be that final destination to achieve, and playing him might seem like there’s no goal what so ever.

    And that’s how diablo really is, the important thing is chase of the rabbit and while catching him might seem fun, it will only be that way for a brief moment.

  6. Huge congrats, Xanth! 🙂

    Now be a man and do it with a DH or a Wiz 😉

  7. You guys didn’t archive the video or anything? 🙁

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