Live Reaper of Souls Q&A with Josh and Wyatt – Ladders reveal? – Updated *

It’s launch night and Blizzard are throwing a big bash at the Vibiana in L.A. Game Director Josh Mosqueira and Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng will be on-hand and taking part in a live Q&A session from from the event to “share highlights from the evening’s event”. Josh and Wyatt will also be taking a closer look at the expansion live in air.

The stream will be taking place on Blizzard’s Twitch channel and it will take place at around 9PM PT just after the Reaper of Souls goes live in the US. If you;re already in the game at the point and need a break then it should be a fun stream to watch.

diablo 3 ladders

Ladder Botherer

There’s also a bit of a tease that something new will be revealed. Ladders perhaps?

I definitely recommend tuning in to the Live Q&A from the launch event tonight. I’ll be chatting with Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng in a round-table discussion, and we’ve taken some questions from Twitter to answer on stream as well.

So come and join us. You might just learn something new. 😉

Flux and a few of our lucky readers will also be at the event soaking up the atmosphere as the clock ticks down in the US.

* Update: Josh has tweeted another teaser image of him loitering around ladders. He sure is a big fan of ladders, hopefully tonight’s Q&A will reveal what this is all about.


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  1. A blue has commented in a thread asking about more competition in Diablo 3 to “tune in” to the Q&A tonight, so it’s possible they’ll speak more about the end game content + ladders they’re working on to release after RoS goes live.

  2. Finally he is going to come clean on ladders. Good I have had enough of the hints and cryptic messages.

  3. Why would they reveal details on ladders as Reapers of Souls is being released? Seems like it would be better suited to hype the launch or to hype players post-launch. Releasing info about ladders tonight will just get lost in the frenzy.

  4. Guys, look at the tweet from Josh from 17 hours ago… look at the question he was answering 😀


  5. “it will take place at around 9PM PT just after the Reaper of Souls goes live in the US. ”

    I want to start a Crusader when RoS goes live in the US

    I don’t want to watch/listen to a twitch Q&A session

    why in the world would they do this ?

    “hey ! we’re releasing an expansion, but instead of playing it, watch us play and listen to us talk about it!”

    couldn’t they have started the stream at 8pm ? an hour before ?
    I don’t want to miss the news about ladders, but if I’m staying up till 1 am, it’ll be to play the game for an hour, not to watch them talk for an hour

    please tell me I’m misunderstanding the time and order of events here

    • I played with crusader on Asia for a while between work hours today, so now I’m 50%/50% about playing or watching the show.

      Maybe I’ll kill last boss on EU if the lag allows me, since I have a lvl 60 char there, and watch the show. (Asia was almost lag free for me after a couple hours).

  6. I’m making the prediction now, with about 3 hours to release, that ladders are coming on release of expansion. =P

  7. Predictions:

    “Ladders SOON. If we don’t release ladders 6 months after the expansion release, it would be a disaster”.

    Wait… where have I heard this before?

  8. Link to a stream of this?

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