live-ladder-leaderboards1Blizzard has added DiabloWikiLeaderboards for Greater Rift exploits to the official site. Now you can check out how fast every class is managing the Grifts, along with the build and gear of the fastest qualifiers. Obviously it’s very early in Patch 2.1, and no one has changed their gear much, found updated legendary items, ranked up their Legendary Gems, etc. So all the current rankings are just giving us a sense of the relative power of characters in pre-Patch 2.1 gear.

    But it’s interesting to compare, now that Live Leaderboards are a Go in Patch 2.1:

  • Highest Rift cleared, softcore: 37: DH. 34: Barb, Crusader, Monk, WD. 33: Wizard.
    Highest Rift cleared, hardcore: 31: DH, WD, Wiz. 29: Crusader. 28: Barbarian. 27: Monk.
  • Interesting only a 2 level disparity between softcore and hardcore Wizard. How about the party rankings?

  • Softcore party: 2P: 37, 3P: 38, 4P: 38.
  • Hardcore party: 2P: 30, 3P: 29, 4P: 29.
  • The party rankings seem really low, probably since not many people have tried yet. I also expect to see a lot more more organized co-op play now that there’s the Greater Rift leaderboard incentive for teamwork. After all, if solo DHs can do GR37, surely a party of 2-4 players should be able to push a lot faster than that? Even just a pair of Demon Hunters; if 5 sentries are good, shouldn’t 10 be that much better, with monsters only going up 50% in HPs for a 2nd player?

    And look at those Hardcore parties. Pathetic! Right now the fastest solo DH, WD, and Wizards are faster than any 3 or 4 player party? Teamwork, guys. (And yes, easy for me to say writing this post and updating wiki pages, without even time to DL the patch yet.

    We’ll check in on the leaderboards later tonight and see how things have changed/progressed, so check back for that.

    Update: As of 2am PDT, here are the updated leaders on the US realm.

    Softcore Leaders:

    ClassChar NameGRift#Time
    BarbarianHALIS3513m 32.833s
    CrusaderMingMing3610m 34.033s
    Demon HunterVibe3810m 56.316s
    MonkTestsubject3511m 34.916s
    Witch DoctorJOGI3411m 32.800s
    WizardEvilear3514m 43.966s
    Two PlayersDestroyer (Barb), Chastiefol (Wiz)3814m 45.250s
    Three Playerssupern00b (DH), Nightcrawler (Wiz), BadBoy (DH)3913m 19.383s
    Four PlayersNerth (DH), Kadryel (Barb)
    Gabynator (WD), Bruise (Monk)
    4013m 39.500s

    Hardcore Leaders

    Hardcore has fallen much further behind over the course of the day, and I’m a little bummed for my fellow mortals. The Softcore chars don’t really have better gear; so it’s the lack of fear of death that’s allowing them to go much higher on DPS and play more recklessly.

    If there’s a real Softcore advantage to this Leaderboard, it’s in party play, since you can in a Softcore Grift party and get a res from a teammate and get right back into the action. Dying in a solo Grift, even in softcore, is going to ruin your time on a record run unless you die very near the entrance, since there’s no restart at corpse option in Grifts.

    ClassChar NameGRift#Time
    BarbarianShadow289m 30.350s
    Crusader ??3011m 45.033s
    Demon HunterPhantomSin12329m 44.949s
    MonkGerarlt2914m 45.683s
    Witch Doctorglen3213m 34.449s
    WizardGunaresh3212m 5.583s
    Two Playerskingjb (Barb), Svorn (Wiz)309m 48.783s
    Three Playersjnev (DH), Ecto (WD), Panderas (Wiz)3113m 2.283s
    Four Playersjoshtrav (Crus), TITAN109 (Barb),
    Eonblade (Monk), Atreus (Crus)
    3010m 45.066s

    It’s interesting how many of the top times are way under the 15m limit, in the 10 and 11m range. That was probably a mistake by the players, since going that far under will jump them up 2 or 3 Grift levels. If they’d paused to wait and finish at 14:30 they’d only have gone up one higher level, and might have been able to finish it?

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