We’ll be hosting a live chat before and during the big info blast coming up Sunday night/Monday morning. The chat will begin at 11pm, July 31st, PDT. That’s one hour before the NDA ends. New info from the press event can then be posted. Click here for timezone info around the world.

    Many fans are anticipating this event with a dangerous passion, and where better place to be when you find out all about ______, _______, and OMG WTF __________!!!! than in a live chat with hundreds of other rabid Diablo enthusiasts? Even if you don’t want to talk, the chat is the best place to get the fastest news, since other users will be pasting in the links to features around the web.

    We’ll be posting our coverage of the new info at 1 second past midnight, and we’ll do our usual super news thing and add links to other reports as soon as they go online. The chat is just a place to share your excitement/outrage (I guarantee we’ll see both) as you absorb the new info.

    Click through to access the chat window, when the time comes.

    This chat is powered by the CoverItLive.com chat client. You do not need to download anything or register an account to view and participate in the chat.

    CoveritLive chats are moderated. (This is necessary since hundreds of people = perpetually-scrolling chaos.) Type whatever you want to say; the mods see every post and will promote all the best comments so everyone can read them.

    Please spread the word by retweeting or liking on facebook and let’s make an occasion of it.

    Pre-Beta Unicorn Day Chat

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