Live Diablo III Chat: UnicorNDA Day

We’ll be hosting a live chat before and during the big info blast coming up Sunday night/Monday morning. The chat will begin at 11pm, July 31st, PDT. That’s one hour before the NDA ends. New info from the press event can then be posted. Click here for timezone info around the world.

Many fans are anticipating this event with a dangerous passion, and where better place to be when you find out all about ______, _______, and OMG WTF __________!!!! than in a live chat with hundreds of other rabid Diablo enthusiasts? Even if you don’t want to talk, the chat is the best place to get the fastest news, since other users will be pasting in the links to features around the web.

We’ll be posting our coverage of the new info at 1 second past midnight, and we’ll do our usual super news thing and add links to other reports as soon as they go online. The chat is just a place to share your excitement/outrage (I guarantee we’ll see both) as you absorb the new info.

Click through to access the chat window, when the time comes.

This chat is powered by the chat client. You do not need to download anything or register an account to view and participate in the chat.

CoveritLive chats are moderated. (This is necessary since hundreds of people = perpetually-scrolling chaos.) Type whatever you want to say; the mods see every post and will promote all the best comments so everyone can read them.

Please spread the word by retweeting or liking on facebook and let’s make an occasion of it.

Pre-Beta Unicorn Day Chat

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73 thoughts on “Live Diablo III Chat: UnicorNDA Day

  1. So, I wonder who can best speculate on the significance of the 6, 7 and 10 space blanks in the text.. It’s like a sadistic version of Diablo hangman.
    In other news, 5:30 pm for the big info storm, great for me 😀

    • :p 8) 😆 =( :8 😉 :(( :o: :[ 🙂 😀 😐 :-[) :bloody: 😎 :choler: :love: :oups: :aie: :beurk: :aie: :oups: :choler: 😎 :bloody: 😉 :8 =( 😆 :p 8) 😆 :8 😉 :(( :(( 🙂 😀 :-[) :bloody: :oups: :beurk:

      I’m excite! This can only be big news if Flux is talking it up in this manner.

      :p 8) 😆 =( :8 😉 :(( :o: :[ 🙂 😀 😐 :-[) :bloody: 😎 :choler: :love: :oups: :aie: :beurk: :aie: :oups: :choler: 😎 :bloody: 😉 :8 =( 😆 :p 8) 😆 :8 😉 :(( :(( 🙂 😀 :-[) :bloody: :oups: :beurk:

  2. Big, gigantic, gynormous info storm at 9 am for me. Least I don´t have to wait for too long (barring past 4 years of eager anticipation).

  3. Is there going to be any official releases at midnight or will it just be fansite updates of what was witnessed within Blizzard? Suppose nobody knows but I imagine the Blizz team dont work that late for fans.

    • The Bliz web team has posted new content at late night hours in the past, such as when new features are revealed at events in Europe or Asia.

      I don’t know how much of the new stuff they’ll actually have on the official site at all. Certainly much of the stuff, and there are some very new features included in that. But a lot of what we’ll be chewing over won’t go on their website, since it’s not new feature stuff, but changes to existing features.  And that I doubt Bliz will post any website stuff about, though I would at least expect some of Bashiok’s pre-written, PR-vetted short form essays defending the changes to feature X and Y and Z.

      • Didn’t you mention they showed a video at the press event? I’d think they’d put that on the site…

      • If we take the SC2 Press Event for the announcement of HoS as a reference, then I presume that in a few days the official material will be on the offical page as well. We might also finally get a new Diablo community site etc.

  4. that program, really ? i mean unless you have something like a mod status on that chat you can*t chat for  shit- you could just aswell chat over skype with the usual site pals …. because everyone else will be left out anyway.
    especially on NDA lift day… why dont you just use mIRC ? i just don`t see an advantage of that program – expect that it seems to be convinient for you , and unconvinient to switch.

    • That’s the very point of the program.  It allows them to easily filter comments they want people to see.  If everyone could chat at any time it’d be an unreadable mess for everyone.  Even if they did use IRC they’d have to use a similar system with voicing and copy-pasting comments they like, which would be more work for them and virtually the same for everyone else – except you wouldn’t be able to see text from before you entered the chatroom. Or vote in polls.

      • IRC style chat isn’t real workable for events as big as our chats usually are. We had 800+ people in the chat at once during the last info blast. Followers, I think. Obviously all 800 aren’t typing non-stop, but even 50 or 75 or 100 people talking at once is just unreadable chaos and screen scrolling so fast it’s like a stock ticker.

        With the semi-moderated style, we can feature most of the reader comments, but also focus the talk on specific issues at times. “Everyone talk about the new trading system now.” sort of thing.

        • Are you confirming that they talked about the trade system at the press event then? 🙂

          • Does that really need confirming? We knew much of the media event would be about features of D3. Obviously some sort of trading system has to be included in that.

        • well the interface of irc is atleast more readable therefore provides more clarity even with more people – you could also ban people who just spam or dont contribute a meaningful way.  i have also seen that you can limit the messages per minute though i have no clue of the technical nitty gritty.
          however… even though its more “moderated” the majority of people will be left out – the whole chat will basically be a slightly faster twitter. with 10 people (prolly mods / sitepals) having 70% chatoutput.

  5. 6 space blanks = skills?
    7 space blanks = talents?
    10 space blanks = attributes?? Return of attributes?

    • I was thinking the ’10’ could also be ‘companions’ not mercenaries, but followers. Kind of like how the siege in LoD was hyped before launch as you ‘feeling like you’re part of some larger battle’. I’m envisioning your character being accompanied by units of escorts on occasion for whatever reason, and depending on the implementation that could be quite epic. Or simply that mercs are viable beyond normal now.
      I bet ‘trading’ has got to be the ‘7’, or the 6 or 10 depending on what they call it, but it’s got to be in there somewhere.
      Im with you on ‘skills’ for 6 though.

      • I agree – trading would be a better match for the 7. Release is something that fits that too but i don’t think we are there just yet.
        Dunno about 10…companions does not seem OMG WTF as Flux put it. Not many words fit in there…maybe there are 2 words. Like…rune words? Not likely tho…

  6. I’ll have to wait until monday morning to get all my infoz as 3am EST on a work night is way to late to be up

    • I know exactly what you mean I will be sleeping by that time myself so looks like I will get the info hours after everyone else has oh well not a big deal there as I will find it out anyways in the end.

    • I’m going to sleep earlier, so i could wake up 3am, follow the chat, then back to sleep for some hour then GO TO WORK!

  7. I know nobody will notice this, but …
    so please don’t ask, “why can’t I see my post?”
    that just makes another post the moderators have to sift through to find the good ones

  8. “The chat is just a place to share your excitement/outrage (I guarantee we’ll see both)”
    This isn’t the first time Flux has said this…I’m starting to become significantly concerned.  What could cause such outrage?

      • Yeah… The same bit of info will probably make many people happy, many others pissed off, and the majority somewhere inbetween…

        • I’m sure you’re absolutely right.  Regardless, impending significant info is always cause for lack of sleep.
          @Unparallel: Too true…
          @Mashekle: Cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel…

        • Based on the first comments that Flux made, I expect more outrage than anything else.

          • He seemed to imply there are a couple bits that will outrage amongst a few others that will intrigue/excite people to distract them from the outrageous ones… Although I’m sure some of it will be neutral/expected…

  9. I wouldnt take “outrage” so litteral. If you think about it, everything they have announced so far has caused someone somewhere to rage…

  10. :p  Gonna be pay to play, random item stats are out, stat allocation is back, and lastly they’ve done away with hardcore completely.

    • My guess is monthly fee or microtransactions too for the change that will cause outrage, hope I’m wrong though.  The server infrastructure behind D3 to host all the games has got to be huge and cost lots of money to run.

      • Umm… they don’t require a monthly subscription to use battlenet for Starcraft 2 so I don’t seem them doing it for Diablo 3… microtransactions for extra services is probable though…

  11. im so excited for d3.. but im not really concerned about any threatening news that would turn me away from the game used to play the other diablo games ages ago… it doesn’t have to be the same game.

  12. Obviously flux and others cannot (yet) say what these updates are; however, can you at least mention if they are all the expected (remaining) updates to be published prior to beta start (as promised by blizz) or if its just *some* of them?


  13. Flux, you should tell everyone before midnight to hold their questions till after you announce all the major announcements on the chat. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m going to assume most everyone works and might have to work Monday morning and does not want to spend all night on a live chat scrolling through dozens and dozens of questions while flux is trying to send new info in between the chaos. I know it’s going to be really hard for everyone not to ask questions right when flux post specific info but come on guys. We want all the new info ASAP! Save the questions till after he’s done. Then go crazy. Then I can go to sleep happy, sad or both and read all the news that afternoon after work. I even live on the west coast too, let’s help out the east coasters for staying up till 2 or 3 a.m.

    • Good suggestions, but I think the chat will be more for immediate reaction and people sharing in links and such. With some focused conversation on specific things, once the initial EXCITE dies down enough for some rational thought.

      We’ll have news posts with specific, bullet point lists of the new stuff, and I’m planning on some pre-made forum threads for the most controversial issues, to help focus the conversation on specific topics. Instead of everyone just talking about everything at once in the news comments and forum.

  14. Flux, thank you and your team for holding this live chat event! I think it’ll be a ton of fun. I’m very curious about the info that people “may not like”. I’m in a weird way hoping it will be a monthly cost (or something of the sort). It would allow them to focus a lot more attention on the game and would keep spamming and the very young crowd to a minimum. Anyways! I am very excited! 

    When you first heard the information were you blown away? Will we be???

  15. 9am in the morning in Sweden. Perfect! What a lovely way to start the week. Laying in bed with my ipad2, diablo.incgamers and a cup of coffee. Nice! not to mention i have the whole day free to take in all of the new info.

    TY flux and elly!!!!!

  16. I’m going to read about this as I sit on the toilet Monday morning @ 5am from my phone. I can’t wait to hear whats new !  :p :[ :((

    • Someone else mentioned listening to the podcast on their phone whilst on the toilet the other day. I’m beginning to wonder if this a common thing?  It wasn’t you too was it evolutionxtinct?

      • ive realized that any time my daughter is asleep and im not working on something im sitting here refreshing this site page… having an iphone means the toilet is no different…

        Wife – “Are you ok in there????”  
        “No! D3Here was lying!!!”

        • Since the arrows don’t seem to work for me, either…+1 to you, moxjet.  Hilarious.

      • Actually its funny you say that, I was sitting at the toilet at work listening to the podcast that you guys put up a few weeks ago, and my boss came in and was like “No new D3 info huh?”

    • I bet that is a scam site set up to steal accounts srh420 so I would take that with a grain of salt.

      • Yeah an obvious scammer who made multiple google accounts to comment on his own video… You don’t go to some random site to sign up for beta, you opt-in through your account and Blizzard flags it if you get selected…

  17. Flux,
    Are you still going to make a post about all the changes and stuff at midnight too? Idk if my IPod Touch will let the chat screen and I’ll be at work all night. Pleeeeeease 🙁

    • Yeah King, he said he’d be posting something and already was working on organizing the information

    • We will have a brand new podcast going up at midnight as well. Though I’d imagine you guys will want to read the news immediately, before you listen to me and some of the usual TDP guests chatting about it.

  18. Sounds like fun.
    Sure I havn’t exactly been “active” with Diablo3 in a long time but I wouldn’t pass up a live chat! (Probably)
    I’ll try and hop on and help out as always.
    (What ever happend to the weekly thing.. I missed two because I was busy and they just stopped!)

  19. great so i will be at work 9 in the morning with a zealous firewall blocking this site completely. Oh well i will just get the info 10 hours late this time

    • I feel your pain. Our work firewall isn’t even that “zealous” but for some reason it JUST started blocking incgamers recently. I can access the much shittier fansites like diablofans, however, which I guess is better than nothing (but not by much).
      In any case, I’ll be staying up until 3AM (East Coaster here as well) to take part in the chat/party/group cry-a-long. I’ll just be a bit more of a zombie than normal tomorrow at work!
      Thanks Flux and Elly!

  20. I actually don’t mind the skill change. I honestly hated managing points I found it more fun the GoW style and Dungeon Siege. The Auction House and selling I think that will be a great feature. I am BUMMED about the Guild House portion of B.Net That has been a NEEDED feature since beginning of D2, the original D2 team promised it before it was released and then promised it during the expansion, and again we now don’t have it for D3. Flux Elly, has anyone stated WHY this has been put on the back burner? Can someone please ask this, I believe that will get us a great response from Bashiok. 

    Also i’m curious about realm changing, do we have the ability to change realms, or be on multiple realms?

    Also does anyone think we’ll be able to record boss battles?

    Also I know we may have planned “Pay Features” But I hope we really don’t have any….. I’m so disappointed in Blizzard with leaving out things, and taking forever on something that could have been done sooner…. I just hope the wait is worth it, otherwise i’ll beat the game once with my Wife and then go on to other things.

  21. damn god iam so exited =)
    go go go I WANNA HAVE SOME NEWS :ugly:
    unicorNDAy would be a cooler headline than unicorNDA day 😉
    but cool anyway =)

  22. I am sure there will be some exciting news but probably not about the most important aspect of the game (which was the biggest flaw in Diablo2):
    nothing about that probably…..

  23. just testing to see if I can post a comment
    because it keeps telling me “you must log in” when I try to vote with the arrows

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