Since it went pretty well last Friday, we’re running another live chat tomorrow. The plan is to run one every Friday afternoon from now on, plus other chats when some big news breaks, or during important live events. The chat will run at the same time, 2pm California time, which is 5pm US East Coast, 10pm UK, and 7am Saturday morning in Sydney. Sorry, Oz. (Worldwide time info.)

    During the chat you can ask questions of people who have played Diablo III, hyperventilate about the upcoming D3 beta, talk about the D3 MMO info from our podcast, call shenangans on that “fired D3 play-tester” guy, or comment on any other topic you’re interested in. Beware, Bashiok was lurking in the chat last week, and he may do so again. Blizzard… always listening!

    Click through to see the full chat box and join the chat once it goes live at 2pm. (Or possibly an hour earlier, if Frisky gets restless again.) You do not need to register or sign up or download anything to participate.

    Cover it Live Chat Rules

    CoverItLive chats are moderated. The panelists see everything typed by any user, and will promote all of the good reader comments so everyone can read them. You can also send private messages to other users or to the admins. The ads you see are run by the chat client, and are out of our control. If you access the chat via logging into CoverItLive.com, you can launch a dedicated browser window that does not display ads.

    Our Diablo 3 chats are very busy and if the admins approved every post, the scroll bar would never stop moving. Chaos! So make your comment a good one and one of the mods will most likely promote it. There’s often some lag in the chat client, so expect occasional pauses or delays.These chats are archived, so you can read every comment after the fact if you don’t make it live. See past examples here or here or here.


    D3 Live Chat: April 15, 2011

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