Because most of you guys want them, because we’re bored, because why not, and because we’ve clearly been left to entertain ourselves, we’re going to host a live Diablo III chat on Friday afternoon, at 2pm Pacific time. That’s 5pm US East Coast, 10pm UK, 11pm Western EU, etc. (Worldwide time info.)

    During the chat you can ask questions of people who have played Diablo III at Blizzcon, talk about the early Bliz North version of the game, complain about the news drought, grill me about what Max Schaefer said about D3 (our interview will be posted next week), or anything else you desire.

    Click through to see the full chat box and join the chat once it goes live. You do not need to register or sign up or download anything to participate.

    Cover it Live Chat Rules

    CoverItLive chats are moderated. The panelists see everything typed by any user, and will promoting all of the good reader comments so everyone can read them. You can also send private messages to other users or to the admins.

    Our Diablo 3 chats are very busy and if the admins approved every post, the scroll bar would never stop moving. Chaos! So make your comment a good one and one of the mods will most likely promote it. There’s often some lag in the chat client, so expect occasional pauses or delays.These chats are archived, so you can read every comment after the fact if you don’t make it live. See past examples here or here or here.


    Diablo III Live Chat

    Regular readers who want to assist in chat moderation should let me know. You’ll need to register an account with CoveritLive to utilize the full admin powers.

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