With Diablo III Beta excitement rising, and @Diablo teasing, hopes are high for a beta start date during today’s Activision/Blizzard quarterly financial conference call. After all, three months ago, during the last such call, Mike Morhaime said:

    D3 development continues to go well, and we?re very excited about the game? I?m looking forward to sharing more news about the game, and our upcoming beta, during the next conference call.

    Will we get good news? Bad news? Or no news at all? There’s no telling, since the only thing you can guarantee about Blizzard beta tests is that they are unpredictable. But if you join the chat, you’ll find out in real time, and can share your excitement or vent your frustration with hundreds of other Diablo fanatics. This chat will begin at 12:30pm Pacific time, one hour before the conference call begins. That’s 3:30pm US East Coast, 8:30pm UK, 9:30pm Western EU, etc. (Worldwide time info.)

    People in the chat will be live blogging the conference call, but if you want to listen yourself, you can stream it right here, via the Activision Investor page. You’ll need to register an account first.

    Click through to see the chat interface and join the chat once it goes live. You do not need to register or sign up or download anything to participate.

    Update: The Diablo 3 Beta will start during Q3, 2011. Full conference call transcript here.

    Cover it Live Chat Rules

    CoverItLive chats are moderated. The panelists see everything typed by any user, and will promoting all of the good reader comments so everyone can read them. You can also send private messages to other users or to the admins.

    Today’s chat is likely to be very busy, with the beta anticipation. Make your comment a good one and one of the mods will most likely promote it. There’s often some lag in the chat client, so expect occasional pauses or delays.These chats are archived, so you can read every comment after the fact if you don’t make it live.

    Activision/Blizzard Conference Call, May 9, 2011

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