Live Chat Here During Blizzcon 2011

Live Chat Here During Blizzcon 2011

Blizzcon 2011 Live ChatAs we do every year, we’re going to be running a live chat all during Blizzcon 2011. We’ll have our usual huge turn out plus tons of mods to keep things flowing smoothly, giving you no better place to live chat Diablo III stuffs during the show. We’re running two chats this year, each one starting at 9am, one hour before the show doors open, and running until midnight (or so, depending on how many people are still using the chat.).

Chat mods include beta testers, Blizzcon attendees, and people with subscriptions to the PPV stream, and we’ll be posting live updates during the various Diablo III panels. Videos of the panels will be uploaded to our Diablo3Inc YouTube channel as soon as they can be rendered and uploaded.

Click through for the CoverItLive chat interface, into which you can insert your email to receive a reminder when the chats are about to begin.

Two chats this year since things tend to go pretty dead over the late night, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Friday’s Chat:

Saturday’s Chat:

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    7 thoughts on “Live Chat Here During Blizzcon 2011

      • Well, we’re a diablo site, so obviously that’ll be the main thrust, but the days are long and I’m sure we’ll get to a wide variety of topics, including other Blizzard titles and general blizzcon stuff.

        Chat moderation is necessary during big moments, like the opening ceremonies when we’ll have 2500 people in the channel, but over the day the crush eases up and the channel becomes more like an IRC, where pretty much everyone can talk freely.

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