As we’ve done several times in the past, we’ll be holding a live chat during tomorrow’s Activision/Blizzard 2011 Q4 financial results conference call. (You can listen to it live.)

    The chat will take place in our 24/7, browser-accessible, IRC chat room. As such there’s no real starting time; you can log in now and spend the next 21 hours arguing that Demon Hunters should only be female and brunette, but we’ll plan to get things rolling around 1pm tomorrow afternoon; half an hour before the call begins. World time zones for the event can be seen here. Our chat room is here, and you can log in directly with your IRC client; the server and channel info is listed on the chat page.

    A quick FAQ:

    What will be covered in the chat?
    Lots of Activision/Blizzard financial details with Bobby and their Ahnuld-sounding CFO, before Mike Morhaime comes on about 40m in and says some stuff about Blizzard.

    Will we get a Diablo 3 release date?
    Possibly, but probably not; we had 4 straight disappointing quarterly calls last year when Blizzard kept hinting that we’d get a beta start date, and instead we just heard Morhaime say “soon,” or “next quarter we hope.”

    Is Bashiok answering questions about whether or not the chat will be worth listening to?
    That depends on how you define “answering.” It’s Bashiok; you know to expect cryptic misdirection.

    Conference Call tomorrow: yay or nay on listening? Because they’re super boring. –Risingred
    They are super boring. Up to you. I always recommend against it. –Bashiok

    But the fan sites want to know themselves =P –molster
    Well, you guys do have to listen. So do I. Sorry about that. 😐 –Bashiok

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