We’re going to host a live chat during tomorrow’s Jay Wilson’s presentation/press conference from Gamescom tomorrow. The presentation is at 12pm noon, in Germany. That’s +1 GMT. 11am in the UK, 6am US East Coast, 3am US West Coast.

    Our chat will open up 1:15 before the press conference, so we can all gather round and hyperventilate and argue with the haters.The chat will run during the event and for as long afterwards as there are still fans who want to talk over the day’s events. Be there or be slightly rectangular.

    Cover It Live chats: Type your comment into the box. The mods can see everything anyone types, and will promote good stuff so everyone can read it.Feel free to share links and breaking news about Gamescom as soon as you find it.

    Gamescom D3 Presentation Chat

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