Live Chat During the ATVI Conference Call

Live Chat During the ATVI Conference Call

We’ll be hosting our usual live chat during the August 3rd Activision/Blizzard Q2 conference call. (Register and you can stream the audio live.) These calls are fairly tedious for gaming fans, focused as they are on the financial details US corporations are legally-obligated to reveal, but since Blizzard often announces product releases and other key dates (such as beta start dates), they’re worth paying attention to.

I don’t have any inside info on this (Bliz said nothing about the beta start ding last week’s media event), but I do expect that during this call they will announce a date, or at least a window when they’ll be starting the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta test. And it’ll be soon, like within the next couple of weeks.


Click through for the chat window; it will go live at 1pm, half an hour before the 1:30pm PDT, August 3, 2011 conference call. Activision/Blizzard Q2 Financial Conference Call can be seen here.

CoveritLive Chat Rules

Type your comment into the box. All reader comments are seen by the moderators. Clever comments are promoted so everyone can read them. We had 3800 people in the last chat, so it’s not feasible for everything everyone says to show up, or the text would scroll as quickly as if you were holding down your arrow button.

Mike Morhaime usually speaks last, about 40m into these events. If there’s any Diablo 3 Beta news, it will likely come then.

Activision/Blizzard Q2 Financial Conference Call

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19 thoughts on “Live Chat During the ATVI Conference Call

  1. right after work’s over. awesome! kick back with a beer and listen very VERY closely to a live audio stream hoping to hear a release date for the beta of a game that I’ve been waiting for for years. damn it feels good to be a geek.
    which reminds me of a great song, used in a great scene 😉

  2. Nice! Can’t wait.
    I’m getting so hyped now.

    I still remember the morning I woke up and I went straight into the computer to see the development of the ice breaking on blizzard’s home page. And it has broken alright.
    My brother almost cried I think. It was amazing.

    Been waiting for too long.

  3. I fully agree!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for over a decade, it’ll be nice to see more story. I just hope it does well and lots of expansions and lots of activity happens. With Blizzard spending so much time on WoW, i’m shocked they can’t spend money/time on Diablo. I still don’t know how Diablo fell outta Blizzard grace that it wasn’t given a MMORPG instead of Warcraft. I think who ever had Diablo lost at a secret poker game and thats how Blizzard became so broken up… Hmmm Conspiracy theory! :p :p :p :p :p :p 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    • The presentations go about 40-50m. And they take some questions afterwards, from reporters from media like the Financial Times, WSJ, Forbes, etc.

  4. After May 9th conference call, and this Monday´s nerfage of the game, I am feeling mix of dread of any new news in fear they may match this mondays, and, disappointment. I was super hyped for both May 9th call and this Monday´s event, stayed up all night even, and… got bitterly disappointed both times. Vague 3rd Q maybe, sorta, not sure, “news” in previous call, and, well, no skill points, RMAH, etc. on Monday. So, no, I am not feeling particulary excited or hyped about the event. In fact, my hype well for the game seems to have dried up. 

  5. To be honest, with the recent announcement of the RMT AH, and also Bashiok saying that the beta will be smaller in attendance than any of their other recent betas (Cata’s beta was not very “big”)…I’m not horribly excite, because I’m probably not going to get in anyway.

    It’ll be D2 development all over again for me.
    I probably won’t be around until after the call tomorrow.

    • Got home earlier than expected, and I forgot about the time difference so I had time to catch the “important” bits.

      What a waste of time that was.

    If anything, a beta announcement tells us that it won’t be too long before release, and that the game actually is coming out.

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