Live Chat with Diablo 3 Console / UEE Devs + 1080p XboxOne

uee-live-chatGamespot is hosting a live chat with Diablo 3 console: Ultimate Evil Edition developers this afternoon at 2pm, PDT. (Which is 30m from the time I’m posting this.) If you want watch or take part you’ll have to visit the Gamespot page, since there’s no way to embed or share the chat elsewhere.

Update: Embed code appeared once the chat began:

The two devs are playing while the Gamespot guy just watches and asks questions. Y U NO LET HIM PLAY?

Increasing exp bonus during long massacre streaks.

Increasing exp bonus during long massacre streaks.

That’s a screen I took from the show. There are a lot of listed improvements to massacre bonuses and kill streaks and destruction bonuses for the UEE on console. The experience multiplier listed kept increasing as their kill streak increased during the Jar of Souls. Initially it was just 1.5x, and about every 15 more kills it went up another .25%, making out at 3.5% as they finished the whole Jar of Souls event. Because console players need constant numbers and flashing lights and feedback… but we’d probably like to see that on the PC also, eh?

Also: someone asked about PvP and got the total boilerplate reply, basically identical to what Josh told me when I interviewed him last summer. “We don’t want to add a PvP system just to add it. We won’t add it until we have just the right design.” We’ve got a vote running on that right now in the community forum, and thus far 100% of replies say we will NEVER get proper arena mode PVP in D3… probably since Bliz felt it would be too similar to their Heroes of the Storm.

In other DiabloWikiUltimate Evil Edition news, Blizzard just revealed that the XboxOne has been upgraded to run in the same p1080 as the PS4 (previously it was locked at 900p, which surely had XboxOne technical developers fuming).

Also, the PS3/Xbox360 > PS4/XboxOne character transfer system just went live, and there are some bugs, for which a long blue post offers solutions and work arounds.

Issues with Updating PS3/Xbox 360

We have recently released a new patch for both PlayStation 3 (25601) and Xbox 360 (25238), which lays the groundwork for us to allow character exports between current-gen and next-gen console platforms. Although some players have been able to update just fine, there are reports from others that the game is locking up when the following save file warning message is displayed:

  • Your save data is from a previous version of Diablo III. If you continue, it will no longer work if the update is removed.
  • We are currently investigating the issue, and will be sure to update you as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, you may want to try the following troubleshooting step which was offered here.

    1. Sign out of PSN and launch the game — OK
    2. Click more options and select export save — It’ll prompt you to sign in, do that, you might get an error that says the diablo servers are busy, (this may take several attempts).

    If you are continue to experience issues with Diablo III freezing up after having installed the latest patch, please respond below with the following information:

  • Make/Model of router
  • Is UPnP enabled on the router: To determine this, please refer to the instruction manual included with the router for specific instructions.
  • Is port 3074 forwarded? – To check this, please visit the following page and select your router and then Diablo III for your appropriate console.
  • Please also let us know whether there are any other game consoles on the same network.
  • Thank you for contributing this information! We will continue to update the thread with more info as it becomes available.

    Our posts on the D3 console/UEE don’t get nearly the views/comments of our posts on the PC stuff, but there must be players out there eager for the console experience? Perhaps they’re getting news from console sites, and don’t know to use a fansite for more focused information?

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    1. All fans who wanted to play D3 or RoS, did it already. Console version is for console players (surprise) who are not die hard fans but like games like that. Most of community don't care about UEE, especially after RoS become so good.

      • I'm actually a big fan of the series and bought three copies, one for myself, and another one for my wife. We got carpal tunnel in a week! lol
        Anyhow, after it came out for console we immediately changed because the controls feel 1000x better and come more naturally than playing with a keyboard and a mouse for some reason.
        This time we decided to wait on RoS pn PS3 and get the UEE forgoing all the hype instead of having to buy two RoS copies. We can just play co-op with one copy.

        • That's nice to hear. Local co-op games are a lot of fun. If consoles version were not different then PC, and there was cross-save with them, I would get it as well.
          It's nice that you're playing with wife 🙂

    2. It seems that loots are not shared anymore. There are "P1: gears" on the floor.

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