Diablo 3’s List of Known Issues

Since a lot of people have been noticing the error for hardcore character creation, here is the full list of errors known by DiabloWikiBlizzard. What hasn’t been noted, however, is that even if you level a new character to level 10 (which I and other staff have done), you still cannot create a hardcore character and receive the 300006 error. Hopefully this issue gets addresses. What I should note, though, is that the game does make a noticeable difference for the damage taken. Many have noticed this and are waiting “patiently” to get their hands on a hardcore character.

Taking a good hard look at this list, it seems that the main bugs are in the the most interesting features that this patch seemed to promise. I wouldn’t be surprised if another patch was deployed to address these issues, assuming hot-fixing cannot fix it all. The post by DiabloWikiVasadan is the following:

Here is the list of known issues for the Beta! This is by no means a complete list, but covers several of the general issues player will encounter or find during their testing.

Issues that occur in specific places are notated with “Act – Level Area”. The level area is the name of the location you are in. It is displayed above your minimap.
Since many UI, Battle.net, and game changes have gone into this new Beta patch, I am going to try something new with the Known Issues list. Instead of putting a list of bugs that are old or leaving fixed bugs up here, I’m going to rely on the community to help me out with the commonly reported Beta bugs and update this list accordingly.


  • The game client will lag slightly when it is loading new assets for the first time. This is not Battle.net lag, but your game trying to load assets that it has already loaded.
  • It is possible for the launcher to patch your game to 95% and stop responding. If this happens, simply close the launcher and re-open it. It should pick up the rest of the information and finish patching.


  • Dragging a skill to your Right Mouse Button as a level 1 character with Elective Mode on will disconnect you from Battle.net
  • Hardcore mode is not unlocked for players who already have existing level 10 characters. To unlock Hardcore mode, level a new character to level 10. (NOTE: This is a Beta-only bug as we did not have a character wipe this patch.)


  • The lore entry for the Skeleton still will not play its voice over. The lore entry itself shows up correctly in your Journal.

User Interface

  • Players cannot drag and drop skills into their Action Bar when Elective Mode is turned on.
  • All Options are reset when exiting the game.


  • Mac users are currently unable to install the Beta post-patch. We are actively working on this issue.
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18 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s List of Known Issues

  1. you can also add that the bug of the error_315300 aka “endless frustration bug” is still there….

  2. Agh. Beta has broken me. I’m unable to say or read the word ‘skeleton’ without subconsciously adding ‘king’ after it…

  3. At least the inability to drag and drop skills in elective mode is considered a bug and not a feature – should make the skill UI a bit more manageable when fixed…

    ED: Just noticed the change in the patch – have to remember to read older news before the new news 😛

  4. after the deployment of the patch, i logged in with my wd and i could use the skills like firebomb and the runed zombie dogs life link although the lvl requirements are higher now. however i switched them all after i realized it 😕

  5. “Dragging a skill to your Right Mouse Button as a level 1 character with Elective Mode on will disconnect you from Battle.net ”

    Hahaha. I mean WTF?

  6. It’s not like Hardcore will make much a difference for people at this level when stuff can’t really kill you (even with the damage increase to monsters).

  7. Game lagged so much it crashed.. That was with 3 other people, it just didnt stop lagging. Something going on there because for all this time it’s run mint for me till this update. Choppy as hell

  8. some mod delete / ban CIRKO please
    no one needs guys that spread viruses
    awesome blizz =) … hardcore right @ the beginning  … +1 like =)

        • That happened to me when I tried to launch the game with my desktop shortcut … but when I launched it from my program files the update worked. 

          I think it had something to do with the launcher itself needing updating.

          Hope this helps 

  9. Town portals are bugged. Just used one and I cant see myself in town. Cant move, cant do anything (but leaving the game). 
    Ok leaving the game also DOES NOT work. Bugggg

  10. How extensive is the lore? I mean, is it something like Mass Effect series, where there is a lot of content to read about the world and the story of the game?

  11. I am seriously thinking bout returning this game !!! pre-pay for a bug infested crashed game that took them over 11 years to complete the sequel and this is the result. This game sucks bigtime… More down time than up with the whole “thanks for your continued patience” Blizzard should pull the damn thing completely, Offer refunds and start over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿

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