Linkin Park to Close Blizzcon 2015

Blizzard have just announced that Linkin Park, the ‘biggest band on Facebook’ will be taking to the stage on the evening of Saturday November 7th to close off this year’s event.  The comments on the official site suggest they are a popular choice.  If you’re not attending in person, fear not, you’ll be able to watch the set via a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket costing $39.99 which also gives you access to all the panels, interviews and general show chat across the two days.

In case you missed it here are details of Blizzard’s Diablo 3 presence at Blizzcon this year.  In polite circles it’s what you’d refer to as bijou, although I’ve seen it described differently in those comments.

blizzcon 2015 virutal ticket


Update: Vote from last year when Metallica was named the closing act and there was some debate over their appropriateness. We put in a lot of vote options then, but there would have had to be a *lot* more before one of them featured Linkin Park.

What would you like to see for Blizzcon's Closing Concert?

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  1. So now we know why there is so little of Diablo :PWe knew that they won't top last year (maybe with Rush? 😛 ) but going so low 😀

    • Gawd, not you as well. I got Rushster bending my ear about when the hell are they going to book Rush too.

      I seriously doubt that would happen, the audience don't strike me as Temple of Syrinx fans, even though I know Mike Morhaime is a bit of a fan too.

  2. YES! Rush. I mean FFS, loads of folk at Blizzard love Rush, including Mike. Need to get on that guys and persuade Geddy, Alex and Neil to do it.

  3. I have no idea what you're talking about and Elly is back as well!

  4. I realize that no bands ever really break up since after 10 or 15 years all their fans are 40 with money to spend and no interest in new music, but JFC… Linkin Park?  Do they really still exist?

    I remember Blizzcon in 2005 or 2007 when Offspring was the band and people gave Bliz shit for picking some has been. That choice looks more defensible in retrospect.

  5. For the first time in years, I’m not buying the virtual ticket. I’ve lost interest in WoW, and the lack of Diablo panels leaves me uninspired to care. I do play Heartstone and Heroes, but I’m not bothered about news on those, and Overwatch, well I that is not my type of game.
    I’m sure the closing act is intended to get virtual ticket sales, but unless they get someone appropriate to the audience like Jonathan Coulton, that will never sway me.

  6. Those shitty music is the reason i don’t go to blizzcon in person !!
    always the same stupid music , my cat makes better noises then those idiots !!

    Get some serious artists next time !! EDM , house , techno —> that kind of shit not this piece of garbage.

  7. Susan Boyle, because she's so unbarably awkward.

  8. GG Allin hologram next year.

  9. I guess a lot will not like this comment but honestly why book any band at all and use a lot of Money, use the Money to at leat try to fix all the problems in D3/RoS WoW ect ect.its a game event and not a rock concert imo. If i want to hear Metallica, linkin Park I buy a concert ticket but maybe its the only way blizzcon can sell tickets and attract peopel to join the event

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