Bashiok has revealed an interesting tidbit about an ongoing game design issue; Line of Sight. Here’s his post:

    What do y’all think about line of sight being brought back? I already know the answer, thought I’d ask anyway.

    To clarify, in all versions of Diablo III that has been shown or seen publicly, all monsters are viewable on screen at all times regardless of what your actual character could possibly see. So if a door is closed, you could still see the skeletons waiting for you on the other side. This brought a small amount of critique a while ago but never really became a huge complaint.

    Somewhat recently we’ve been trying out the line of sight mechanic (maybe also called fog of war by some). It’s not dependent on light radius, it’s simply what’s blocked by geometry. It introduces all sort of technical issues for us, not that they’re insurmountable, but it’s something we’re playing around with.

    I think a lot of the people on this forums sort of lean toward the “D2.5” preferences so I kind of meant it as a rhetorical question.

    I’m all for line of sight. I don’t think I should be able to see over walls, and I’d prefer that monsters can’t either. There’s a difference between grates and walls and open spaces, and as much as they’re going for realistic physics in the game, it seems silly to disregard visual space as a component of gameplay.

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