A fan brings up the question about Paragon 2.0 respecs and gets a boilerplate, discussion-boosting reply. So we might as well play along, eh?

    I’m all for having the ability to respec, but I think both paragon and skill respecs neeed to have some kind of limiting factor. I don’t think you should be able to change them on a whim.
    Grimiku: We currently don’t have any plans to limit the number of Paragon respecs, but it’d be cool to hear your thoughts on the subject. It’d be nice to have additional detail on why you feel one way or the other, so I’ll write down a few questions to help guide the conversation.

  • Why is limiting/unlimiting Paragon respecs necessary for the game?
  • How does limiting/unlimiting respecs improve your game experience?
  • What sort of limits would you suggest, and why?
  • DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 and DiabloWikiparagon points are new and still hypothetical, but the obvious analogy is to skill points and how they DiabloWikirespec (or not). That system changed many times during development and even after release, based on testing and player feedback. While the devs talked about limiting respecs during development, when we first started testing the game in the beta there were no respec limits at all. At that point the skill window was narrow and on the right, much like the Inventory window now, and players were soon playing with the skill window open and respecing on the fly, even during battles, as a way to circumvent limited number of skill slots. So the devs tinkered with the system, even giving us the infamous DiabloWikiNephalem Altar for a while, before arriving at the current “go to town or else suffer a brief cooldown” system.

    I’m not totally opposed to them taking a similar approach to Paragon points; allow full respecs to start and if that proves a problem, and players are exploiting it, then put in some limits. Maybe just the same as the skill respecs, where you have to return to town or suffer a cooldown before your changes take effect,

    What would be the exploits with PPs? I guess you could do it situationally; put all your DiabloWikiAdventure Tab points into Movement Speed and Magic Find for normal farming and then switch them to resource regen and reduced cooldown for a big boss fight? Shift your DiabloWikiCore Tab points from mainstat to vit depending on the need of the moment? Those don’t seem like such cheesy exploits to require a real anti-respec system design, to me? I’m happy to hear counter arguments, though.

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