Life After Kill vs. Life on Hit

Life After Kill vs. Life on Hit

A couple of related questions about healing mechanics and item modifiers drew down a Blue voice this weekend.

Can Life after Kill and Life on Hit roll on the same item at the same time? I ask for enchanting purposes, because I have items that have LaK on them and want to know if I should waste time enchanting them (from a different primary property, I know LaK is secondary and LoH is primary) to get LoH or not…please no comments about how you like/hate LoH, that’s not the focus here.
Grimiku: Life on Hit and Life After Kill can’t roll on the same item, and you won’t be able to Enchant an item to have both of them. Also, you can always check an individual items list of possible affixes by clicking the ? icon in the Enchanting window.

I vaguely remember reading in the player guide something about life per hit not working after lvl 70. Can any of you confirm this as true? does it mean I can enchant that property out for something else? Does it also go for regenerate life per kil and life per second too?
Grimiku: DiabloWikiLife Per Hit does work at its full potential for level 70 players. Life Steal is the stat that works for level 60 players, but stops working for them by the time they’re level 70. In addition to that, you won’t find DiabloWikiLife Steal on level 70 items, so you generally shouldn’t need to worry about it while you’re Enchanting.

Life Steal is also the only healing stat that changes in this way, so DiabloWikiLife Per Kill and DiabloWikiRegeneration work just like they say they do.

Useful info, and useful to remember that not everyone is a long time expert who has been following every change since D3v was just an itch in your daddy’s pants.

Speaking of the old days and changes, let’s talk about LoH and LS. Back in D3v, both of those properties were only found on items, mostly on weapons, though LoH was also on bracers and a few legendary items in other slots, and while you could get Regen on lots of armor, the numbers weren’t large enough to bother with. Nowadays, LS is gone, but LoH and Regen and LaK are found everywhere. Multiple item slots, multiple skills, in huge numbers from Paragon Points, you can add heaps of Vitality from socketed Amethysts, etc.

D3 / RoS is a very different game these days, much easier or at least more forgiving of equipment decisions when it comes to healing. I doubt many softcore players notice the change, but as a long time Hardcore player I am very aware these days of just how much less attention/worry I pay to LoH/LS. A change for the better? Open to debate…

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7 thoughts on “Life After Kill vs. Life on Hit

  1. To me, LaK is useless. When you really need it (trapped during an elite/champion fight or against a boss), it does not proc. There are a few exceptions when the boss (particularly rift guardians) spawns many minions. Moreover, it counts for "healing" stat computation and the amount given per point of LaK seems way too high to me.

  2. Life per Kill is secondary stat, so it gives you one primary affix LoH would take. It's useless agains GRift guardians or most bosses but when you're battling elite pack, you can run, find group of trash, kill, get lots of hp and continue. Still it's less usefull and needs more awereness.

    • How many LaK do you have and how many HP ? (Or how many mobs do you have to kill to replenish ?) it seemed to me that the LaK affix came with way too low numbers.

  3. LaK is actually not too bad a stat and arguably better than LoH in many situations after the change to LoH to be 'Life on Attack', and both those stats are far superior to LpS which is still a rubbish stat and needs to be massively buffed again to be useful.

    • I pay no attention to Life after kill. I guess I don't mind if I get it as a secondary, but it's not like I've ever rerolled an item to obtain it, and I'm generally happier with gold find or gold radius. Or a single res, if the item has no all res.

      That said, LAK is nice to have, in terms of just always keeping your health topped up as you mow down trash mobs. I'd imagine players who go light on toughness or don't have much/any Regen or LoH appreciate the LaK effect, even if it's basically an accident when you get it?

      Life for spirit/fury is indeed useless, though. There's so much life available from other affixes that it doesn't seem like any barb or monk pays those stats any real attention.

      • Yeah, I definitely agree that I would never 'waste' a reroll to get LaK (due to it almost always being a waste to reroll a secondary stat, unfortunately), but it is definitely a nice stat to have in your arsenal. But I actually do think it's superior to LpS as it's extremely valuable when clearing trash (which at least 50% of a GRift is), and LpS is insufficient to keep you topped up against the kinds of damage you face in single-target situations anyway.

        Life per Resource Spent is not too bad, imo, as once again you can at least control to an extent the amount you get back i.e. by spamming abilities, as opposed to LpS. And with the help of a passive ability you can boost your LpRS with the Bonus to Health Globe secondary stat which can mean you can get rather impressive amounts of LpRS back.

        But most resource spenders are lacklustre for damage (at least for barb) so it's kind of a moot poin i guess, unfortunately…

  4. My healing stat shows 4975 but still Doing Grifts 34-35 (not that much into grifts tbh) in HC atm 🙂

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