Level Variety within Diablo III’s Acts

A good question to @Diablo today, about acts and levels.

Will we be in one zone (IE forest, desert) for an entire Act (not counting dungeons of course) or will we move around more?—TheEliminator

The acts are certainly themed as they’re in specific locations, but there’s a lot of visual variety within them.—Diablo

We know that Diablo III will have four acts, much as Diablo II did,and that there are some intentional similarities. The game starts in Tristram, and Act 2 takes place in a desert area, just as Diablo II’s did. We’ve also got various pieces of jungle-y concept art, which has led to some speculation that Act 3 will continue the Diablo 2 parallels. Nothing has been confirmed about the setting of Act 3 or 4, though. In fact, other than today’s @Diablo tweet, the only specific info I can remember about acts and levels within them came from an interview I conducted at last year’s Blizzcon, with Julian Love and Kevin Martens.

Diii.net: Can you tell us something about the game

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