Level 60s in 24 Hours — How Fast is Too Fast?

While reports of the doings on the Diablo 3 Asian server are shrouded by language barriers and pixelated image searches, we’ve got reliable, up-to-the-minute reports on the progress of players on the US and European servers, and the progress of the marathon gamers is impressive.

There are hundreds (thousands?) of level 60 characters by now, after Athene was the first on Europe just over 24 hours after the realm went live. (Caution; no game spoilers, but loud NSFW language in the video.) The furthest anyone has gotten so far is team nolife on the US server, who advanced to Act Two of Inferno late Wednesday evening, less than 48 hours after the US servers went online. (See their live stream here, and their battle with the Act One end boss is here. Since then, another group streaming from Europe has beaten Act Two on Inferno.

What does this faster-than-expected progress mean for the overall game difficulty and size, Blizzard’s estimates of how long players would require to finish the content, and other related issue? Click through for new Blue quotes, details about Inferno’s difficulty scaling, comparisons to D2’s leveling curve, and more.

Blizzard Comments

Blue CMs have replied to some of these reports, and sounded a bit defensive while doing it. Bashiok locked a 200 post thread with these final words:

You can beat Skyrim in a few hours if your intent is to rush to the end of the game as fast as possible.

You can beat the original Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes.

If your intent is to simply race to the end of the game as quickly as possible I’m sure you can complete Normal difficulty in very little time. If your intent is to take your time and enjoy it, stop worrying about what people rushing to the end of the game think.

Luckily, unlike other games, regardless of how quickly you want to rush to the end, the near-limitless content provided through randomized events, dungeons, enemies and items (and their random drop chance) mean that you’ll be able to play for years to come.

Welcome to Diablo III, please enjoy.

Another reply on the EU forums from Takralus.

I’m one of those people who likes to explore all of the map, because you never know what might be lurking in that unexplored part, right? I’m in no hurry to rush through because that’s not my play style, but I know we’re all different. Some people love the bragging rights that come with being super quick through a game. Meh, I prefer to take my time, soak up the atmosphere, listen to the story, and loot every single damn barrel I find.

But yeah, as others here have said, completing normal mode is by no means finishing the game… It’s just the start.

And one more from Nakatoir on the EU forums.

They have only killed the Skeleton King at this point. Do note that up to the Skeleton king is only part of the first act and they still have lots of the game to go till they complete act 1.

Another point to be made is that this is a group of fully co-ordinated, skilled, dedicated and hardcore gamers who have been playing regularly since the moment of release. It will take quite a while longer for the average player and even most seasoned gamers to reach this point. That being said, it’s amazing to see the speed in which they have reached this stage of the game, but remember that the hardest is yet to come… [/blue]

So yeah, Community Managers doing their job defending the company, but that doesn’t mean they’re *always* wrong, does it?

Predictions vs. Reality

You may not be surprised that people got through Normal/Nightmare/Hell that quickly, but wasn’t DiabloWikiInferno supposed to be like, impossible? That’s what Bashy and Jay Wilson and other devs told us, over and over again. So did they overestimate the difficulty of their game, or underestimate the tenacity of their players? Both, perhaps.

Blizzard peeps never made any actually date-based predictions that I heard, always restoring to generalities and rough estimates, but they made clear that they expected players to require a long time to beat Inferno. Months ago, Bashiok talked about players wiping for “weeks” on the first boss in Act One, and we heard various Blizzard people say they were worried that Inferno might actually be impossible for Hardcore characters.

You guys knew better, on the whole. We don’t yet know how Hardcore Inferno will go, (the players in it now are dying repeatedly) but in our Softcore Inferno pool there are a LOT of predictions in the 3-7 day range (I said 5). And with players already into Act Three of Inferno in 2.5 days, those predictions are looking pretty accurate.

How are these players doing Inferno so quickly? And why did Blizzard so grossly overestimate the clear time? (Assuming they weren’t just saying what they did as PR/marketing since they knew players wanted a more epic struggle/accomplishment.) It seems mostly that Blizzard underestimated player tenacity. Players are dying repeatedly, even to normal monsters in Inferno, much less to the boss packs and Act Bosses.

The player are just pressing on through the deaths, using good teamwork, resurrecting each other, and quite often just running past the dangerous monsters, to reach the next area or dungeon or level passageway through which the (slowly) pursuing enemies can’t follow.

The monsters might be too slow, or too dumb, but they certainly aren’t dying too easily, as a watch of the videos or a look at their stats will show.

Monsters in Inferno

With so many players already into Inferno, you might expect that final barrier to fall shortly. Perhaps not.

As we saw in the official game guide scans and datamining, monster hit points, damage, resistances, and body odor increase drastically between Hell and Inferno. Two sample pages from the Bradygames guide can be seen below

As you see in those, the numbers increase dramatically between Hell and Inferno. The monsters have 5-10x more hit points in Inferno than they do in Hell, well up into the millions, and those figures in the pictures are for single player games. On the Act One boss video linked above, you can see that he has over 11,000,000 hit points, against which the characters are dealing 8-12k per hit.

In another video from a live stream, a group of players was working through Act One Inferno, and facing regular monsters who all had upwards of two million hit points, against which a Barbarian was dealing 4000-7000 per hit. To put that into perspective, it would be like dealing 4-7 damage against a monster with 2000 hit points. That’s basically equivalent to fighting the Normal difficulty Skeleton King with the DPS of a naked level 8 character. And those are just the regular monsters!

Player characters gain quite a bit of improvement at higher levels as well, but nothing like the jump monsters get from Hell to Inferno. Characters don’t level up at all, and while they can find (and craft) better gear in Inferno, that takes a long time and good luck on the random rolls. Even with much improved gear, Inferno is going to be a huge step up. Say you engage in intensive gear farming from Hell to Inferno and you double your DPS — you’re still facing monsters that have gained 10x their hit points, and vastly increased their damage output as well. Which means they’ll take around 5x longer than they did on Hell, even with your gear hugely upgraded.

So How are Players Doing It?

With strategy and sneakiness, mostly. If you watch any of the live streams, you’ll see what our forum readers saw. None of the groups are doing anything like full clears in Inferno. Players are running through and past and around everything, using stealth and stun and escape skills to move quickly, and are only stopping to fight the bosses required to advance the quests.

This is obviously a suboptimal strategy for overall success, but it’s necessary to move quickly through Inferno, while the race for the first full Inferno clear is on. And it’s why this early rush tells us little about the long term play of Inferno, or about how Hardcore characters will fare against the challenge.

Max Level vs. Grinding

The more fundamental issue is one that came up in this thread, as well as numerous times during Diablo III’s development after the lowered, easily-obtained Clvl 60 cap was announced. (A thorough recap with numerous Blizzard quotes can be seen on the DiabloWikiMaximum level wiki article.)

You could easily argue that the level 60 cap is too low, now that we’ve seen people reach it in a day. And that’s with brand new characters, no twinks, and even the whole game new! Imagine how quickly skilled players will be able to reach 60 in a few weeks or months, once they’ve got great twinks, other level 60s to help the turbo, a better understanding of shared party experience and the sweet spots for leveling up, etc?

For the sake of comparison, the first (and only?) two characters to ever reach 99 in D2C were the infamous GerBarb and RussBarb (those links go to extensive coverage archived from Diabloii.net), who were part of huge team efforts, and required months of very intensive play, with dozens of people assisting by clearing out dungeons, since only by killing Diablo, in an 8 player game, could any worthwhile experience be gained past level 95.

Maxing out takes much less time in D2X (though it’s varied greatly from patch to path), and when the game was in its prime in the 2001-2003 range, most of that during v1.09, the standard was set by a team who worked to power up Amazon DipDancer, who zoomed from 1 to 99 in just 39 hours after a ladder reset.

I don’t know if anyone ever timed Diablo I to level 50, but I ultimately did it with a Rogue and a Sorc and I can testify that it took hundreds of hours of fairly monotonous clears of the same few levels, and that it was essentially a solo effort since there was no experience sharing in parties, no monster scaling for MP, and the always-on friendly fire made two Sorcerers in the same game a bigger danger to each other than to the monsters.

D3 can’t really be compared to D1 or D2 on the time to max level, since Diablo 3 isn’t designed with a max level that’s a challenge to reach. The developers intentionally paced the maximum level to the content, so that characters could be expected to reach 60 around the time they finished Hell difficulty. (An achievement that put you perhaps 1/50th of the way to 99 in D2X.)

The D3 Team was wise enough never to claim it would take players weeks or months to reach max level, but they did assert that D3 would have no shortage of content, and would boast a better DiabloWikiend game than Diablo 2 did. (I think they’re clearly correct about having more and more-varied content, though it’s too early to judge the end game. In theory though, though Inferno certainly sounds more interesting and varied than the repetitious Pit/Meph/A5SU/Cows/Baal runs we loved and violently exploited in D2. (I raised a 99 and lots of other 90s, mostly Hardcore, and in retrospect I would certainly have voted for an Inferno-like 4th difficulty level in D2.)

The main complaint about D3’s lowered maximum level, way back when it was revealed and was controversial, was that having nothing but item grinding after completing Hell would be boring, at least compared to the item grinding + regular rewards and milestones provided by the Clvl 99 maximum in D2. Again, it’s way too soon to judge this, but some of you guys might have thoughts about it, now that we see how quickly dedicated players can reach 60 in D3.

Personally, I was sympathetic to suggestions of some kind of experience-like display. Blizzard didn’t want D3 chars to get stronger with longer play (other than by finding better gear), but even if you agree with that, why not some kind of kill counter, or experience that keeps increasing but doesn’t grant any benefits? Those suggestions went nowhere, though.

There’s no such thing as extra levels for people who want to grind them out. Either they’re there and provide a necessary boost in power in which case it’s not a choice to get them or not, or they don’t exist. We’re not going to put in extra levels that provide no bonus simply so people have achievements to work toward. That’s what achievements are for.

True, there are a few high end achievements in D3 that will only be reached after thousands of games played, but there are only a few of them, and you don’t get a counter on the way up to them. Therefore, players won’t get any sense of progress until suddenly, after weeks of nothing, there’s a ding for killing 100,000 elites, or picking up 100,000,000 gold.

Continuing Questions

  • So what do you guys think, now that we’ve seen the D3 system in action?
  • Are you still content with a max level of 60, knowing that it can be reached in less than a day? (Though regular players will take days or weeks to get there.) Will Achievements and item grinding be enough incentive to keep playing once you’re into the end game?
  • Is Inferno the massive challenge we were repeatedly promised, or does the sight of players in Act 3 just 2.5 days after release throw a bucket of water on that fire?
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    79 thoughts on “Level 60s in 24 Hours — How Fast is Too Fast?

    1. RE: Continuing Q’s:

      1) Don’t bother me none because they ain’t me.
      2) Yes and maybe.
      3) No idea because I haven’t seen it. Call me again in about a week or so.

      • The chocolate bird pic was floating around on various funny picture sites a couple of months ago. I liked it and saved it to use for something, and got the idea for the caption a few weeks ago. Yes, I’ve been saving it for release, for just the right news post.


    2. Honestly, I need to play a lot more before I can answer. I rarely bothered to take a Diablo II character past the mid-80s, but pretty much once I got NM cleared I did boss runs for items, with leveling up a nice bonus from time to time. So I *think* I’ll be OK with playing at the level cap, but I can’t say for sure until I do it a bunch.

      I also know that when I play Inferno, it will be step-by-step, monster-by-monster, leaving nothing behind me alive. Same as I play normally. If people want to bum rush end-act content, good for them.

      • Bravo. I have not even reached the temple of doom yet. Simply put, I’m having fun clearing content and enjoying the road. I’ll take me weeks to reach inferno and I plan to enjoy every bit of the way.
        If they get their kicks from clearing everything first, well, good for them. I plan to make my money’s worth last as long as possible.
        If I were to put this in sexual terms, wouldn’t a week’s worth of continuos lovemaking in the beach honeymoon (with periodical refreshment breaks for food, watching sunsets) be far more enjoyable that trying to rush your bride to the bed and be done as quickly as possible?

    3. There will always be people rushing and exploiting stuff…. Seeing as I’ve now spend 15-20 hours on 1 Demon Hunter and am in mid (?) act 3 hardcore I couldn’t care less about above said people.

    4. Inferno Softcore clear takes only patience and 4 players coordinating. Who even cares about this stuff?

      Inferno Hardcore solo without skipping is the only worthwhile achievement, and that one won’t be done for months and months.

      Re: leveling, They probably want to increase level cap in expansions. I wouldn’t mind if there was tiny stat increase (e.g. 1 of each stats) for levels from 60 to 99 and it would take months to get there. I also wouldn’t mind a ladder, though i wouldn’t care one bit about levelling myself.  

      They neutered alot of unfair things and flaws that made D2 so good. That’s too bad. Diablo was never about politically correct, logical and no-exploits gameplay. This is my second biggest disappointment in D3 (first being lack of horror-style gore and atmosphere). I love the game otherwise, though, and will probably be playing it for years.


      • first being lack of horror-style gore and atmosphere

        Uh….are you playing the same game that I am?? I guess not. 

        • I’ll repost my response from below because it still applies here:
          I’d suggest you do your research what makes up for Horror atmosphere, and here’s a hint – it’s not gratuitous gore. For the record, the only diablo game that captured it was Diablo 1. I’ll let you decide what made it so.

          • I’d suggest you look at the game you’re playing. Diablo has always been described as a hack’n’slash dungeon crawler for randomised loot. Not a deeply terrifying atmospheric horror story.

            • I suggest you play D1 back in 1996.  The dungeons were as horror as it got back then.

      • …” Diablo was never about politically correct, logical and no-exploits gameplay”

        I’ve heard this argument elsewhere, but seriously… don’t you prefer a balanced, challenging game over a game that exists only to cheat at (D1) or break by using OP builds and items (D2)?? 

        • I’m pretty sure you don’t have to play those games the way you described, but whatever floats your boat.

    5. 1) you have. I haven’t personally, still waiting on CE to arrive 🙂

      2a) if idiots like that wanna literally spend an entire day rushing the hell out of any game, it’s their prerogative. they bought it and can do whatever the hell they want with it. I’d rather take my time and savor the hell out of everything so I can truly say I’ve played Diablo 3 from top to bottom. it’s their loss and none of anyone’s concern.

      mind you, completing an entire game from Normal to Inferno in 24-48 hours doesn’t reflect positively on you at all, only makes you look like a lifeless loser. again, your prerogative. 


      – achievements considered as rewards is an insult to real gamers. they are less than worthless.

      – item grinding, that will only be the case if D3 captivates me enough. if the game as a whole does, then item grinding will be enjoyable from beginning to end. I’ve had loads of fun on MedianXL over the years, collecting oskill items.


      – refer to answer 2a

      – I’m not inclined to believe anything coming from Blizzard’s mouth, they’ve certainly proved they’re anything but trustworthy. so I wipe my ass with what they said about Inferno. might be a challenge to one group, might be a cakewalk for another, and might be pure torture for the third group. which group I’m in, time will tell.

    6. I feel bad for people who rush through the game.  The world is D3 is so great and really reward exploring.  

      • Actually the premise behind the events of the game is really stupid!  If you mean the environments, then I assure you that rushing doesn’t prevent them from experiencing it.

    7. I’m am a results driven person so I wasn’t all that concerned about raising a 99 in D2. I farmed the crap outta runes in Lower Kurast, made a kick ass enchantress and warcries barb. These were my achievements in D2, I’ll be doing the same sort of thing in D3, looking for whatever yields. Probably going to be those Legendary’s I’m guessing so that’s all that will concern me.

    8. This is a constant problem for video game developers.  And it is one of my biggest beef’s with a company taking more than a year to make a game.  All that effort.  All those dev hours.   And some gamers just blast through it in no time.   At least D3 is one where its optional to blast thru it.  I remember when my brother got Halo 2 at the midnight release.  He had beat it by 8am.   And that wasn’t rushing, that was simply playing thru its content.

    9. I did not wait 12 years so i can blast through it in 12 hours. It’s been 12 hours and im not even half done with act 1 on normal.

      I’m exploring every corner! See you in nightmare in 12 months.  😈

      • Pretty much here as well. I got the game on May 15 @ 1830. Installed it by 2000. Played for a few hours and then was booted by Blizzard for maintenance. I then played a few more hours until 0200.
        *** First day total time: Around 4 hours ***

        On May 16, I started around 1130 and outside of a few breaks and being booted by Blizzard for maintenance, played till around midnight.
        *** Second day total time: Around 10 hours *** 

        Total play: 14 hours…and I am around level 19 and am in the middle of Act 2.

        I am all for people playing the game how they want since they bought it, but the way they are acting is just so F’ing stupid. You would think that they cured cancer or something. 

    10. Could we be discounting the gem system? I wonder if the huge amounts of gems and gold needed to craft the highest level gems might end up standing in for the sort of grinding that the levels in the 90s provided in D2?

      • I was just talking to a mate on the phone about that. It hadn’t crossed my mind what with the focus on crafting and finding rares or legendaries. I mean what do we really know atm anyhow? You could be right, however there aren’t that many gem levels as runes in D2 but at least with gems you can ‘aim’ where you want your player to go. Meaning builds or at least something to identify your character as being different from someone else’s.

        It does seem like the best choice however gems can be removed and with enough time played you will be able to do in an instant what anyone else can do. There doesn’t seem to be a need for judgement in the game imo.

    11. Are you serious? Lack of horror-style gore and atmosphere?  What about the torture chambers in Act 1 or the   huge array of people disemboweled and hung up on spikes for all to see in Act 2?  That’s as far as I’ve had time to get so far, but I’d say the level of gore in this is more than enough already.

      (that was supposed to be a reply to AlexanderBarin’s comment above, but clearly it didn’t end up in the right spot)

      • +1
        That also made me scratch my head. Some players have moved the goal post so far, it’s as though they’re expecting Cannibal Holocaust meets Flower of Flesh and Blood, and obviously no game could reach that level of disturbing gore. The gore is fine.

        I think if they went too far and threw gore and bodies at you non-stop, it’d just be comical after a while. Desensitized, essentially.

      • wait till you get to the later parts of act III… very cool.  It made me stop and take screen shots 🙂

      • I’d suggest you do your research what makes up for Horror atmosphere, and here’s a hint – it’s not gratuitous gore. For the record, the only diablo game that captured it was Diablo 1. I’ll let you decide what made it so.

    12. Some ultra hardcore no-lifers are clearing inferno? And imho they are not even clearing it, they are just exploiting the game mechanics for the glorious rush to first Inferno clear. And to be honest, I could care less who beats Inferno first. At this moment, I am in Act II on Nightmare difficulty and my party gets its ass whooped. And across many public games, people are struggling too even on Nightmare. All in all, I am having fun with the game and think the wait was totally worth it.

      • I agree.  I don’t count skipping all the content all the while being killed and respawning every 5 minutes as “beating the game”.  The game is kicking their collective asses no matter how much they delude themselves.

        Any hardcore character that defeated the Butcher to move on to Act 2 Normal deserves more recognition than these inferno-rushers.

      • They’ll hit a wall of some kind with the Act 3 Boss. If you’ve played it, you could pretty easily see where the enrage timer comes in. Even with no enrage, that dark red stuff is just about unavoidable and will kill their under geared characters pretty quick.

    13. Don’t have the game yet, but I certainly won’t rush through it. The game is not finished until I have killed every single monster in it in every single corner, opened all doors and collected all there is to collect. The final aim of the game may be to kill the end boss, but that does by no means mean you should ignore everything else.
      It is quite easy to build in a stopper to the kind of game play these rushers have: Don’t allow access into another area before you have REALLY finished the area you are currently in, meaning before you have killed every monster and collected everything in it.

    14. The problem is there aren’t enough penalties in inferno.  These guys are swapping skills around freely to get through the content, and the 10% repair costs on death doesn’t seem to phase them at all.  I thought repair costs in inferno were supposed to be an expensive gold sink, but these guys die every 5 minutes and just keep rushing past everything.

      • Could have other players feeding them fully repaired items by dropping them on the ground.  The GerBarb / RussBarb rushes were done by teams.  I’d be embarassed if I were these guys, running away from everything and dying constantly.

        • I watched the stream, repair costs after 10 or so deaths are only costing them 4k gold when they have gold in the hundred thousands.  So each death in inferno only has a penalty of 400 gold? That’s basically nothing.

        • why should they be embarrassed ?
          they’re in Inferno, they’re getting gold, they’re getting awesome items, they able to craft the best stuff 

          by the time the RMAH starts they should have enough items in their stash to sell and easily recoup the cost of the game 


      • The Nephalem Valor buff is supposed to counteract that, but of course it only applies for normal farming, not world-first rushes.

    15. How can anyone be sure they were first to 60 or anything for that matter, unless there’s some sort of achievement?  Not everyone brags on youtube.

        • That wouldn’t rule out someone else getting to 60 first and just not sharing that info… though I doubt it happened. Anyone who would play that way would want to be known for it.

          In fact, being known for it is the whole reason people are playing that way.

    16. I have to agree with a few posts I have seen about rushing through the game. I have waited a while for this game to come out. My firstcharacter is going to see every inch of every level of every difficulty in the game.  That’s how I like to play anyway. I have been listening to all the lore and breaking every barrel. I want to take it all in, as there may not be a D4. I haven’t had a chance to play as much as I want cause of work and other shit, but I got past the butcher last night(first death from him as well), and I love it. The gore factor is definitely there, the poster that said otherwise must not be looking around very much. I also think level 60 is a decent number to start off with, especially if there are expansions so the new content will have a place to go.

    17. way to enjoy the game 😛 lol i personally want to make my diablo 3 experience last and not skip through it all as fast as possible. these realm first, server first and etc etc are lame. athena i always thought was an idiot anyways

    18. I don’t need a number to chase in order to have fun. The game is fun to play. I am happy. The game could have no character levels and it would be just as fun.

    19. If these guys want to rush the game just to feel special. So be it. It’s their priority, not mine.  All I have seen from the streams is these guys skipping alot and getting killed  on a regular basis. Pretty damn funny actually.

      Solo HC Inferno is going to be a pain. I doubt this is achieved anytime soon but we’ll see how it goes.  

    20. When I said inferno might not be as difficult as people thought in /r/diablo because devs aren’t real players (in most cases) people bashed and downvoted me, and now I’m seeing I might be right.

      Some people defended inferno saying it would be a good way to avoid bots because of the difficulty, but even if it was really impossible to a human to complete it I really don’t see why a bot also wouldn’t be able to beat it. Bots in many situations are better at item farm than a human. The game is not all that complex to require a human brain to judge the best way to kill monsters.

      • Except that these people are going this quickly because they are avoiding the monsters. A bot would have to fight them in order to farm, so it’s not the same.

        • Did you ever see how many things a bot can do in D2? I can’t see any reason why a bot coudn’t do the same thing a human can do in inferno.

          • In D2 you can easily counter bot mistake and emergency with potions – Hit Full Rejuv when hp is below X%. In inferno, from the videos I’ve seen.. if you get hit a few times you’re down. 

            Don’t know what’d happen if they have top gear, but I don’t think that’d come too soon. 

    21. These people are the same sort that play for several days for hours on end to beat other guilds to high-end raid content in WoW. It’s just sad that they are using such cheap tactics like skipping monsters (which you can hardly ever do in WoW dungeons) instead of beating Inferno legitimately. Whatever makes them feel like their life has meaning I guess… 😕

    22. How about we wait until some does a clear of Act 1 with less than say.. 20 deaths. Since we’re being all competitive and stuff.

    23. Also note these guys are professionals. They make money on their reputations, and they need to rush through this stuff ASAP to keep their reputations intact. Their jobs are on the line, of course they have to rush through it all. They’re not being paid to enjoy themselves.

    24. They obviously know getting to lvl 60 was going to be much quicker than getting to lvl 99 in D2. They said it themselves. But they wanted people to spend the 100 hours “farming” for high lvl gear which is now much harder to get, than they would have spent those 100 hours “lvling” from lvl 80-99 in D2. They said they thought it was much more rewarding and a better play experience than lvling with no real purpose rather than just hitting lvl 99 for bragging rights. It didn’t offer anything extra. They paced it this way intentionally. I don’t understand people who think Blizzard is stupid and does’nt think of these things.. because obviously they do, and probably thought of it before they even heard of D3.

    25. If you watch the video where the four ‘advanced’ players kill the skel king on inferno you see it takes the four of them more than 8 minutes with single hits reducing their health with >75% sometimes. I think it will take a ‘long’ time before someone will be able to do that solo but don’t know the health generation of the bosses

    26. Blizzard needs to patch in a “Total Noob” achievement, accomplished by dieing more than 1000 times.  And then put an unremovable “Total Noob” water-mark on the character banner for all to see. This should take care of the inferno-rushers.

    27. Frankly, the majority of people on here shouldn’t be whining about the level 60 cap. A poll done on this site revealed that over 50% agreed with the cap, and only 16% objected to it.

    28. Funny that my thread did get some notion…

      In Diablo 2 after a fresh ladder reset I would reach level 91 in less than 2 days. This says something, even if you’re a casual gamer :/ Just way too easy… You don’t have to spend much time -at all- to reach level 90+

      And now, we have no challenge whatsoever in topping out our characters… I am much dismayed… 

      • You have your challenge now on clearing Inferno. I for one definitely prefer real challenge and strong monsters over mindless grind where you can clear area using just 1 skills and not looking.

        Let me know when YOU can clear Inferno in 2 days…

        Good luck! 

    29. 1.  I love it.  It’s superior and honestly after a certain point in the other games it mostly became about the gear anyway.  The Clvl was a nice perk but after you get your core stuff maxed it turns into a bit of icing on the cake.  I vastly prefer this system and it fits better with their skill/rune system.  (Which I *VASTLY* prefer to the ‘illusion of choice’ skill trees.

      2. Less than a day?  Sorry.  Less than a day for the hardest of the hardcore gamers in the world isn’t ‘less than a day’ for me.  These are the same people who would clear heroic content on WoW in a week or two when my group would end up taking months on end to do it.  I even bet if WoW didn’t have lockouts, they’d be clearing that in a few days too.  (And I bet they’d be clearing D3 slower if they could only play through the game once a week)  I’m totally comfortable knowing the absolute most insane and amazing players can clean it up…and in fact the fact it takes them *that long* to do it?  Is comforting.

      3. I think inferno is going to be crazy hard for the vast majority of players.  Again, the people clearing it are freaking pros who have dumped a ton of time into it.  If Blizzard wanted to make *those* player almost unable to beat it?  It would just be hard to the point of not fun for the rest of us.  It sounds like they got the challenge right in my eyes.  In fact all this talk of how hard it was had me worried it just wouldn’t be fun at all, but now it looks like it might be.

      The WoW community for years has overreacted to these ultra-good and ultra-hardcore groups.  They will clear content lightyears ahead of everyone else, yet communities will decry how easy and casual Blizzard is getting, while the vast majority of players are progressing at a pretty normal pace.  These groups get the headlines though.  There won’t be massive gaming site news posts when I hit level 60 in two or three weeks.  Hell it took me about 15 hours.  …to get through Normal…*AND* I missed a fair amount and didn’t explore every nook and cranny.  I took some AFK breaks and messed around a lot, but 15-20 hours to get through one difficulty level seems reasonable to me, and I’m a pretty seasoned ARPG player so I dove right in hard and fast.

      Anyway, I think cries for concern are unfounded.  I’ll wait until more normal players start dipping into these modes and see it for myself before I say if it’s too hard or too easy.  

      As an example.  I’m not going to say that we need to move the three-point line farther back in basketball because Ray Allen is shooting 40% from behind the arc one year.  This is the same thing.  Method and these groups are freak good.  Don’t change the rules of the game around the best players. 

    30. Imho allowing players that are undergeared (which they clearly are) to sneak through inferno is a mistake. It should be considered an exploit and hotfixed. It completely removes any prestige that could come from doing inferno.

      Remember them saying that you would have to gear up in hell before you could have any sucess in inferno? Nope, just run and chain rez on bosses. I’m not excited to get into inferno anymore.

    31. So, my buddy and I are level 45 HC characters playing with 2 other HC characters. I’ve seen a couple streams out there with people who have high levels but it’s hard to get any idea how far along we are compared to others. top 1000? top 100? there are only several streams with people higher it seems

    32. Im level 41/42 HC in late act 2 Nightmare. Not been rushing at all. Played thrue the game at softcore first with my buds (they are still playing softcore but i wanted to do some HC) Im starting to feel a bit scared about fighting Belail tomorrow when i wake up, Not sure if i will be able to do it…so much crappy gear i have 🙁

      • Hah, I’m lvl 41 end of act2 HC too 🙂 I’m the tank in our 2player combo, so I suspect today might be the day I die 😉 If not, we should be in act4 or so by the end of the day, will be awesome.

        As for the topic, I have no idea how that is possible, and don’t really care. I think they did great and the game will last much longer than I expected, thought I’d be end of hell or even inferno by now, and I’m not even close (and starting to believe them about the difficulty, I’m on my toes for every second already)

        Great, by captcha is “dead man’s hand” :p 

        • I just died right now, I got surrounded by 5 elite mobs, that had life leech and put fire on the floor. I stood zero chance 🙁 died at level 42 ½

    33. If they limited the amount of player rezzes,or put a 10 minute player rez cooldown, the chain “exploit” wouldn’t happen and I’d bet they slow right down after that.  😀

    34. I don’t need to be level 60 or at Inferno to die. Died a couple times on act 2 boss before figuring out the pattern (I’m a casual so no HC for me =]). Also died in act 3 1-2 times already.
      I guess it could be harder with a DH and crappy gear. Difficulty ramps up greatly in mid act 2 from what I noticed.

      • I was playing a flimsy wizard with over 60% magic find, so I couldn’t take too much damage. In Act 4 there were charging mobs that would attack from off screen and hit me near instantly and I would die in one hit if I didn’t react fast enough.

    35. Being able to max level in a day doesn’t mean they should raise it. WoW is a lot more grind heavy than Diablo and people max level in that in even less time.

    36. Didnt read every comment but, I didnt realize there was not a full clear on their “first”.  In my book, that doesnt count.  Not even close.  If you want respect for being first then be first to CLEAR THE GAME.  

      • I disagree. The challenge was to finish the game as fast as possible. The strategy they used, while not very fun to observe, was actually very sound for what they wanted to accomplish. I wouldn’t want to play it that way either, but that’s not a reason to deny them their achievement.

    37. Not surprised.  They casualified Diablo after all.  D2 was perfect– you could play it as much or as little as you wanted, and that was reflected in your character, but not necesarily in a detrimental way.  A mid 80’s character wasn’t that hard to get, and it could do anything a 90s character could do.

      But hey, they homogenized everything else in the game, why not this as well? 

    38. What happened to the Enrage timers? Wasn’t there supposed to be all kinds of enrage timers to prevent these kinds of exploits?

    39. I don’t get how people are doing this!  Me and my buddy are playing together.  We seriously gathered the best gear we could from AH, from my best guess, I have awesome gear for my level.  But I am constantly getting killed in late Act2 NM.  This game is HARD, I just don’t get it

    40. lol, inferno clear isnt beating the game, not even close.

      When they get 100% achievements and all legendaries and all sets, then lets talk. 

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