Leonard Boyarsky Leaves Blizzard and Joins Obsidian

Leonard BoyarskyDiablo 3 lead world designer DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky has now departed Blizzard and taken a new job at Obsidian.

Before joining Blizzard, Leonard Boyarsky was Fallout art director and Troika Games co-founder. Boyarsky has been with Blizzard for a decade.

The departure was confirmed on his Facebook timeline and via a post from Obsidian’s Tim Cain.

We’re not sure what Boyarsky is working on now at Obsidian but it could be the recently announced Tyranny.

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  1. This guy had a huge hand in creating some amazing worlds. I hope Obsidian treats him well.

  2. Is he leaving his chip behind?
    My Thorns Crusader is digging it and would miss it dearly if he took his ball and left the playground.

  3. The dude recognizes that Blizzard is a sinking ship, albeit slowly, because of the shit games they are churning out lately to appeal to the most basic, casual, lowest common denominator of ‘gamer’ in this day and age. They’ve lost me, too.

  4. “Blizzard is a sinking ship” Are you serious?

    • In his dreams probably. ^^

    • Ok. How long do you think Hearthstone is going to last? How long do you think Overwatch will keep players entertained? Do you really think ANY of them will ever last anywhere near as long as World of Warcraft? Which is currently dying a slow death…? You’re kidding yourselves if you don’t see it. Rather than just being a ridiculing horse’s rear, try doing a little thought and investigation.

  5. Well maybe Diablo, but the others licences are fine.

    • Wow doesn't seem so fine.. the subs are sinking badly. Of course they still make lots of cash but I have some doubts if Legion will even be able to recover this time.

  6. Leonard Boyarsky also draw art for couple of WoW TCG cards. http://www.1up.com/news/1up-interviews-diablo-iii-designer 1UP: I actually associate your name with the overall look in Fallout, since you were both a designer and the art director for Fallout. Have you contributed to the art in Diablo III? LB: Well, yes and no. I haven't done any actual art on it, but working with art director Brian Morrisroe and the artists, I do a lot of the same kind of things I did as the art director of Fallout (even though I'm not for this one). My goal is somewhat the same: Create a very believable, lived-in world that people can feel when they play it. It's a back-and-forth, and Brian is a great artist and art director. I have my own personal art release by drawing World of Warcraft cards on the side. [Laughs.] I tried contributing in the beginning, but the art team is so far beyond me in terms of speed and talent. I'd ask for a week to do a drawing, and they'd give one to me right away. Power Word: Shield http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/media/artwork/trading-card-game/series2?view=tcg-series2-047 Bakaar: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/media/artwork/trading-card-game/series4?view=tcg-series4-148 Doomplate Shoulderguards: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/media/artwork/trading-card-game/series6?view=tcg-series6-018 Sudden Shot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/media/artwork/trading-card-game/series7?view=tcg-series7-013 Amani Mask of Death: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/media/artwork/trading-card-game/series7?view=tcg-series7-014

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