DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky joined the two hosts for a live chat after the Diablo III Lore Panel on Saturday morning. Most of the discussion rehashed topics from the previous panel, but there were a few issues that were new. Rough transcript below:

    One point Leonard made was that while we players know about the potential resurgence of humanity to DiabloWikiNephalem-like powers, now that the DiabloWikiWorldstone was (apparently) destroyed… but the characters in the game do not know this. What will happen when they find out? Will that affect their behaviour or world view?

    Is Diablo going to be a female? The artwork hints at that, as does DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone cinematic.

    Leonard: I don’t think there’s anything about that in the cinematic. But as for the artwork… *pauses and grins* We’ve never seen the true form of Diablo. Just his incarnation in various human vessels. Diablo can… um… take different forms at different times.

    Are there moral choices in Diablo 3?

    Leonard: No, that doesn’t really work with the fast-paced style of gameplay. We like the idea but just doesn’t fit.

    Can you mention some story highlights?

    Leonard: The character of DiabloWikiLeah. We like her back story and her relationship with DiabloWikiDeckard Cain. She’s gone around the world looking for answers to fighting demons, all her life. But she doesn’t really believe it. Just in general, we wanted more emotional aspect of backstory of these people. Why they’re doing what they’re doing. How they came to this place. It gives more emotional resonance for the player.

    What happened to the DiabloWikiHoradric Cube from d2?

    Leonard: We haven’t said what happened to it. there’s something called the DiabloWikiNephalem Cube in this game. They’re unrelated. (Pointedly doesn’t answer the question.)

    Will we visit the High Heavens in Diablo III? And will Imperius be pissed

    Leonard: Heaven? We’re not talking about that. it would be awesome, though.

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