Blizzard stuck 13 new screenshots on their press CD for the Leipzig GC show, and here they are. These are all new, but they’re from the same pre-release batch of shots we’ve been seeing since the WWI, so the monsters and environments will be familiar, if you’ve looked through the other screenshots and see the WWI gameplay movie.  There are no new D3 movies of any kind on the CD, so it looks like we’ll be waiting for BlizzCon to see new moving D3 goodness.

    These image titles were provided on the press cd:
    [*]Male Barbarian using Hammer of the Ancients.
    [*]Female witch doctor with fire enhanced mongrels.
    [*]Female witch doctor using locust swarm.
    [*]Female witch doctor surrounded by enemies.
    [*]Female Witch Doctor killing ghouls.
    [*]Female Witch Doctor fighting above bottomless pit.
    [*]Female Barbarian vs. Wood Wraiths.
    [*]Female Barbarian vs. Siege Breaker.
    [*]Female Barbarian vs. Goatmen.
    [*]Female Barbarian using Furious Charge.
    [*]Barbarian wreaking havoc.
    [*]Barbarian Using Warcry.
    [*]Barbarian obliterating enemies.
    New artworks from the press CD coming up next.

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