New artwork from the Leipzig GC press CD. There are 9 shots on the CD in the artwork folder, but several of the images had been released previously, so I’ve only included the new ones in this update. A couple were seen in the WWI art trailer, but the cd shots are much higher quality, so up they go. It won’t kill you guys to click to an image you might have seen a glimpse of before anyway.

    As with the screenshots earlier, all these names were provided on the press CD.
    [*]Cain in a Monastery—A gorgeous image of Cain’s work area in the Tristram Monastery.
    [*]Tristram Blacksmith—Seen previously in the WWI art trailer.
    [*]Dilapidated Tavern—Also seen in the WWI art trailer.
    [*]Watchmen over a field of battle.
    [*]Diablo head—A must see. Great, enormous-sized artist’s rendering of Diablo’s grinning mug.

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