Blizzard added a bunch of screenshots to their new D3 community blog, the vast majority of which had been previously released and are sorted and captioned in our Act One and Act Two galleries. There are a few new shots as well, and while they don’t show new game areas or monsters or skills, (and all the “original” full size shot links are still mostly broken) there are two with a very notable piece of artwork.

    Now that is a big sword. We don’t know the name of it, but everyone is assuming it’s a DiabloWikiLegendary item, just because… well look at it! Click the shots for full sized views.

    Update #1: Some debate as to whether 1) it’s a sword or a polearm, and 2) it’s Legendary or just a big ass model of sword we haven’t seen before. As for #1, I’d say it’s a sword. The Barb is holding it in one hand in two of the shots, and it’s clearly being swung side to side in long arcs, broadsword style. Polearms are swords on long sticks, granting greater reach and tip speed, with a trade off of greater weight and less effectiveness at close range. They’re not swung like this at close targets, and not with one hand. (Not that such considerations really come into play in the magical world of Diablo.)

    As for #2… who can say? It’s not glowing or flaming or anything, as you’d think a Legendary item probably would. So maybe it is just a huge base type of sword. It’s impressive either way. See the comments for more good points and jokes about overcompensation and “that’s what she said.”

    Update #2: All of the shots have been fixed on Blizzard’s site and the big versions are now viewable. There’s one more shot of the Barbarian with that huge sword, taken just as she levels up, and you can see a close up to the right. Click it for the full shot.

    I went through the entire new gallery tonight, and after some comparing and side by side evaluation, I’m going to say that there are 59 screenshots we’ve never seen before. I can’t really say that they’re all “new,” since there are quite a few that were taken literally half a second before or after other shots we’ve already seen, and thus look virtually identical. These shots don’t show anything “new” in terms of the content — none show levels or monsters or spells we haven’t seen before, and there’s nothing approaching the amount of new armor or spells or rune effects we got in those leaked videos earlier this week.

    That said, they’re pretty and worth a view, and we’ll be posting them over the next few days, one batch a day, sorted by class. (None of the new ones show multiplayer action, and despite some fan hopes, none of the Arena shots in the D3 site gallery are new.) As with all the shots in our gallery (this batch will bring the total to over 400 Diablo 3 Screenshots) they’ll all have keywords for easy sorting by class, skill, monsters, etc, and every shot gets a caption with info about the action, plus links to the related skill, monster, quest, item, etc articles in the leading info source, DiabloWikiDiabloWiki.net.

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