A fan points out that the very cool (in concept) Puzzle Ring is actually useless at this point in Reaper of Souls. The legendary ring spawns a Treasure Goblin pet that follows you around, picking up all gray and white items that drop. When he gets to 40 item picks the goblin supposedly transforms the 40th into a rare or legendary item. I saw supposedly since it’s practically impossible to find 40 such items in a single game, as the B.net poster points out:

    Level 70 Puzzle Ring in RoS.

    Level 70 Puzzle Ring in RoS.

    There is one area with a high density of whites: The first half of Act 3. The first quest area + Stone Fort has a LOT of racks (which seem to have 100% drop rate for white items). The depths have a few racks. Fields of Slaughter have a few. The Rakkis Crossing has a bunch (bridge also has the event where a commander is holding his ground and he’s surrounded by corpses… I got 3 whites from those corpses)

    BUT all those areas combined and I couldn’t push past 20 white items in a single run.

    And I’m fairly certain the goblin isn’t coded to keep track of white items from previous play sessions, and probably not even from previous acts.
    Grimiku: We really appreciate you taking the time to write up the details on exactly why you feel the Puzzle Ring isn’t worth using. I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along, and thanks for the report. I hope you continue to test all sorts of stuff on the PTR, and have fun doing it. See you in Sanctuary!

    I had one of those rings during the first week of the beta, wore it while leveling up my Crusader, and never did get the item to proc. Finding 40 white items in the live game wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s very different in RoS or on the PTR. 1) total item spam and especially white items are *way* reduced in Loot 2.0, 2) you actually want to pick up white and gray items to salvage them, since most of the new legendary recipes require huge stacks of common materials, and 3) with all crafting materials BoA you have to find them yourself.

    I think the Puzzle Ring bonus property was designed long ago, back when white items had no value, and it just hasn’t been updated to reflect the new item reality of Loot 2.0. In RoS today, rare items are actually the spammy ones, while whites and blues are quite rare and needed for their materials. The OP offered some suggestions to make the Puzzle Ring useful, so here’s mine; make the goblin pick up Rares you throw away, with a chance to convert the 40th one into a legendary. It would be fun to feed him scraps and watch him scramble after the rares you drop, like when I throw treats down the hallway to watch Jinxie scramble after them

    I do hope they find a way to make the ring useful, since it’s a lot of fun to have the goblin around. He’s just like a real goblin in movement and constant chuckling and giggling noises, and as I kept telling HolyKnight when he was wearing that ring during the F&F Beta, it’s worth it just for the sound effects.

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