Blizzard dropped some knowledge on us today about the next beta patch still yet to be implemented. As players have been lamenting about the abundance of legendary plan drops they were quick to quell the furor by saying:

    Since it’s been mentioned here already, I’d like to clarify – there is a bug with Legendary plans dropping too frequently. It will be addressed in the next patch in the Beta/PTR test. =) At this time I don’t have a patch date to provide, but as we draw nearer, we will keep you informed!

    I can agree that plan have dropped for me far too often, and the items I can craft pale in comparison to real legendaries. There is a great frustration in finding these over a regular legendary and I’m happy to see this fixed. Blizz quickly follwed this up with more info about DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts.

    Currently, both types of Cache bags (from Bounties and Nephalem Rifts) should have a chance to produce most Legendaries. For those obtained by completing Bounties, this also includes Legendaries that only drop in particular Acts.

    That said, we’ll actually be removing the caches that are acquired from completing Nephalem Rifts in the next patch. However, don’t fear! The loot from these caches is just being moved to the Rift Guardian, and you’ll be instead enjoying the loot-splosion when the Rift Guardian is defeated.

    As mentioned above, Legendaries should be dropping from both Bounty and Nephalem Rifts caches in the current beta build. We are making a lot of adjustments and tweaks in the next patch, but there’s also some mitigating bugs that have been skewing loot acquisition in this particular portion of the Closed Beta. The Legendary plan bug above is part of it, but Legendaries (including Set items) are also supposed to have a small chance to drop when purchasing from Kadala, the Blood Shard vendor. This was always the intent, it just had yet to be implemented.

    All good moves, I for one think this makes rifts far more farmable and more akin to the runs of d2. Currently with no chance at legendaries I’ve found myself avoiding them, which is a shame as I rather enjoyed them in the F&F beta. I would farm them continuously for the diversity, and found them rather fun, but once the loot was hampered they weren’t worth doing. I’m also for abandoning another bag I need to open. I’d rather move on to the next rift than stand in town and shower the ground over and over. In tandem with drop rates skewing upward we have gambling with a real chance at a reward. I’ve stopped picking up blood shards and would love to gamble them away.

    All in all good changes on the way, what are your thoughts?

    Update: Blizzard have said more on this topic since which you can read here.

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