Legendary Items Summon Goblins and Vortex foes

A concern raised by Neoreturn that the monster abilities soon to be given to some of the reworked Legendary items may be difficult to distinguish from the ones inflicted by monsters. For example ‘on fire’ – how will we determine if that effect has come from a monster or a player’s weapon. Additionally, when from a player’s weapon will it inflict damage to allies. Vaeflare fielded this one:

The effects from Legendary procs will not damage other friendly members of your party. There are quite a range of proc effects we’ve added, and while some share similar visual effects with monster affixes, we tried to ensure that there was a visual distinction as much as possible. Also, there are quite a number Legendary procs that haven’t been discovered yet, and many are rather … interesting.

So, visual distinction, which seems the logical way to handle it, maybe the colourings will be slighted more muted.

She/he continues:

Take, for instance, this lovely ring:

Puzzle Ring (Ring) – This ring gives heroes a chance to summon a Treasure Goblin when they’re hit. The tooltip will be something along the lines of: “This ring sometimes calls forth a Treasure Goblin when you are hit.”

…I bet that will prove to be entertaining during a boss fight. 😉

Sure will. I’ve done this myself when they’ve spawned at the edge of a large fight and I can’t resist the promise of loot, seduced by my greed I balls up an entire battle, die, lose the goblin and suffer the wrath of my team mates. Sticky sausage fingers, see. If the ring has some additional decent stats I’ll be grabbing one of these babies. I wonder if they’ll reduce the loot drop rate or quality from player-spawned goblins.

Later on Vaeflare reveals another Legendary item skill…

Well, perhaps you or one of your friends could offer the Butcher a piece of your mind by using one of his special attacks against him!

The Butcher’s Sickle (1h Axe) – This item will now give players a chance to cast the Butcher’s sickle attack, dragging enemies to them. The tooltip should read something along the lines of: “X% chance to drag enemies to you when attacking.”

I suspect such an item would, at the very least, be appealing when chasing down those rogue Treasure Goblins. 😉

Could be interesting, or not, if you’re half dead and it casts dragging a tough melee foe right to your nose. “You rang?”

And finally, a little something for Demon Hunters…

Hellrack (Crossbow) – This weapon will have a chance to cast Jailer on enemies, rooting them to the ground. The tooltip should read something like: “Chance to root enemies to the ground when you hit them.”
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    69 thoughts on “Legendary Items Summon Goblins and Vortex foes

    1. @This item will now give players a chance to cast the Butcher’s sickle attack, dragging enemies to [email protected]
      Realy? A melee weapon that has a chance to proc on a melee attack with a range effect. wtf

      • I’d guess it checks the proc when you click a mob, rather than when the attack animation begins.

        It would be way cooler if you could get the effect whenever you hold position + attack. And if we had a weapon swap, so that you could still make use of it if the DPS sucks…. 😕

      • What’s so strange about that? Hit melee target, giant fan of harpoons fans out and grabs everything behind it.

          • Make it a fan of something like sickles/scythes then that hook into your enimes and drags them back towards you.

          • Oh, right. Well, they could just make it go out a set distance and pierce/grab all the targets it hits.

    2. “Puzzle Ring (Ring) – This ring gives heroes a chance to summon a Treasure Goblin when they’re hit. The tooltip will be something along the lines of: “This ring sometimes calls forth a Treasure Goblin when you are hit.”

      so in theory can you just stand inside a weak mob pack and let them hit you to get infinite goblins spawning? or is there more to it?

      • Even if severely limited (0.1%), that ring is now must-own. Every farmer and their follower will wear two each. Exploitz!

        • It will be much less than 0.1%. Some melee characters must get hit 1000 times every 5-10 mins, never mind stacking.

          Anyways, I want some of Azmodans skills.

        • You can only wear one of a certain Legendary at a time. I learned that when I tried to dual wield Legendary one hand crossbows on the DH. So, don’t worry about it, bro.

          • I honestly didn’t know that about legendaries, so thanks. I’ve only ever found 3. I’ll leave you to wonder whether they were good.

            • I didn’t know that either, and find it very odd considering they specifically renamed them FROM uniques TO legendaries. Yet still keep them unique, the only difference in the name…

            • When I was levelling my monk in the first few weeks of release, I was eyeing off two Arreat’s Law’s. Guess that wouldn’t have worked after all.

              How did they forget to include gameplay in their game?

      • I can just see it now, fighting Belial with an exploding toad-setup: Just getting every tenth to fifteenth toad to actually hit him while having trouble avoiding his attacks because of all the items lying around from the gobbos eating up the rest of the toadies 😆

      • There will probably be a cooldown of 1 hour or so. Even if it did have a 0.01% chance, would you sit in the middle of a weak pack for an hour waiting for a goblin? I would, with 5 NV stacks of course.

      • This proc would make more sense if it was really ambiguous, like increases the likely hood goblins will appear.

        I can just see 4 player games of people sitting around a bunch of wretched mothers, all equipped with the ring, until a t.g. appears. Repeat.

    3. Ah great. Puzzle ring was the first and one of the only 2 good legendaries I’ve found. Now it’s crap. Sweet.

    4. Hmmm… this update leaves me with the feeling that Blizz is trying to counter designissues and to much weight on visuals with … more weight on visuals. That’s not really the route your going, is it? If it is, it’s more like releasing a manifest stating that you’ve dug your own grave from the start. Your able to be more creative like that, so please proof to me that my feeling now is wrong, Blizz.

        • Sorry. Even in my native language I have problems with grammatic and punctuation. Thinking/writing in english just amplifies this weakness. But I’ll keep trying to get better…

          edit: I would like to, but can’t reedit above post…
          edit2: And thinking/writing english adds some spelling difficulties, too 😉

        • I don’t know how they categorize such things, but he’s immune to rooting and the butcher’s effect seems like more of a root than a snare.

          • the monks cyclone strike stopped working of goblins when I got to hell difficulty, I imagine the sickle effect would have a similar classification as cyclone strikes effect?

            as such i don’t hold out too much hope for it

    5. Soon:
      The Fine Line (Legendary Chest Armor): Players now how the ability to change into a monster. The text will read something like: “We’ve run out of monster affixes to give to players so this item has an x% chance to just turn you into a monster and let you kill other heroes.”

      • “We’ve run out of monster affixes to give to players so this item has an x% chance to just turn you into a treasure goblin and let you be chased by other heroes.”

        • How did this get more “recommends” when all you did was quote the poster above you?

          Weird….it’s like youtube.

          • he wrote something different, and you have reading incomprehension

            weird…. its like the internet.

            • i think Blizzard is on the right path with this idea, but I think it would make more sense if they would finally buff something for the poor and underpowered wizards and make it a rune effect on their ‘signature’ spell Blizzard:

              “When applying this rune, Blizzard always summons a troll from the Battle.net realms, even when not cast, and just does whatever it wants for an unknown period of time. However, EULA states this could also apply to you, friendly party members or the entire game. But we are not responsible.”

              How is that for build variation, buffs, etc, AND it does not feel weird or out of place. I think it is even in the lore somewhere!

            • in just 10 minutes taking a shower i just solved the endgame and PVP problem as well. And it is very easy to implement. Only need 1 blog post:

              “The battle for Sanctuary has begun!
              As you might have noticed, we have underrated how powerful the recent troll buff to a Blizzard rune is. Although we thought it was viable at the time, implementing code from another game mechanic we had laying around anyway without testing it first, was not the right decision. Going into details maybe later, in this preview we only present the awesome solution we came up with. We understand that nerfing takes away fun, bla bla so we decided to BUFF the reward you get when killing a TROLL!

              Instead of whatever they could drop (to be honest, we don’t really know) before, they now summon 3 other trolls upon death!!!!! This will generate ALOT of randomness and variation everywhere in Sanctuary!!!

              We recognize also we forgot the endgame, so this will be it! A massive serwide event we give a name, and it might well be endless!! Exactly what Diablo is all about right?

              comments below please, we do still have some AH issues to fix ofcourse, so that has a higher priority for me now after this weekend. So wait for the full details in the patch notes. Who someone else will write.”

      • Oh, it is a good game. Just a good game. What we need is the item that has +1 on making it as great a game as D2 was 😉 (edit: Little correction: As great a game as D2 still is…)

        • You should have played D2 when it was released, it wasn’t as great as it is now, but since 90% of this forum’s users started playing way after LoD, you’ll never know.

          • I had D2 on release day and LoD 4 days before release. (Was working at a videoshop at the time ;)) Played vanilla every day for about 10 to 12 hours each until 1.06 hit the road, then again when LoD was released. (And most of the time offline-hc …)

            edit: Ok, after LoD-release it wasn’t vanilla I’ve played anymore…

            • I played a lot of D2 as well, beginning with classic but I don’t really remember much from the pre-LOD era. The main thing that sticks in my mind is 640×480 😛

              I just remember how much excitement, changes and new stuff LOD brought to the already great game. Here’s to hoping it’ll be the same in D3, which still has a lot in store for me especially with 1.0.4.

            • I still remember the helluvalot of bugs at release, how I liked spamming the screen with skeletons, how great of an idea the thornskills appeared to me in the beginning (: Where something new then that no other gaming company has thought about before…), finding out about the different length of weapons and their importance (by myself, as I didn’t had internet available for a time after release), how much more fun the game made online (when internet finally became available to me) and how much hate I received when … *tadaa* … spamming the screen with skeletons, how I got hooked on the Hydra/Frozen Orb/Thunderstorm-Combo, or even my disappointment that the Druid didn’t make it into vanilla – iirc him beeing planned was in the rumormill around three months before release. (Was disappointed again when the Phoenixform didn’t make the expansion.) Those where times for great memories 🙂

              D2 had a lot of technical issues at release. (Balance issues didn’t matter so much when playing offline ;)) But the general design was sound, quite logical, refreshingly complex and with a crystalclear vision behind it. D3 is quite the opposite there: Apart from the beginning server issues, the technical part of the game is the best for arpgs I’ve ever encountered, but the general design is lacking in complexity, defies logical reason at times, also appears to not been thought through at other times and is back to the simple vision of “this would be cool” the first Diablo started the series with.

      • 60 dollars you’ll never get back!? You people are dwindling hard. Either they’ve come to their senses and moved on or they’ve changed their opinion of the state of the game. You’re in limbo, guy.

    6. Dont cross that Line (Legendary Amulet): “We’ve run out of monster affixes to give to players so this item has an x% chance to just turn you into Jay Wilson, eveybody will stop chasing treasure goblin and run after you”

      Sorry cant help it, lol


      Also, they won’t close when I hit the “x” button. 👿

    8. I guess these are ok, and *somewhat* ‘unique’ as far as effects for items go. Also glad they’re doing something to make uniques stand out, but it does seem to lower the ‘unique-ness’ of the monster/boss abilities. Easier to use mechanics already written to the engine I suppose… I dunno, will wait and see to fully judge. Only ever found 3 uniques in a few hundred hours of play… so… you know.

      Would be nice if it creates some niche builds, like the Shuriken ninja assassin in D2 with Last Wish and max crushing blow for Blade Fury or whatever it was called.

      Hopefully they expand on their ideas for expansion items
      – Mask of Horror, unique helm – has a x% chance to shout “TERR-ROAR” causing enemies to facepalm
      – The Hidden, unique boots – has a x% chance to reveal all hidden footprints
      – Just A Skirmish, unique spear – has a x% chance to spawn champions on hit
      – Constricting Ring, unique ring – only allows you to join public games

      • I’m singing a song. A song about people that will never be pleased.


      • Haha I just laughed out loud when I read your description for Mask of Horror. I know I face-palm every time I hear Diablo say “TERR-ROAR!” Glad I’m not the only one

        As far as the changes to legendaries go – my expectations have been greatly exceeded. It’s a bit early to say that they are all based on monster mechanics since we only know a small fraction of what will be appearing. I can’t wait to see! 😀

      • OMG, I spit out my oat-meal when I read your unique items ideas, they are f***g brilliant:D the hidden and constricting ring just made LOL uber hard

    9. I came to check the comments to see how people would find ways to complain about this. I am not disappointed. Good job, everyone.

      • I don’t see how these changes (specifically random proc effects) address the issues with itemization. I expected a degree of fanboyism on this because they released a patch that doesn’t just fix bugs or game balance. Bravo.

      • I just imagined you irl when shooting ingame butterflies for the first time with your avatars expression. smiled hard.

        for me, new stuff is good stuff, I only disapprove of the ah and the mf swap “fix”. so -any- new legendaries are great actually.

        PS for the guys using it – the terr-roar gig is really, really old. and it is not aging well 😆

    10. Am i the only one who’s got the impression Blizzard is some inspirationless kid desperately trying to be original but only succeeding at being random?
      I mean, spawning a Treasure Goblin when getting hit… Why? I want a game with deep itemization, not some random clown shit that happens “just because”. Funny if it would be few silly items, now every item apparantly is a joke hysterical kids starved for “shiny” find hilarious. I just can’t but roll my eyes out of my eyesockets.

    11. Actually, treasure goblins randomly spawning during boss fights would have been a fantastic mechanic to have had in the first place.

      • Iirc Blizz is targeting the last week of august. (But we all know how Blizz likes missing their own target dates ^^)

        edit: Sorry for beeing so late with a reply… had overlooked your post.

    12. So instead of having something that makes my character more interesting or more powerful I can have random procs of effects that are more likely to occur at a time when I can’t exploit them? Surely finding a unique scroll of Treasure Goblin that gives you an increased chance of finding TG forever once used (and consumed, obviously) is a better fix? That way TGs spawn where the game intends them to, and no one has to compromise on their gear. Given how Paragon levels force you away from %mf in order for one to free up gear slots, the TG ring especially seems counter-intuitive. The rest encourage randomness in one’s character’s abilities, which isn’t something a lot of people enjoy unless the abilities are either “all upside”. For example, pulling mobs closer is generally unnecessary anyway – they will usually arrive by themselves or you will have designed your toon to be able to close ranks if need be – so why would you willing allow the game to put you in awkward situations at random?

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