A concern raised by Neoreturn that the monster abilities soon to be given to some of the reworked Legendary items may be difficult to distinguish from the ones inflicted by monsters. For example ‘on fire’ – how will we determine if that effect has come from a monster or a player’s weapon. Additionally, when from a player’s weapon will it inflict damage to allies. Vaeflare fielded this one:

    The effects from Legendary procs will not damage other friendly members of your party. There are quite a range of proc effects we’ve added, and while some share similar visual effects with monster affixes, we tried to ensure that there was a visual distinction as much as possible. Also, there are quite a number Legendary procs that haven’t been discovered yet, and many are rather … interesting.

    So, visual distinction, which seems the logical way to handle it, maybe the colourings will be slighted more muted.

    She/he continues:

    Take, for instance, this lovely ring:

    Puzzle Ring (Ring) – This ring gives heroes a chance to summon a Treasure Goblin when they’re hit. The tooltip will be something along the lines of: “This ring sometimes calls forth a Treasure Goblin when you are hit.”

    …I bet that will prove to be entertaining during a boss fight. 😉

    Sure will. I’ve done this myself when they’ve spawned at the edge of a large fight and I can’t resist the promise of loot, seduced by my greed I balls up an entire battle, die, lose the goblin and suffer the wrath of my team mates. Sticky sausage fingers, see. If the ring has some additional decent stats I’ll be grabbing one of these babies. I wonder if they’ll reduce the loot drop rate or quality from player-spawned goblins.

    Later on Vaeflare reveals another Legendary item skill…

    Well, perhaps you or one of your friends could offer the Butcher a piece of your mind by using one of his special attacks against him!

    The Butcher’s Sickle (1h Axe) – This item will now give players a chance to cast the Butcher’s sickle attack, dragging enemies to them. The tooltip should read something along the lines of: “X% chance to drag enemies to you when attacking.”

    I suspect such an item would, at the very least, be appealing when chasing down those rogue Treasure Goblins. 😉

    Could be interesting, or not, if you’re half dead and it casts dragging a tough melee foe right to your nose. “You rang?”

    And finally, a little something for Demon Hunters…

    Hellrack (Crossbow) – This weapon will have a chance to cast Jailer on enemies, rooting them to the ground. The tooltip should read something like: “Chance to root enemies to the ground when you hit them.”

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