Legendary Item Drop Rate (Sort of) Nerfed in New Patch

The Legendary Item drop rate for most items was unchanged in the new patch (remaining far too low, in the opinion of every tester I’ve heard from.) Some legs did get lowered in their drop rate, but they’re the legs that you were absolutely never going to find, instead of the ones you’re almost certain never to find. A Blue explains:

So let me get this straight, drop rates have to be lowered to balance the abundance of BoA legendaries?
Nevalistis: Let me clear this up a bit, because I think this is interpreting too much from an individual patch note. The drop rate on specific Legendaries, ones with exceptionally powerful abilities, were lowered. The overall drop rate of Legendaries has stayed the same.

The reason for this is that Legendaries are now accessible through the Blood Shard vendor (purchases have a chance to give you a Legendary item). This is a pretty significant change, and we’d like to see how this interacts with drop rates and acquisition before we tweak numbers elsewhere.

Is it not also the case that the blood shard vendor cannot drop higher tier legendary items, such as the more powerful ones you guys lowered the drop rates on further? Or can the vendor drop every legendary in the game?
While Kadala cannot produce Torment level Legendaries, don’t interpret “more powerful” as specifically meaning Torment level. While I see that jump in conclusion, it’s not an accurate statement. By “more powerful,” we’re referring to items that have particularly strong effects. That’s not exclusive to Torment level Legendaries.

Bounties for everyone!

Bounties for everyone!

It also further reinforces “bag farming” in normal as an easy way to get blood shards to gamble with and bags for legendary drops.
We’re definitely watching for feedback on reward structure, and making sure that higher difficulties feel more rewarding. Not all the changes we have in mind to enforce this were able to make it into this patch, but it’s a concern and we’re keeping an eye on it.

The overall drop rate structure and the good chance of legs from Horadric goodie bags is really creating some weird play incentives. Currently, the best way to find legendary gear (upgrades) is to play a game with 2 or 3 friends on a low difficulty, and all go your own way. Either everyone takes a different act or else everyone hits a different bounty in the same act, all playing chars with good movement skills that are overgeared for that level. Then you all just do bounties solo, since everyone in the game gets the bounty rewards of exp/gold/shards, plus the goodie bag from Tyrael for completing all bounties in an act, even if they’re not on the same level or in the same act.

Admittedly, that is a form of multiplayer bonus for partying up, but I think it rather misses the point of playing “together.”


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  1. So, what’s the current drop rate for legendaries anyway in RoS beta?

    Is it actually reasonable to expect to find item Y you want for build X without burning 500+ hours on farming? Or are drop rates/mechanics/smartdrops/whatever not going to be able to compensate for loss of trading?

    • Based on my experience, playing on the PTR for two weeks fairly intensively, I’d say that pre-Torment you can expect to find a Legendary about every 3-4 hours, not counting first drops from Bosses. It’s anecdotal, so don’t treat this as fact.

      What I usually did when I was looking for Legendaries was play on Normal and Hard and do complete Act clears with my Wizard, casting Blizzard on groups, but otherwise not stopping at all. Given that you could do much worse than this I’d say that the drop rates are really low.

      The pre-Torment drop rate of Legendaries definitely should be increased in my opinion. Torment does not need to change at all in this regard, because it has a multiplier on the base drops. To be honest though, I’d like to see the difference between pre- and post-Torment reduced as well.

      I do think however that not increasing the drop rates together with the Gambling changes was a very good thing. This way they can observe the effect of the latter separately, without getting mixed signals. I have a feeling though that this change won’t be enough, not the least because it doesn’t affect Classic players at all.

  2. “before we tweak numbers elsewhere”.
    Does this mean they will tweak numbers or they may tweak numbers?

    • It doesn’t mean anything. Nothing these CMs says does. It’s all up to the developers, who seem to be making rather poor decisions of late.

      At the moment I’m not planning to buy RoS when it comes out unless they make some significant changes, and I think there’re a lot of people in the same boat as me.

    • It means that they do not wanna change many things at once. It is really hard to balance and test things if you do many changes. So if things work out badly you are not so sure which one of the changes caused it.. or it is harder to locate and fix.

  3. why not make rings and amulets vendor gamble only items. And make the bloodsharts like the gems. so normal drops lesser sharts hard drops small sharts and so on, so that you can combine them to torment lvl but that takes more time then farming them on torment

  4. I don’t understand why Blizzard is about legendaries! I don’t get it. ARPG’s aren’t about “balance” and “monitoring drop rates” and the “market.” This is all just so pointless and silly. We don’t want WoW in a Diablo universe. We want Diablo 2 with Diablo 3 graphics!

  5. QUOTE

     We don't want WoW in a Diablo universe. 

    Actually, we do. WoW is a lot less stingy about giving players useful gear.

  6. So, is RoS going to be any good ?

  7. Couldn’t agree more. I think if they’re going BOA anyway, then the simply do TL2 and throw loot at people and let them trade as they wish, that way we can move onto a fresh D4 that represents Diablo series properly.

  8. So… no trading still. No “economy”. No drops, in fact, some drops lowered. No character progression, only “account” progression that only people can see on fan made sites because updating the official battle.net site to incorporate account paragon level probably will not happen (they can’t even give us avatars on the forums).

    Add in an announced release date 3 months prior (it was right before Christmas when pre-sales started?)

    This is not a Blizzard game. This is Actnivision milking an anorexic cow.

  9. Still not even considering ordering until 6 months after release.

  10. They absolutely should NOT make Diablo 4 in the distant future.
    The Diablo series died with Blizzard North and we should just let it RIP.

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