Legendary Item Colour Debate Continues

The debate about the orange colour of Legendary items has been on-going for a few months now with players of previous Diablos asking for a change back to the more familiar yellow and get rid of the orange. Bashiok jumped in again on the on-going thread(s) this evening.

We think orange is just a hell of a lot easier to distinguish from the other item colors. Not everyone has great monitors, not everyone is playing in a dark room with their contrast set up properly. We’ve made a lot of choices to ensure Diablo III is a true sequel in the series, including our item color choices, but dark gold just doesn’t read well while playing. It’s nostalgic, sure, but we’re not going to be nostalgic at the detriment of gameplay.

Bring back dark gold.

If you couldn’t tell the diff between unique and rare, get your eyes checked.

I can see the FAQ now.

Q. I have a hard time telling between legendaries and rares, can they be a different color?A. Hey listen, if you can’t tell the difference go get your eyes checked. Loser. In fact, tell us your Battle.net account because we’re just going to outright delete your game license. GET OUT! Dark Gold! Dark Gold! Dark Gold! Dark Gold!

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    52 thoughts on “Legendary Item Colour Debate Continues

    1. Seriously, if someone has difficulties to distinguish yellow and dark gold, he should have his eyes checked…

      • I don’t disagree with you… however… anyone who cares what color the text of the name of an item is printed to their screen on needs to get their priorities checked…

      • When i started playing D2, i had shyt monitors, and it really was confusing and hard to tell the color (hard to star at it for 3 seconds, or put rare and unique side by side to distinguish. ) 

        But even if they DO want a change in color, dark gold should stay, and change the color of the rare please.

      • Honestly I couldn’t tell the difference first 10 legendary drops when playing D2, and my vision is perfect. Blizzard has got a point you know.

    2. Not everyone has great monitors, not everyone is playing in a dark room with their contrast set up properly.

      Really that was the answer.  This is not Photoshop the Game last I checked.

      • except their opinion is that is was broken, so they fixed it… Though I prefer gold, I honestly dont care what color they choose to make the items, ill get used to it. Theres no sense crying about something so small. However, i still don’t see why blizz cant include a color palette in the options. Everyone only sees their own drops so why not give people the option to adjust the item colors and chat text to their preferences? Seems like a pretty simple solution.

    3. I thought that FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. How is that a frequently asked question? Also, this is the most childish blue post I have ever seen in my entire life.

      • Bashiok was mocking the childishness of the people insisting on dark gold, and I am with him, I gotta say. People pick the strangest things to get obsessive about.

    4. As has been pointed out before, if gold is difficult to to distinguish from the other item colors change the OTHER , NOT the gold. Meh…small thing but it’s a silly decision.

      • I think it’s more logical to stick to the primary and secondary colors than to go with some odd metalic hue when it comes to basic game mechanics… just saying…

      • This has been my point too. Gold is much more iconic and associated with the series. Just change rares to orange and you’re done.

    5. “We’ve made a lot of choices to ensure Diablo III is a true sequel in the series”
      so change back the effin graphcis! if people have to buy a better computer than so be it!

      • This didn’t make sense to me at all until i read it over a few times and tried to decipher that maybe you meant” change back the text color and if people have to buy a better monitor than so be it. ”
        Its alot easier to just change the color than say fu(k you buy a new monitor. Your game play experience wont be ruined because they changed the color to orange, heck they changed the item from UNIQUE to LEGENDARY. Whats wrong with the color change for people that have problems distinguishing due to a bad monitor or handicap. Grow up its not the end of the world.

        • And more people will shell out 60 bucks for a game than 210 bucks for a $150 monitor and a $60 game.

    6. I liked gold as much as every other person, but I’ve frequently thought I picked up a unique when it was just a normal rare. I can see why they did it, but I don’t really like it.

      Frankly though, it’s not worth whining over.

    7. When I first played D2 I didn’t know that there was a unique in D2 because I thought it’s the same colour as rare. I really need to go get my eye checked. -_-“

      • True, it was a poor choice by the developers back then.  As a beginner player you really don’t know there’s a difference.  They might as well fix it now. I will however miss my gold items, but this is one change that we’ll VERY easily adapt to.  There are way more significant changes that people could be moaning about.

    8. I am slightly colorblind and have trouble distinguishing between yellow and gold in DII, always have.
      I say keep orange because it will make it easier for people like me. I also can’t play games like Super Fighter because I can’t tell the yellow blocks apart from the green.

    9. Maybe I need to have my eyes checked, but I ALWAYS – even after hundreds of hours of play – had trouble distinguishing the Unique and Rare colors in DII. I can tell the difference if you put them right side by side, but it’s hard for me to tell right at a glance when one is sitting there on the ground. (They actually look almost the same shade to me, but the lettering on uniques looks a hair thinner.) Even if only a relatively small portion of the population has this problem – and anecdotally, it’s more than that – to me, it makes sense to change it. I could care less which of the two they change, but they should change one of them. There are things that are important parts of the Diablo experience, but specific item class colors really isn’t one of them.

    10. People don’t seem to realize that this is one of those things that blizzard is set on and no amount of random complaining threads about it will change that… the horse has been bludgeoned to death, resurrected, and then pummeled into bloody pulp… 😕

    11. I never had an issue distinguishing uniques and rares in D2, mainly because I have good eyesight unlike the inferior bad eyesight whelps.

      • “inferior bad eyesight whelps”  Seriously? You went soft on your vacation or something… that’s about the weakest snarky Septarism ever.

    12. Meh… judging from the items page on the official site, if those were the Uniques/Legendaries, then they’re not worthy of gold-text anyways!

    13. No, what they should do is change the color of rares and keep the dark gold for uniques. I’ve got good vision and I have trouble telling them apart sometimes.

    14. “Not everyone has great monitors”

      So true. With one of my monitors in the past it was impossible to tell Uniques and Rares apart in D2. It was partly because colors were a little different in D3D, but the color choices were to blame as well nonetheless. I’m all for D3’s item colors.

    15. I doubt the problem is about distinguishing colours. It’s more about that orange doesn’t represent the precious nature of a legendary item. Why orange? It is stll close to yellow, yet not suiting for a legendary. There are so many more possible colours, that can express nobility anf royalty. What about a pastel light blue or bright glowing red? Something that outstands.

      • I can’t help but disagree. Orange seems just right for legendary items. It’s been used before, in WoW and hellgate off the top of my head.

    16. So they have no problems ripping an assload of item names from D2 but wont bring back a clearly superior colour? Urgh. Orange sucks.

    17. have to say that………. for person with color deficiency like me,
      yellow and orange is even more indistinguishable than bright yellow vs dark gold………
      remembers the horror of having need to check whether methyl orange haved changed color or not in my chemistry lesson

    18. I remember having problem telling the diffrence between them.  And yes I have bad colour vision, as have many. Wiki quote: “About 8 percent of males, but only 0.5 percent of females, are color blind in some way or another, whether it is one color, a color combination, or another mutation”. To make the colours easier to distinguish seems like a good idea imo.  Even tho I wouldn’t cry if they keept the colours from D2. 😛

      • and out of a sample of 1 000 000 guys, 80 000 of them wouldnt be able to see the difference. I can see how Blizz sees that as unacceptable.

    19. They should screw with people and change legendary items to gold and rare to honey mustard yellow. Wait for everyone to bitch and moan, then patch it back to their origional planned colors that are distinguishable to everyone.

    20. I didn’t have a problem to see gold color in D2 for uniques. If anything, smaller things like this have tremendous nostalgia value, and should be kept the same. It just feels like the dudes at Blizzard aren’t true Diablo fans.

      • this too.

        Uniques were gold since D1, why change it now? Sure it’s not anything to get angry over, but it’s just another piece of the Diablo spirit getting tarnished by poor decisions.

    21. Even tho I prob will have a problem distinguishing them if they keep the D2 colour scheme, the item still will say “Legendary” in D3, and this was not the case in D2, apart from set items if I remember correct?  In other words you could have ALL items in the same colour and still be able to distinguish them. 😛

    22. I understand to desire to more clearly distinguish uniques from rares, but I don’t think this was the only avenue open to them.  The gold color is cool enough to be worth exploring them.  For example:
      * Use a larger font for the gold text
      * Add sparkle/glow effects to the text

      Blizzard may not be sweating this the way we players are because they seem to be de-emphasizing the role and power of uniques in DIII. Haven’t they said that uniques will likely *not* be the best items? It will be rares with great suffixes/prefixes. This probably plays into the auction house a bit, since it is more interesting to have many different awesome rare swords than thousands of copies of “Fubars Sword of Teh Destruction.”

    23. its easier to distinguish so who cares its orange at least it isnt purple 😛

      edit: The change is because of people’s LIGHTING DIFFERENCES especially gamma and contrast settings on monitors plus if they have in-game adjustable gamma/contrast. It’s easier to distinguish the items on a wide range of computers with different brightness settings.

    24. I can support this. When I 1st started playing D2 I definitely had some trouble always easily telling apart the rares from the uniqes.

    25. I just wanted to point out that if you played D2 using Direct Draw instead of direct 3D (as I did since I had a crappy PC at the time), then it was actually really hard to distinguish between yellow and dark gold.  With Direct 3D it was really easy though.

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