The debate about the orange colour of Legendary items has been on-going for a few months now with players of previous Diablos asking for a change back to the more familiar yellow and get rid of the orange. Bashiok jumped in again on the on-going thread(s) this evening.

    We think orange is just a hell of a lot easier to distinguish from the other item colors. Not everyone has great monitors, not everyone is playing in a dark room with their contrast set up properly. We’ve made a lot of choices to ensure Diablo III is a true sequel in the series, including our item color choices, but dark gold just doesn’t read well while playing. It’s nostalgic, sure, but we’re not going to be nostalgic at the detriment of gameplay.

    Bring back dark gold.

    If you couldn’t tell the diff between unique and rare, get your eyes checked.

    I can see the FAQ now.

    Q. I have a hard time telling between legendaries and rares, can they be a different color?A. Hey listen, if you can’t tell the difference go get your eyes checked. Loser. In fact, tell us your Battle.net account because we’re just going to outright delete your game license. GET OUT! Dark Gold! Dark Gold! Dark Gold! Dark Gold!

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