Legendary Improvements Preview

The next major update is now available for viewing. And the updates are definitely a step in the right direction. It makes me truly curious as to what they have in store for the legendary set bonuses and visuals. This breath of fresh air gives promise to the future of the franchise. Don’t forget, though, we still have several more previews in the pipeline, including an update on DiabloWikimagic find, DiabloWikiclass, and of course the final patch notes.

Soon after we released Diablo III, many of you commented on Legendary items. Most of those comments were fairly harsh, but they were also dead-on accurate. In many ways the Legendary items that we released with the game were just Rares with flavor text. You called us on it, and we’ve listened.

Since then I’ve been working hard with the team to give Legendary items some of the flavor and feeling that they deserve. With patch 1.0.4 just around the corner, and the new Legendary items coming in that patch, I wanted to share some of the changes with you here today.

Let’s talk about the biggest complaints we heard from you all, along with some we had from our team, and look at what we’ve managed to do to address them.

They Should Feel Unique
Many of you commented, rightly, that the Legendary items in the game didn’t feel unique enough. Something that Diablo II did really well was to create some very memorable items, and they were called “Uniques.” While we call them Legendaries now, the word “unique” was something we tried to keep in mind when making these changes. The rarity of Legendary items combined with their color means that when they drop you should feel like you’re getting something special, something that isn’t just another sword. A truly legendary item should have history behind it, something that you can imagine a powerful wizard imbuing with special magics from within the depths of his musty library.

Part of that feeling comes when you equip the item, and you see that it has special, custom artwork that sets it apart from every other item in the game. The artists already nailed this part of it, but with 1.0.4 they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure these items show off, visually, how truly epic they are. But we’ll cover that in a bit.

On my end, the design end, to get the uniqueness into Legendary items, we’ve added custom effects to over 50 of them. Here are just a few.

We’re letting players exact some revenge on rare and Champion and Rare packs by giving players monster affixes through Legendary items. This is just one example.

Reminiscent of the Enchantress ability, this lets you turn enemies against each other.

Aside from looking really cool as it leaves a trail of fire behind you, this lets you create some interesting traps.

There’s some just-for-fun stuff too. Everyone wants to be just like Ghom! These pants make you “stinky”, complete with debuff and gas cloud effect — you can even spread this effect to friendly players.

Old                                                                                          New

A giant column of light shoots down, summoning an Angel to fight by your side. ‘Nuff said.

Old                                                                                         New

This sword has a chance to summon a demon to fight with you — with a twist. This demon has the Fire Chains affix, and the other end is attached to your character. Mwahaha!

Promote Build Diversity
Because Legendary items are unique, we can do some fun stuff with them that we can’t really do with other types of items. One of the main goals of Diablo III and the skill/rune system is providing a huge amount of character customization. With Legendary items we can help support those goals.

In 1.0.4 we’ve added a number of items that really fit into a niche skill kit. This can help people to branch out into less common builds by seeing this item and thinking, heck, why not give it a try? They may not have the highest DPS stats in the game, but they can help you play your class in new and interesting ways.

Some people want to try out a ranged barb. We think that’s awesome. Here you go.

The melee wizard concept is pretty popular, and we think this wand will be too.

Certainly not an uncommon build, but this is a great item for any pet-focused witch doctors, and with the pet buffs also coming in 1.0.4 we think it’s going to be very desirable.

Provide Interesting Choices
With great power comes great responsibility. Some affixes in the game seem like they’d be too unbalanced if we let them stack too high. So how do we make sure we can go higher?

Goldskin is a good example. 100% gold find on it, plus monsters have a chance to drop gold when you hit them. Not too bad, right? But the tradeoff is it can’t roll core stats. We instead follow the flavor of the item, and being a skin of gold (!), provide you with some additional resistances and mitigation. It’s going to create some interesting choices on how you can make this item work for you. You have to find other ways to get the stats that you really need if you really want all that sweet, sweet gold. Balancing your items out like this can provide some fun and interesting challenges.

Honoring Our Ancestors
We brought a lot of items back from the Diablo franchise for Diablo III, but in many cases all we really did was bring back their name. I don’t think we did a great job initially of bringing back the way that they helped you play the game. We’ve done a pass on all the “ancestor” Legendaries to make sure they remain as true to their name as we could make them, and in some cases we’ve made them even better.

New Frosties feel a lot more like old Frosties, with big bonuses to Cold Damage and Cold skills.

Honoring the original by giving all projectile attacks a chance to pierce through the target’s defenses.

They Feel Powerful
We used to reduce the value of certain affixes on Legendary items because we were concerned that having fixed affixes would make them unbalanced. What it actually did was make those items kind of crappy. For example, if the item’s level (ilvl) was 50, the first affix would always roll at 50, then the next would roll at 47, and the next would roll at 43. This was done to offset the power of fixed affixes in a random world, but we’ve learned it’s not necessary, and Legendary items being powerful is OK. So lesson learned, we no longer reduce the value of any of the fixed affixes on Legendary items. For example, if an ilvl 50 Legendary item had Strength as one of its fixed affixes, previously it may have rolled a range that you would have seen on a level 45 item, making it seem really underpowered, but now it will always roll within the range of a level 50 affix.

In addition, Legendary items used to cap out at ilvl 62, making it near impossible to find a weapon that had strong DPS. No more. We’ve promoted a LOT of the new Legendaries so that they will roll at ilvl 63, giving them access to the highest possible affix rolls that are in the game.

We’re also working on some changes for 1.0.4 to make two-anders better in general, and this will affect two-handed Legendary items as well.

Here’s a good example of all-of-the-above.
Old                                                                                         New

Everything Else
That probably about covers it for the major points we’re hitting with Legendary items in 1.0.4, but there’s a few extra details on how they’re going to work once the patch hits we want to make sure everyone is prepared for.

  • Going Forward – As a reminder, these changes will only affect Legendary items that drop after the release of patch 1.0.4. This includes items that haven’t been identified yet (as items are rolled when they drop). With the extensive changes being made we can’t exactly translate old Legendary items to new. What might have been a decent item could become worse if we re-roll it, and vice-versa.
  • Not Everything is Changing! – Sometimes a Legendary just being really powerful is enough, and some Legendary items are already really good. Helm of Command, for example, won’t be changing in 1.0.4.
  • What About Sets? – It’s worth clarifying that green Set items are Legendary items (just with a set bonus) and so the above philosophy applies to them as well. Some set bonuses are changing, they’re becoming more powerful, and a lot of them are having their base ilvl increased to 63.
  • New Set Names – As set bonuses won’t interact between pre-1.0.4 and post-1.0.4 sets, the new Sets will have new names, as well as new individual pieces, to prevent confusion.
  • Crafted Legendaries – If you currently have a crafting plan for a Legendary item, and if we change the item that you’re able to craft in any way, you will NOT have to get a new crafting plan for that item. If you craft something right after 1.0.4 comes out you’ll get the new item.





We thank you for your continued feedback, and look forward to seeing how the new Legendaries treat you in 1.0.4 and beyond. Look out for additional 1.0.4 info blogs as we near the patch release.

One More Thing…
I’m really proud of how the entire team came together to make these changes — and it truly was a team-wide effort. When we were first discussing buffing Legendaries and making them cooler, a bunch of the artists got really excited and went out of their way to make them a whole lot sexier. Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the changes they’re making to the items, as well as some of their proc powers.

Please enjoy!

Andrew Chambers is Senior Game Designer on Diablo III, and spent six months running a live action Vampire the Masquerade game for over 100 people, and it mostly wasn’t to meet girls… mostly.

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    159 thoughts on “Legendary Improvements Preview

    1. Ok, Patch 1.04 is starting to sound amazing. I haven’t played D3 for a month or so, after just hitting a stone wall, but this is getting me excited all over again. THIS is sounding a lot more like the D3 I want to play for years.

      • This is how unique items should’ve been from the start. I like it, but the cynic in me sees this as nothing more than an effectively PR orchestrated way to increase Auction House activity.

        It reeks of the same nickel and diming strategies employed by the packaged goods people Kotick brought on board. Stuff like reducing the volume of shampoo bottles by 1/10 but keeping the price the same and calling it “new formulation, lasts longer”.

        • Man, not everything is a conspiracy 😉 The changes seem huge, and we haven’t even seen half of it. For my part, I didn’t expect them to add things like demons or angels assisting you in a fight or monster affixes. Or even new animations.

          Well done so far Blizzard, well done.

          • Yo michal, I’m really happy for you, I’ma Let you finish, but it looks like diablo 3 is moving into beta stage.

          • I agree, not everything is a conspiracy, and BK trying to turn everything in a quick buck is just simple reality.

        • I can’t help it, but it feels that most of animations and ideas were already there and mostly done, but was reserved for next expansion, not patch. Obvious reasons Bilzzard had to make changes earlier and I’m gladd they did cause on paper all changes look great.

          • Well… the fact that I paid for a game up front, and now they’re releasing it bit by bit (in order to give the AH a little boost) is pretty annoying. We get decent items now, next we’ll get PvP. Eventually they might even add endgame. Why didn’t this all just come out at the same time like with every other game I’ve ever played?

        • I feel the same way. When the RMAH wasn’t live day one, I noticed it would be a fantastic way for them to keep our attention since they can’t expect to get a damn dime out of us unless we’re still interested in Diablo 3.

          It was, what, a week or MAYBE two before they said “Legendaries will get an outright buff later on”, all the while admitting they were nothing but crappy rares.

          Of course delaying RMAH features definitely made sense from a business standpoint, it sure worked out just fancy for them.

      • I just hope they fix the drop rate, or none of this will matter. Finding 3 unique items, 0 set items and 1 crappy 4-5 stat (I don’t remember or care) rare shoulder blacksmith pattern in 200+ hours is not my idea of a fun diablo game. I understand that finding the best items in the game should be rare, but I also don’t want to resort to jumping on the AH just to find a freaking gold/green. I don’t play diablo to watch the AH like the fucking stock market. I play to find some cool shit to throw on my character.

        • I wouldn’t say it wouldn’t matter. The drop rate right now sucks, but it’s fairly easy to trade items via the auction house. I agree it should be a lil higher, but I would just be happy knowing the legendary items I find aren’t worthless.

          Last night I found a legendary barbarian belt. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/ageless-might It was basically the PERFECT roll you could get on it. My 2 random mods were Strength and Life%.

          Unfortunately, it’s still worthless because the base item isn’t usable. Other things I’ve gotten which were just Salvage fodder: Hellrack, Natalyas hand-xbow, Tals Armor (thorns mod), Zunimasa helm (perfect 60 all resist), and some others which I DE’d immediately (Sever, Skorn). I have found one which I use (Occulus w/ 8.5% crit, kind of low damage roll though), and one which is potentially usable (26% block stormshield, but the random mod is Rapid Fire skill bonus).

          Looking back, I’ve found a decent number of legendary items. The problem is only 2 of them were worth keeping.

          Now, I agree the drop rate could be a tad higher. And I would like to see something like a guaranteed legendary drop from act 4 inferno if you clear it start to finish, or something as an incentive to actually do it. But all in all, this is a HUGE improvement.

    2. this patch will probably bring me back to D3. got a little stale for me but this patch sounds awesome

    3. Have you ever seen an animal fed in an attempt to coax it to come closer by dropping foodstuff ever so slightly closer until a grab could be made? That’s the metaphor that came to mind reading this post.

          • Well i wasn’t sure but the image i got from the analogy was of a cowering dog-like forum whiner too afraid to come out of it’s dark tunnel. Scowling and scratching the faces of passers-by. Until the stranger comes along with his tasty treats to attempt to coax the poor disheveled hater out of it’s little hidey hole, show it the bright world of outside, give it food and a place to rest it’s weary head.

            In this example the coaxing is a good thing but the initial comment had a decidedly negative vibe so you can see my confusion.

        • Hell damn yeah they will be cool in 1.0.4! The firey trail you leave behind when you run with em on reminds me of Infernostride boots from Diablo 2 Expansion… they had a “5% Chance To Cast Level 8 Blaze When Struck” mod on them if you remember that 🙂

    4. So Andy Chambers of GW fame is the D3 senior game designer…how did the game suck so hard? I don’t get it. I might give it another go.

    5. This is absolutely done right. I’m loving it.

      The Legendaries need to be able to be found though. Anyone with a Legendary crafting plan right now is very lucky since they’ll have a head start on making profit on these/simply obtaining and owning them.

      I’m really hoping Jay’s blog gives some insight into whether we’ll be finding them a little more than the current rate through MF adjustments.

      • I hope they increase drop rate of legendaries in the MF Update. I have played D3 for couple hundred + hours and not found one legendary from a drop. All the legendaries I’ve gotten were from the Gold Auction house.

        • that is really weird. I played for ~200h and found about 10 legendaries and 1 set. Still low, but better than nothing 😛

        • Same here. Have played for around 150 hours and have NEVER found a legendary. Unfortunately, I had to resort to the AH to find something that could help me.

      • I have a Legendary Plan known at my Blacksmith… the Griswold’s Masterpiece one and you can damn well bet Ill be crafting some in 1.0.4!!! LOL!!

    6. new legendaries definitely look MUCH better… and i love the promoting of build diversity like the the thrown weapon damage for barbs. all i ask is that i find more than one every 70 hours of playing.

          • I don’t get it, after I hit inferno I found one every 10-15 hrs average, were you sarcastic?

            Oh well, I was mf swapping to 345% so I guess that’s a factor. Doesn’t matter, in the probably only spectacularly dick move of patch 1.0.4 they’ll scratch mf swapping so yeah, I guess I’ll be finding one every 70-120 hrs too 👿

            • Or you could like, not game the system and actually play with high MF normally.

              I’ve found almost all of my legendary items from white mobs, fwiw.

      • Throw-away if you are power leveling to 60. Not so much if you are actually playing the game for the sake of having fun. I would have liked this buriza on my DH at level 40, at least for a few levels.

    7. Hey guys, I hope you still believe that D3 was totally complete when it was released!

      But on the positive side, this is totally fucking cool!! Actually getting hyped to play the game again, patch cant come out fast enough!

    8. Could you add a cut/fold on the main page so it doesn’t take up the whole thing?

      Great improvements by the way.

    9. I feel like everything they are doing is in the right direction, it’s just shy of being old blizzard quality. Needs a tiny bit more work. Honestly. Not a troll.

    10. Well, nice piece of text, thats for sure. We’ll see if this helps. Its a good step in the right way. I hope this is just the first step and the other ones (especialy the gameplay: more sidequests, making coop more attractive – special group instances f.e., PVP) will also come to improve the whole game, not just looting and a bit of skill buffing. But not earlier as the expansion, I fear…

    11. After seeing this, my confidence in Blizzard’s ability to make this game extraordinarily good has just hit an all-time high. Let’s all be honest here: this is WAY better than anyone could have reasonably expected given the past few months. They’re doing this right. AND they’re not just caving to pressure, they’re putting thought into this and actually trying to improve the game.

      As for drop rates: I may be alone in this, but if the items are truly this spectacular- where each one is basically a total game changer- I would actually rather see them stay incredibly hard to find. It will make them even more coveted and seeing an orange item on the ground will be a thrill well worth waiting for (plus they now appear to have a vastly lower chance of being crap). Sure, I would love to have every one of them right away, but making them ultra-rare makes a lot more sense now.

      • “I would actually rather see them stay incredibly hard to find.”

        I agree 110%. I play only casually, and I think I’ve already found about 7 or 8. That’s just ridiculous.

        Again, people have no idea what they’re asking for, but once everybody runs around with fireboots and firechains, watch the whining commence.

    12. This is awesome and all, and being as awesome as it is, how did Blizzard justify not doing this in the first place? Anyway, these items are truly sweet.

      inb4 people say they deliberately delayed making legenadaries badass just so they could have more time to work on them

    13. Let the bidding wars begin between the gold f***ers when the first one of those gold find armors is posted on the AH. They’re probably frothing at their mouths and creaming in their pants now. And improving their farm bots.

      Looks cool, but who cares when you still have the same chance at finding them as a paper dog has catching an asbestos cat through hell.

      Legendary recipes just went up in value…

      Sounds like these will benefit the AH players more than those who just want to play and enjoy D3. I’ll probably still be waiting/hoping until someone reverse engineers the servers. Will they actually use the beta server(s) b4 this goes live?

    14. Looking good , can’t wait to see the rest of the changes for 1.0.4.

      Super excited about the new legendary items , hope they just increase their drop rate so we can drool again everytime we are about to kill a boss.

    15. I’m extremely pleased with these changes. Now, what would be awesome is if they got rid of the AH, implemented SP, and eliminated the repetitive story line.

        • It’s starting to sound like next week. If i were putting percentages to it I would say 65% next week, 35% the week after. (This a a complete and total guess, though. I’m just putting together what we know with past experiences. Also, for them to use the phrase “just around the corner”… that’s a good sign that they are confident that they’ve already got things almost completely nailed down. It is certainly a huge improvement from “soon”).

    16. Kinda cool, especially like the firechain minion, but the high mainstat/crit/LOH requirement to count as a good item is still there. No one’s gonna use frostburns for cold dmg if you can just get high int/crit/as gloves that will do so much more damage for everything.

    17. just skimmed the items but I can already see that one thing I hoped they’d do – add unique abilities to Legendaries to promote unique play-styles as opposed to just buffing the stats – is being done. frickin awesome

    18. Just noticed that Frosties went from iLvl 25 (old version) to iLvl 62 (new). So there is one example where the old version will still hold value (I have a pair in HC that has gotten a ton of use from multiple chars). Which is hopefully another sign that this was thought through and done well.

      Honestly… I’m not usually this positive about Blizzard, especially lately. It’s just starting to feel like something has changed in their approach to this game. Changed in a very good way. Now all they have to do is actually deliver and, most crucially, keep things moving in this direction in the future. Feeling good about it at the moment. We’ll see how it actually plays out, but it’s looking good so far.

    19. Looks great. However, I hope this doesn’t become a Diablo 2 thing where Unique items became the absolute best.

      I’m looking at those firewalker boots. There is no rare set of boots that can touch that pair.

      I hope this doesn’t end up phasing out the desire to get rares.

      • I hope for the same. Ideally, awesome rares will be valued the same as awesome Legendaries and it will just be the play-style that differs – personal preferences, e.g. shooting bigger arrows or having an angel fight next to you.

    20. Well, this is going to make legendary drops more exciting, which does help with the slot machine addiction aspect of Diablo that kept people playing for years.

      I’m personally more interested in the class changes though, I mean new items is great and all but spec viability is where it’s at.

    21. I love how Lidless Wall is a level 55 req. Useful items don’t all have to be 60’s.

      I am excite.

    22. one thing – why don’t they display the % chance of triggering the special abilities, like summoning a demon or angel???

      • I bet it’s because they don’t know (or didn’t at the time of making the movie). Something tells me you wont get a pair of those Pox pants that say “occasionally makes you stink.”

    23. All of this could have been less of a shitstorm if they’d allowed their shitty legendaries to drop in the beta.

    24. 1. This looks awesome,

      2. I wish they could say “x% chance of [doing something awesome],” instead of “Chance of [doing something awesome],” as some of the listed items now do,

      3. They could and should have done all of this when the game first came out. It’s not like they didn’t have enough design time …

    25. I don’t agree with the damage reduction of the Skull Cleavers. their high output made them somewhat feared sometimes, always made me look out for them

    26. Blizzard should accompany each patch with a nicer video like TF2…oh yeah, Valve has one coming out tomorrow.


      When patch v1.04 hits, you get to grind for another hundred hours before you find one and I bet your first legendary drop will be that NEW and improved Burizon cross bow. ^^

    27. Throw Barb! Yay!

      Love where this is going. Variants is my preferred playstyle, this is gonna be great.

      Start your goldgrinding, this sh!ts gonna be expensive to get 🙄
      *fingers crossed on drop rates*

    28. wonder how updated set bonuses (if they are in or not) will work, if the HoC isn’t getting buffed maybe nat’s set will stay the same but with maybe a better weapon that will count towards any bonuses (old or new) the set gets.

      its looking promising for the possibilities of other sets to become as potentially viable too.


    29. This is really whats been missing from the D3 experience, items to drool over when you’re not playing the game. I remember spending hours on the Arreat Summit just browsing uniques, so yeah, these definitely give me that feeling all over again.

    30. Omg. I quit diablo for weeks but… I MUST… FINDD!!! SHINNEEEYYYYY!!!!!!! This is the only thing that has really gotten me to start playing again, I WANT THAT STUFF, NOW!! TIME TO GO GRIND IN PREPERATION OF OBTAINING LOOTZ!

      • with the drop rates as they are, you probably wont FIND a single one of them. but you can have fun spending the next 300 hours of gametime grinding cash to buy a few of the new badass uniques (that are bound to overpriced)

    31. Man. This…THIS is what would get the item hunt fun again. Those all sound freaking amazing. I hope some of those creative and fun mods trickle down or find their way on rares too.

    32. Excellent – now *those* are some uniques! I stopped playing the game about 2 months ago – and while I doubt they’ll be enough to bring me back, they are a massive step in the right direction.

    33. better start hunting because items already changed in game… At least the names of items dropping 🙂 stats i cannot determine yet, although many magics with 3 good affixes are dropping for me. and they are not ilvl 63. But be sure to notice the names of the items, and ull see the difference! 😉

    34. I think I had somewhere around 50k monsters killed when I stopped playing, and still 0 legendaries found. This kinda makes me want to go back and find my first 😀

    35. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out already, but the copy and paste on Diablo IncGamers is missing a few of the item images: Pox Faulds and Homunculus.

    36. Let me see if I have this correct, I can either farm for hundreds of hours in hopes of finding a new legendary item that has finally added some badly needed depth, or I can pull out my wallet and purchase it? Do I have this right?

      This patch is patching one thing: sagging AH revenue.

      The changes do sound great, especially what the new legendaries can do for builds, but seriously, what the hell are the chances that you get a legendary that boosts a skill for your class, and a skill that you’re actually using?

      If blizzard had any scraps of their soul left, they’d add some skill modifiers to magic and rare items.

      • People whined that legendaries don’t stand out and now that they do, you want to make them stand out less by giving unique modifiers to rares?

        Also, you don’t have to find exactly the one you need. Find any good legendary, sell it and buy the one you need… you may end up with a profit, even.

    37. now this is getting serious. thank you blue for finally giving fans what they want! not entirely but still this is huge 🙂

    38. Dont care about legendaries, ohhh wait actually I can use them on some badly designed boring AI, pft Blizzard games have always been about PVP for as long as I can rememeber!!!

      ps, Bashiok is a wanker and Jay is a pedo!

    39. Try a ranged barb?

      From my perspective, a trowing barb is already one of the best chars in the game. At least one of the best builds I tried.

      If they ever tried one themselves they know that you’ll need a lot of crits to make this build viable(to generate spirit). This means that a weapon without critical hit dmg is going to suck bigtime.

      My throw barb have 55% chance to crit without WoTB (with 65%) and my current main hand weapon have 120% increased crit dmg. This means that my over all dmg is increased by 120%*0.55 = 66%, which is way more than the 45% increase from the trowing barb legendary weapon. On top of that, crit dmg increase the dmg of all abilities an not only weapon throw and ancient spear.

      The other problem is that its a spear type of weapon which will loose you another 10% chance to crit from weapons master passive.

      I just hope that this weapon have the chance to get a good chunk of + crit dmg from the random affixes or at least a socket. If it can, I guess that it will be to expensive for me to buy anyway, but you’ll never know. 😛

      All other changes are rock solid. Good work.

      • ” that you’ll need a lot of crits to make this build viable(to generate spirit).”

        uh, what ?

      • I think you are calculating dmg wrong. Skill damage increased by 45% means exactly that (dps x (skill dmg x skill inc dmg)) and not just some crit damage increase that does way less percentually.

        • I pretty sure the math is right.

          If you have 55% crit chance, then 120% crit dmg will increase your over all dmg by 0.55*120% = 66%.

          So, for two weapons with the exact same dps and one of them have 45% increased dmg to certain skills, and the other have 120% increased crit dmg, you will always want the crit dmg. Assuming you have around 35% crit chance or higher which I think most characters have. At least weapon throw barbs will have a lot more crit chance than that.

          The dps of the weapon seems pretty good though. So, yeah it’s not bad. But still. I fear most good rares with decent crit dmg will do better, especially if you count in that this is a spear type of weapon and not an axe or mace.

          Hopefully, this weapon can roll +crit dmg from random affixes or a socket. If so, this weapon could be worth using.

          • The question is how the boost from the legendary is calculated. The 120% boost is as a percentage of your non-crit damage, not your overall damage. If the legendary boosts overall damage, it could be amazing.

            That is, if your base damage is 20,000, the 55% change to crit for an extra 120% is an extra 13,200, or 66%. But suppose (making numbers more even) that without that weapon you had a 50% chance to crit for 300%, your overall damage would be 50,000 on a base damage of 20,000.

            If the 45% from the legendary boosts all 50,000 damage, it blows away the extra 120% crit damage.

    40. What a sad sad world we live in if actual excitement is generated by the garbage that Blizz has just sugarcoated for us and presented to us under flashing lights. Everyone see that Taiwan video with the girls dancing in front of a D3 logo? So far 1.04 is exactly the same thing.

      3 issues with legendaries:
      1 – give weapons the highest damage in the game
      2 – give armors the best stats in the game
      3 – make them findable, farmable, and not just RMAH droppable

      If Blizz doesn’t address this, the rest is just eye-candy.

      • Not sure if trolling, but seriously, imagine the game you’re suggesting. So every best item, for every slot is 1 legendary item. How fun would that be? Everyone looking for exactly the same gear, every high level char basically the same… God that would suck. Not to mention that it’s basically WoW, rather than Diablo, since D2 had a variety of item types vying for each best in slot.

        • Flux, I fallow You since since since… And first silly post. Dude he not talking about every slot for Legend, but about drop rate. I doubt Flux in Your Diablo2 experience…

          • No, he is asking legendaries to be the best in slot items in 1 & 2.

            What comes to 3rd point to increase the drop rate is matter of opinion. To me drop rates are perfectly fine and even more after this update cause legendaries actually in most cases are really useful and really valuable (10ths of millions each if semi decent roll).

            • drop rates are fine? ive found four legendaries in 350 hours of gameplay, and i KNOW that there are people out there that have had even worse luck. that is NOT OK.

    41. The new artwork on the legendaries is super cool. I actually want to use a new Windforce with that little tornado in the middle of it, and now the damage output and mods will actually make it feel like a real Windforce, not the piece of junk they called a Windforce and sullied the name of that glorious weapon.

      I realize there are many cynics that may not be won over by the changes. But there are also many people like me, who while disappointed in certain aspects of the game as released, have still played the heck out of it and had a good time for the most part.

      These changes actually bring back some personality to Diablo. I loved the fan fiction around the builds in Diablo II, as people would create a back story around the unique or runeword their build was based upon, especially the unconventional builds, like an Earthshifter Druid – read the short intro to this build to see what I mean by personality (I actually made this char and had fun doing so): http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?614088-1-11-PvM-Earth-Shifter-Druid-Guide-(v1-0)

      Also, I want a Skorn for my birthday.

    42. too little, too late. this is just plastic surgery on the surface. i will only get back to d3 when the core problems are fixed:

      no character individualisation
      no interesting attribute system
      no item progression
      no real multiplayer feeling (chat channels? game lobby?)
      no access of others acts ingame

      which can be in one year, or which can be never. both is good for me. no sense in playing a game which isnt fun.

      • Sometimes I think people who bitch about the lack of customization just have poor imagination. If you can’t see how these new legendaries open up a whole new are of “individualization” (sic), then you are either willfully ignorant or just plain dumb. Quit the game, quit visiting the site and go back to playing D2. Seriously, you just made a list of what is different about this game from D2. Fine, go back to D2 and shut the fuck up over here.

        • Plastic surgery is mainly not on the surface. And I’d be pleased if you could take action against the upper ad-hominem post towards me. This forum was once much more polite.

    43. Blizzard could include full hi res nude women after each boss and hating trolls would still come out of the bushes.

      Like a few guys above already demonstrated.

      Too powerful Legendaries will kill rare and magical item trading, so be careful Blizz.

      Far more important in this patch is the elite mob adjusting and boosting the normal mob loot system.

      I guess 5 days after the patch the usual whining will start all over again.

      Just a hunch.

    44. Still the damage seems to low on the one-handed lvl 60 weapons.

      It’s a step in the right direction though.

    45. It’s funny how Blizzard fools everyone into thinking we will see all those bada$$ weapons actually swinging into monsters when generally 95% of the classes use spells/skills that seem to bypass the weapon attacking animations… Hell nearly all the Monk skills make the weapons disappear right from his hands.
      I wish Blizzard would give players a mega huge bonus for just using the general attack button…

    46. They are trying to make things we are complaining about better, you have to give them that. I was really wishing they would rollback the already dropped legendaries, but I can understand them not doing it, if it would totally reroll something that was good already. The Tals head I found is actually very nice(my only set piece).
      I really need to get my new rig done before the patch hits!

    47. Still no low uniques that are the best of there type?

      SOJ, Magefists, Frostburns, Vipermagi, Shako all spring to mind, being low level but the best of there class.

      Also alot of typos in Blizzards messages and videos, take skysplitter / skycutter in the video as an example from many.

      Blizzard, are you going down? 😐

      • that is exactly the point – nothing should be BEST in its class, otherwise there will be no variety. Legendaries should not be THE BEST, they should be on par with other items in terms of effectiveness while providing unique playstyles.

    48. This is STUPID.
      Of course legendaries needs an upgrade but omg, there are fundamental gameplay changes to take care of first.
      Why did one weapon have oclod spells does 20% more damage, why don’t they make elemental damage and physical damage as a starting point first and then it would be fun with finding cold damage things specifically.

      Stupid, stupid game!

    49. After reading all the comments, I would like to know how anyone can criticize Blizzard when all the changes have not been announced? We are still waiting for class changes and MF to come out to know the full scope of how the legendaries will play out. Hell, we do not even have all the legendary information at this point.

      After 650 + hours I still enjoy playing, but this is great news for someone like me that farms items, crafting mats, and gold. I am excited that at least one aspect of the game has been brought back to some degree. The item hunt.

    50. I found the fragment of destiny last night….. has like 300 dps…. The new one actually looks usefulish. Good changes

    51. So they add shiny effects to legendaries and you all wanna play the game again? Lmao so naive.

    52. Man, finally(!!) they’re on the right track. Looking forward to hearing about MF and drop rates before I try this game again, but those Legendaries look amazing.

    53. As someone posted previously I cannot begin to understand why these changes weren’t in effect from the time the closed beta was started. They should be increasing the number of “awesome items” at this point not just now starting to add a handful.

      Sorry but it just seems like common sense to make “Legendaries” have unique and cool affixes attached to them that you can’t find anywhere else and would promote build diversity through them. It’s not a new concept and I’m sure someone suggested it in the development process unless all these people really are idiots. I seriously want to know who stepped in and said that was a BAD idea resulting in the terrible items we have now. I think the blue mentioned that “we didn’t want these items to feel unbalanced” which leaves me scratching my head a bit… ANYWAY!

      I’m going to resist the urge to be jaded/pessimistic and hold out hope that this patch will grant some replay to this game. I still stand firm that the suction house is ruining the game and the economy is collapsing but here’s to hoping I’m wrong and this patch starts to fix everything.

    54. Sounds like another baby step in the right direction. When they’re miles off course they need to realize baby steps aren’t enough.

      • Just asking…but how is this baby step?? legendaries..and itemisation so far is one of the biggest issues in the game..Yet..they hit legendary issue above our expectations ..at least expectations of most of us. This is huge leap forward to fix what is really broken.

    55. Ooh, Flux, are we gonna see some Dodecahedron articles after the patch hits? Top 10 best/worst updated skills/items?

    56. The throwing weapon is very good but will be outclassed by an amazing rare for a throw barb. You are failing to include overall crit damage bonus plus you can use the spear as an offhand. If you have 45 crit and 350 crit damage, 100 from some other offhand, the spear is a 20% dps gain on throwing skills even after losing 100 crit damage. If instead you have 55 crit and you are replacing a 200 crit damage offhand and have 450 total crit damage, you end up about even in throw damage.

      • … and exactly how it is a bad thing, that a legendary can be outclassed by amazing rare?

    57. After hearing of patch 1.04 looming in the near future, I decided to pick Diablo 3 back up after a lengthy break (2 months or so). The game is more fun than I previously remember and got to A3 inferno last night! I am hopeful the uniques will all be exciting and there are still surprises left, I also approve of the other changes they announced would be coming in 1.04. Step in the right direction for sure. This game could become worthy of the Diablo name, well done Blizz!

    58. Very good changes but they should have been implemented at release. After all items with effects like these are something normal, something we have been using ever since D2. It shouldn’t have taken an outcry from the playerbase to go back to this kind of itemization. It was apparant from the get go.

      I am sure the game will be well served with these new items. For me however it is simply to late. Haven’t played in a month and lost interest. Also since I geared up my toons already the motivation to regear is not that strong. I will move on to PoE, Torchlight 2. Currently playing D2 LoD singleplayer and having much more fun then I had in D3.

      • Lost interest, yet here you are reading the article and posting a reply. Sorry to see you leave. For many of us though, Diablo is almost impossible to replace by other games. They just don’t have the same gameplay feel. I’ve played all of the Diablo “killers” and they just don’t feel like Diablo. D3 is taking steps in the right direction to “feel” like Diablo again.

        • Like you say the Diablo franchise has a big sentimental value. Hence why I though I haven’t played in a long while still check out what updates to the game are goin on. I really want D3 to become a great game. I want to play D3 and enjoy it as much as I have D1->D2 LoD over the years.

          So like I wrote these changes where needed but for me they are not enough. The game still imo don’t have replayvalue like LoD. There are no reasons to reroll toons, compete in ladders, no events like UberD and torch hunting, no PvP, no improvements to your character(like exp, skillpoints) that can be made by killing mobs etc.

          I will return to the game when I see there is stuff to do. Cleared inferno very early, maybe a month max after release, can’t remember. Just mf:ing isn’t enough. It gets boring quickly when it is the only thing you can do and burns you out

    59. They dicided at some point to not spend months and months polishing the item game (or the end of the game in general) – I think they spent the time they would have on that, totally changing the stat/skill/rune system so late in development. So, they released the game earlier than they would have liked (very unlike Blizzard, but HEY, at least we got to play the last 3 months) and now, slowly, the game’s morphing into what we all wanted.. promising stuff! I have a feeling we are going to aget a stop/gap type end game mode with the MF update (the whole LEVELS of Excelence thing) which will give us somthing to shoot for long term at the end of the game.

      I just hope all this isn’t going to delay PvP till the end of the year, but ahhh well.

      Excited for sure! 1.04!! Hurry up!

    60. BRAVO!!! The new legendaries look amazing, not just the stats but also the visual art of the items (especially the icicles dripping off the Buriza). These are no longer rares with orange/brown text – these are the special, stand out items that make the item hunt worthwhile and keep treasure hunters like myself playing and playing over and over.

    61. Overall I am impressed with what they are showing. There is some flavor to each item and they are not better than amazing rares. They are right where they should have been at launch.

      • Can’t compensate for the fact that they weren’t there at launch… Too many trivial design mistakes from Blizzard.

    62. Good lord the tormentor seems amazing. 1000 dps with a huge chunk of int, crit damage, and lots of free CC? Thank god items will actually be cool, nice to hear from Blizz.

    63. I am more interested in the changes to rares and magical items dropping from normal monsters as this will have a bigger impact on the vast majority of players, like me….Not freaking rich and not willing or able to put in 600+ hours into a game to find a uber item.

      In d2 most of my gear was magical, runewords and rares. My favorite weapons were rares.

      I still liked the fact that I could get rares by gamblilng and imbue quest and not just drops.

      I would like to see more ways to get decent gear rather than just drops, AH or crafting.

      we are getting closer to this reality hopefully more so in the future. Some tweaks to crafting would be sweet like picking 1 or 2 affixes and having the item account bound so the AH would be “Safe”.

      Long ways to go still, keep the nose to the grindstone blizzard!

    64. At least they are LISTENING for once! (to someone other than themselves) I hate people that don’t listen -which is what they’ve been doing til now-.

      Nice improvements. Not the only step they should take to make D3 as interesting as Diablo 2, but it’s a step in the right direction.

      Not enough for me -the game is a crappy mediocre lackluster in several areas, not only Uniques stats- though, compared to Diablo 2, the masterpiece.

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