Legendary Horadric Cache Drops Mega-Buffed

In a recent hotfix Blizzard slipped in a mention of improved drop rates for the cache-only Legendary Items from DiabloWikiHoradric Caches. There were no details of just how much of a buff it was, and a lot of fans didn’t notice it sneaked into the hotfix list.

You’ll definitely notice it in game though, if you’re hunting a DiabloWikiRoRG on Torment 2+, since the drop rate is now 50% on T2 and it scales up to 100% on T6. Legendary Horadric Cache Drops Mega-Buffed:

Can someone show me some updated drop chances for caches?

Blizzard said that now the chances are highly increased on Torment .. I have done couple of T3 .. now with friend T6 bounties .. about 10 cahces .. no ring at all.
Vaneras: There is no list of drop rates on specific items that can drop from Horadric Caches, but it is correct that we increased the legendary drop rates overall in a recent hotfix. Wyatt Cheng elaborated further in a tweet that the chance of legendary from bounty cache goes from ~50% at torment 2 to guaranteed at torment 6.

Wyatt’s tweet can be seen here:

So the odds now are a 50% chance of a legendary item from each cache on Torment 2, increasing up to a guaranteed legendary from every cache on T6. Since Act One has 5 cache-only legendary items, you’ve basically got a 1/10 chance of a RoRG from every A1 Cache you open on T2, and better odds than that, up to 20% chance per cache on T6. If you want to figure your exact odds over more trials you’ll have to invoke Binomial Distribution, which is disturbingly close to actual math, and even has a wikipedia page covered in gibberish Greek-looking symbols, so I don’t recommend it.

I am curious how the actual odds work, now. Under the old Cache Legendary drop odds it wasn’t that uncommon to get 2 legs from a single cache. I just got that a couple of days ago, playing a new Seasonal Monk who was around lvl 40 when she got 2 legs from the same A3 cache. (On Hard difficulty.) So I wonder what the actual game function is, when Wyatt says 50-100% per cache on T2-T6.

From the previously observed odds, there’s now about a 10% leg drop rate (per cache) from Normal-T1. So it’s basically jumping 5x higher on T2, and then there’s another jump at T6 when it goes up to guaranteed? But does that mean you always get just 1 legendary per cache on T6? Or will you regularly get 2 or 3 at once? I guess it’s like Act Bosses with a new character in story mode, where you get at least 1 guaranteed legendary, but might get a 2nd (or 3rd) randomly? I’m curious to see drop results from people who can harvest a bunch of caches on T6.

Pity there aren’t more useful legendary items from the Caches, to make this buff more useful than just RoRG hunting. Maybe that’s what they should add next season — some more/better legendary items from caches, and from A2-A5? Or some legs or a Set that can only drop from Caches, but without any particular act required? Just to put some incentive on diversified gameplay.


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  1. I have never received more than one at a time.

    • Literally the first game I played after posting this I was working my HSea Monk the last bit on the way to 70, did the A3 bounties since 3 of them were quick/easy, and got 2 legs from the cache.


      I'm amused by this, as my luck overall is in no way above the average, but I've seen 2 legs from caches multiple times, while many players who have done way more cache running than me have never gotten it at all. It's a useless talent; never are the legs worth using and usually not even Act 1, since when I'm playing solo I like to do a variety of areas and not just A1 RoRGing.

  2. Never received more than one either, but did get another RoRG on first T6 try yesterday and even got a Golden Gorget on Hard (lvl43) so I guess it’s working 😉

  3. Since the patch I have opened maybe 8x Act1 caches. And from one of them I got 2 legendarys. Sidenote, 6 of the legendarys were RoRG's. 😛

  4. I did wonder why I was getting one of the cache legendaries each T2 bounty run (mostly the Sanguinary bracers with the occassional Pauldrons).

  5. I actually really like the idea of using the bounty/cache system as a method for delivery of Seasonal items for a future Season. It would certainly give more weight to enjoying the Bounty chase and playing other acts.

  6. Guesstimate of the T1 chance?

    • I'm interested too.
      Or I have to push forward to T2 asap.

      • Bliz buffed the legs from caches some patches ago, with the odds increasing with difficulty level, but I didn't notice any diff at that time, after running a bunch of them on T1.

        Their design theory seems to be that T1 isn't hard enough to merit greater rewards, and that's probably true since most people seem to be able to solo T1 pretty well still in mostly rares… in softcore at least. They want to make up gear up a bit to handle T2 and higher before we get the fat cache rewards?

        • In softcore, it feels like the jump from Master to T1 is pretty trivial, T1 to T2 isn't too bad, but T2-T3 is a real jump. T5-T6 is probably the steepest jump.

  7. I actually didn't get a leg from a T6 bag once. Someone in the clan offered a free A1 bag and I joined, and wound up getting no leg. All the other caches I farmed myself I got something.

  8. You know what would be nice? Flawless imperials or Gifts that worked on jewelry. These rings are worthless w/o the sockets, and I ran out of gems. Good thing I have millions and millions of gold which I can't buy any gems w/…

  9. how does this translate to console? any ideas?

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