Legendary gems are dropping on the PTR, with special powers that can only be enabled by feeding them to the special artisan who appears when you fail to complete a Greater Rift, but as is often the case with a new game thingie, there are bugs. Enough bugs that Blizzard has turned them off, for the time being.

    We’ve recently discovered an issue with Legendary Gems that is causing PTR clients to crash whenever a gem power is activated.

    We’re working to resolve this crash as quickly as possible, but do not currently have an ETA to share. In the meantime, to help improve PTR stability and prevent further crashes, all Legendary Gem powers have been temporarily disabled. Please note that Legendary Gems can still drop on the PTR, but they will not provide any of the bonuses listed on their tooltips.

    Once Legendary Gem powers have been re-enabled, we’ll provide an update in this thread. Thank you for your patience!

    Remember that legendary gems only work in rings and amulets, so you could have, at most, three of them on a character. Also, implementing them is going to take some changes to gear, since hardly anyone has a top quality ring/amulet now with a socket in it, simply because in the live game, there are many affixes on jewelry that provide a much bigger boost than a socket. I’ve heard from players on Live who are trying to farm up legendary jewelry with sockets, or considering which current top end affixes are best to sacrifice to add a socket via enchanting.

    Before the gems were turned off, some players found enough to report some results. Here’s a quote from the best post I’ve seen on them, via the B.net PTR bug report forum.

    Moratorium (Gem of Staggered Damage):
    When wearing an immunity amulet, damage you should be immune to is added as staggered damage.

    If you have an immunity amulet (tested with Countess Julia’s Cameo on a Demon Hunter), the staggered damage accumulates even though you are technically gaining life and not taking damage. So standing in an arcane beam to heal will do so properly, but the Gem will cause you to accumulate the damage you would have as though you didn’t have immunity to it, and will then proceed to damage you over the several seconds the gem’s proc lasts.

    legendary-gem-ptr01Bane of the Powerful (Gem of Damage After Elite Pack):
    Does not trigger proc if your pet gets the killing blow.

    The bonus does not trigger at all if your pet delivers the killing blow. On Demon Hunter, this happened both from Companion and Sentry buffed with the full 6-piece Marauder set bonuses. If my character personally dealt the killing blow, the bonus would trigger properly and the buff icon would appear. I checked my character sheet to see if it was simply a buff icon bug but my damage remained the same unless I dealt the killing blow.

    Taeguk (Gem of Increased Damage after Spending Resource),
    Gem of Efficacious Toxin(Gem of Poison DoT Debuff),
    Wreath of Lightning(Gem of Mini-Conduit):

    Gems simply stopped functioning at all.

    Taeguk worked as intended on my Demon Hunter for about one full rift. I believe I was disconnected, and when I logged back in the gem no longer functioned at all. Unsocketing and resocketing the gem didn’t fix the problem, nor did changing my hatred spenders. Other gems seem to be doing this as I post this, specifically the Poison and Conduit gems. I’m guessing this was just a hotfix issue which temporarily disabled these, but I thought at the time they may have stopped working due to being unsocketed and then resocketed in gear (meaning unsocketing would permanently “break” a gem). I am unsure if the previous two bugs and the following one are related to this one, though at least for the latter it seems likely.

    Gems are not working when in items equipped by followers.

    In addition, none of the gems seem to work with followers, which I would classify as a bug. Assuming they meet the criteria (such as with several of the Legendary items that work with them like Ess of Johan) it would be reasonable to assume the gems would work on followers as well. Tested with three separate gems on Kormac and Lyndon.

    And he didn’t even get the crash bugs that forced Bliz to turn the gems off entirely. New features are… new?

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