Legendary Gem Tutorial: Zei’s Stone of Vengeance

zeis-stone-rank40The DiabloWikiLegendary Gem, DiabloWikiZei’s Stone of Vengeance, boosts damage for every 10y distance the damage dealing object is from the target. On the PTR players were able to exploit this LGem by sticking a long DoT on the target and then leaving the level or portaling back to town, creating an infinite distance for infinite damage. That bug is no more, with a maximum distance of 50y (5x damage multiplier) and no more tricks for infinite distance.

That doesn’t answer all of the questions, though.

How does Zei’s Stone work?

Say i was to cast multishot about 10 yards away from a mob, what happens if there are mobs further away? will they receive the ’10 yard damage’ or will they receive more?
Grimiku: The short version is that Zei’s Stone of Vengeance calculates it’s damage bonus per monster hit. So, if a player casts Multishot just once, then monsters farther away take would more damage than those that are closer.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation then I also recommend checking out Mikhail’s guide on YouTube: Diablo 3 RoS – Legendary Gem – Zei’s Stone of Vengeance Explained.

This gem sounds really good in description, but it’s actually pretty junk for most builds, since it doesn’t work well with pets or minions. The Rank 25 special stun effect doesn’t trigger from attacks by pets, and the damage increase is from the source of the damage. Thus sentries or WD minions don’t get any damage increase if they’re right next to the target, and they won’t stun it either.

We’ve linked to some of Meathead Mikhael’s Legendary Gem tutorials before, and this one is useful as well. Click through for the embedded vid.

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  1. This gem not only sounds really good in description, it’s actually pretty awesome for all ranged builds, including M6. The reason for that is that its damage is multiplicative.
    In the case of M6 proper sentry placement is a requirement though, which might not be for everyone.

  2. Zei is a must for Firebird Wizards.

  3. How about the gem for range barbs / range crusaders ? is it good ?

  4. I have read a lot about the legendary gems the last couple of days but would like to hear a litte more, what gems are the best for monks , barbs ,DH
    wizzard, WD and crusaders. What are you dudes using on your characters?? Think it would be helpfull for many players.

  5. Somewhat unrelated…but anyone else hate youtube guides? I can skim a written guide and find the pertinent info much quicker than the time it takes to listen to someone drone on and on about something before they get to the point…what can I say…I want my old internets back!

    • I generally agree, and I find any play through or strat guide extracted from a streamer to be pretty much unwatchable. Usually decent visuals, but they tend to be 5 minutes of content spread over 20m of filler (which is practically inevitable when the player is just narrating and speaking in a "streamer of consciousness" style while he plays for hours a day. I know I find myself rambling endlessly when I do a live stream playing while talking to an audience.)

      This guy's coverage of the legendary gems I find pretty good though. He gets right to the point and shows things clearly, with the gameplay illustrating the key points (albeit usually just for one class/build/aspect of the LGem).

      That said, we aim to condense the various info and strategy for the DiabloWiki.net pages. The LGem ones are behind, but I want to get those up to date and collect all of the various info to them next week, after I finish moving this weekend and get some RL distractions out of the way.

  6. Sounds goood, thanks for the info. I wonder why Blizzard didn’t think players portaling back to town etc would be an issue?

  7. Works fine on my pet build
    I run Carnevil with dagger of darts… melts face.

  8. I try again what kind of Lgems are you dudes use for demeonhunters maybe irrelevant for other chars buthop to hear from other DH

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