Legendary Gem Questions and Bugs

A couple of questions about DiabloWikiLegendary Gem effects were answered by Blue posters today. First up, a question about the increased damage to knocked back targets provided by the Legendary Strongarm Bracers, and the similar bonus from the DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped LGem. Let’s have some Legendary Gem Questions and Bugs:

Is it just me or do these not stack? it appears to me that they do not, I am currently testing but it so far looks like my damage is the same with one or the other, but with both it is also the same. if thats the case i am wasting a gem or bracer slot.
Grimiku: Bane of the Trapped and DiabloWikiStrongarm Bracers will stack their bonus damage together, but they do have separate effects that trigger those buffs.

While running with DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful legendary gem equipped, I noticed some inconsistencies. I’m not sure whether these are intended or not.
Grimik: The damage bonus that’s applied by slaying Elite monsters with Bane of the Powerful functions differently depending on the Elite(s). In situations where there is a single Elite (like a DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin or Act boss) then it’s pretty straight forward in the sense that once you kill that Elite you get the buff. When the Elites are in some form of a pack, though, it gets slightly more complicated. The entire pack will need to be slain in order to trigger the buff. That includes every member of a Champion pack, or all of the minions along with their Elite master.

That said, there’s currently a bug that allows Bane of the Powerful to apply its bonus damage after killing illusions, which is not intended. We’ll be sure to let everyone know through the appropriate channel once that fix is implemented, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with Legendary Gems, in terms of what procs trigger what other procs, which of the LGem properties work with each other, with various class skills, with the hundreds of item legendary properties, etc. We’re working on compiling master lists, but it’s an ever-growing project, as things keep getting tweaked in patches. Any of you guys have questions or oddities about LGems on your mind? Properties or procs that should combine, but do not?

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  1. A simple one: when the lightening gem hits a mob I haven't yet hit by other means, does it trigger the toxin gem effect?

  2. "We’re working on compiling master lists, but it’s an ever-growing project, as things keep getting tweaked in patches."

    Is the information still accurate that both Zeis Stone of Vengeances and Bane of the Trappeds damage boni are individual multipliers in calculation, whereas most other gems boni are pulled together into the same, single multiplier as self buffs to sheet dps (Glass Canon/Hexing Pants/etc.), most of the debuffs (Strong Arms/Cold Blooded/etc.) and skill damage % (: Except Hydra!)?

  3. Pets sadly don't trigger Mirinae procs as I found out on my WD. Ah well, that's why I run piercing Poison Darts with Splinter.

    • They also don't proc Wreath of Lightning (at least sentries don't). So don't bother w/ that. They also don't proc Gogok of Swiftness, either. I think any "on hit" effect doesn't proc unless specifically detailed (life on hit from the passive).

      Teardrop is only really good for melee against a single target, according to a bunch of barbarian number crunchers. I just love the image of a big, burly barbarian w/ a graphing calculator and thick glasses, pulling tape out and analyzing it.

  4. I wonder that does the lightning gem proc off those extra large aoe hits of firebomb?

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