The recent Legendary Gem debacle is not going away following Blizzard’s recent Legendary Gem rollback. Now cheaters appear to be using Blizzard’s own system to get their high-level gems back.

    Blizzard provides players with a handy self-service account rollback system. Should anything go wrong, you can roll your account back to certain points. Since the accounts were rolled back by Blizzard which took all the gems to level 132, exploiters have apparently decided to use Blizzard’s own rollback system to regain their higher level gems prior to Blizzard rolling back the accounts.

    An on-going thread on the official forums kicked off highlighting this new problem earlier today. While we have no idea what punishment has been dished out to exploiters who took advantage of the original problem, we have to assume some action was taken against accounts. This new problem is definitely exploiting the system and we’ll have to wait and see how this is handled. Account bans surely?

    This evening the link to the rollback page appears to redirect users back to support so it looks like Blizzard has disabled rollbacks for now.

    In 2015 a similar problem occurred with the Blood Thief and Blood Shards. A hotfix was applied at the time to resolve the problem and action was taken against offending accounts. Again, accounts could be rolled back by individuals. At the time of the Blood Shard exploit, Blizzard issued the following punishments in a statement.

    • Accounts which were found to have both used the exploit excessively and publicly promoted its use were permanently banned.
    • Accounts which were found to have used the exploit excessively, but did not publicly promote it, were rolled back and their associated heroes removed from active Leaderboards (both Seasonal and non-Seasonal).
    • Accounts which were found to have used the exploit to a limited degree (or quickly stopped once realizing the scope of what was happening) were effectively pardoned. We understand these situations can inspire a certain level of curiosity and that it may not always be immediately clear if you’re undermining intended game mechanics. Mistakes happen, but we hope this leniency won’t be taken for granted in the future.

    It could be time for Blizzard to really hit these exploiters hard with full account bans.


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