Legendary Gem: Bane of the Trapped, Video Tutorial

Last week a Blue confirmed that the secondary legendary property on the Bane of the Trapped LGem does proc on itself. Here’s the gem stats, as a reminder:

DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped
  • Base effect: Increase damage against enemies under control-impairing effects by 15%.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.3% damage.
  • Rank 25 unlocks: Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%.
  • That’s great for a melee character since the R25 version of the gem starts slowing, and dealing that damage, to anything within 15 yards. The property is plenty good for ranged attackers as well, since any attacks that slow, stun, root, chill, freeze, etc, all deal extra damage for the duration of the CC effect.

    Demonstrating that nicely is a new video by Meathead Mikael, where he shows off some details of the DiabloWikiLegendary Gem with his Witch Doctor. Not only do rune effects that add CC help, but various interesting item procs come into play as well. For instance, his WD has the Hwoj Wrap belt, which adds a slowing effect to enemies infested by Locust Swarm (a skill without a CC ability of its own). Ordinarily that’s just a helpful slowing bonus, but with the Bane of the Trapped gem, the slowing turns into a gateway to added damage. This is one of the cooler things about Diablo 3 now, with so many interesting legendary affixes all interacting and procing on each other, plenty of items or rune effects that aren’t special on their own can become very cool in combination with others.

    Click through for the video.

    Legendary Gem: Bane of the Trapped, Video Tutorial:

    This video has been archived in the Media section back along in case you missed it.

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    1. The thing is, this gem is useless for a monk right now.
      It does not work with the swk 4 part effect which is about 80-90% of the monk dps, depending the other abilities selected.

      • Doesn't matter, if you take the time to upgrade it to rank 25 everything in a 15 yards radius around you will take 25% more damage, or more. Don't pass this up.

    2. They need to explain some of these things better.

      -There are two gems w/ big DoT components; the one that adds poison to every attack and the one that adds bleed to every crit. Do these stack? Do they overwrite every single time? If they overwrite, how long before the first tick hits? When characters are pumping out a bunch of attacks per second, this is very important.
      -For the Wreath of Lightning and Holy Smite ones; what the hell is the range? How far is "nearby enemies?"
      -Exactly how many different things are considered pets? Even the "invulnerable" pets like Bat and Ferrets? Mirrors? Spider Queen? Toad of Hugeness?
      -If you use Elemental Arrow w/ Krindershot, does Taeguk not work anymore?

      There are a lot of things they haven't divulged, and it's so damn hard to parse in the live game. They need a combat log.

      • The answer to your last question is quite clear in my opinion. According to its tooltip Taeguk triggers "after spending primary resource". Since Elemental Arrow won't spend any resource with Kridershot it won't trigger Taeguk in that case. And no, Simplicity's Strength won't boost its damage then, because it's not a Primary skill.

    3. This is an interesting one. I’ve got the Wreath on my Barb but just found this one for my WD.
      I too have questions about what is considered control impaired.
      I use Haunt and Spirit Barage both of which deal damage as Cold. Is col in and of itself considered control impairing?
      Also, my NPC uses Maloth’s Focus which has a Fear stat on it and enemies frequently run away. Is that affected by the damage on the gem then?
      Using Wildwood for main weapon, its has a chance to slow on hit, that seems pretty clear.
      Anyways, interesting strategy added to the game, just tough to keep track of all the different ‘synergies’ and best builds to use.

      • The answer to both of your questions is yes. If something affects the movement speed of an enemy then it's a control impairing effect. If the gem still doesn't work with it then it's most likely a bug.

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