Legendary Farming in Maximum Comfort

Legendary Farming in Maximum Comfort

Site member Stiven has been tinkering with his hardware and got himself a sweet set up for his legendary farming. The ultimate in luxury as far as gaming in comfort is concerned has to be propped up in bed with a big screen TV for your game. It’s a little cumbersome trying to do that with a mouse and keyboard but not so much with a wireless Logitech Gamepad.

To make his legendary farming even more comfortable, Stiven has got all his shortcuts set up; potion, map, skills inventory, action bars and manages to farm T1, 2 and 3 with ease. T4 is a little harder but he thinks he’ll master that soon enough.

This should work with the Logitech Gamepad 310/510 also if you have one of those. You can check his thread in the forum for his profile and software links.

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11 thoughts on “Legendary Farming in Maximum Comfort

  1. In before OMFG Diablo was made for casual console nubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111

  2. Playing Diablo game with gamepad is sacrilege. (read that in Imperious voice)

  3. If you haven’t tried D3 on console, then you don’t know how vastly superior it is to play with a controller. totally serious. I’m a hardcore PC Gamer, but D3 on PS3 plays so much nicer. Direct control of your character with a gamepad is the only way to play.

    Seriously, people. D3 on the gamepad makes combat so much more exciting, which helps make up for the bad itemization. Not even joking. Did I mention being able to roll through doors and breakables is GLORIOUS!?

    • Still not sure if you’re serious, but nevertheless I completely disagree.

      I found targeting frustrating coming from PC, where the tactical options are reduced because I can’t deploy a skill where I want it to go. For example, I can’t drop a meteor or black hole at an incoming mob at the edge of the screen while already in combat in the center. Keyboard / mouse controls just have way more flexibility and precision.

      The combat roll was cool though. Taking turns to look at your inventory when playing with everyone in the same room was not so much.

      • I think it varies a lot by the class and build. I only tried console for a bit during a Blizzard office visit a couple of years ago, and it felt great for the Barb doing melee smash stuff, but sketchy for the DH since I missed the precise aiming. Console players I know have gotten used to doing ranged chars on it, but I think it’s sub-optimal for that style of play.

        • @Angel: I was and am totally serious. I Platinum’d D3 on the PS3 and had a level 60 WD with a 326% Critical Hit Damage Carving Knife (with socket included)! I also had a level 30 DH and level 60 Barb.

          I was amazed how well the WD played on the controller and same with the DH. You have a point that you can’t precisely target spots with the controller, but with some practice you can do 360 degree attack placements that are good enough.

          Overall, I am entirely serious that D3 on console was vastly more fun for me to play SP. I’d load it up and smash, kill, and roll just for good times not even caring what loot I got. Contrast with the PC where I get real bored of merely clicking and watching the action. If only Blizzard would give us a choice of controls…

          @Flux: thanks so much for the site and podcasts, btw!

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