A fan asked about changes to crafting and legendary recipes, and got some clarification from a Blue reply.

    The item stats rolls/lvl depends on the character level
    Nevalistis: The item’s stats are rolled based on the character that’s crafting it, using the Smart Drop system in Loot 2.0, but the level is static to the recipe used to craft the item. This means if you know how to craft a level 61 Belt, for instance, it will always produce a level 61 belt. However, a Wizard crafting that belt will receive one with stats on it that benefit him most, such as Intelligence or bonus damage to one of their skills, while a Demon Hunter will receive Dexterity or an appropriate bonus damage affix. (There are other combinations possible when crafting, I’m just using these as possible examples!)

    Crafting recipes for legendary/set items can drop on any level and thus you can craft one piece on lets say lvl30, or craft it on lvl60.
    Nevalistis: I don’t believe that Legendary patterns will have a chance to drop at every level, but I’m doing some double checking to be sure. What I can share in the mean time is that the old patterns, such as the Cain’s Fate set, will continue to craft level 25 versions of the gear. In addition, new level 70 versions for many legacy Legendary patterns will also be available to acquire.

    Normal Legendary drops, such as Magefist , however, will have a chance to drop starting at it’s original level (in this case, 19) and any level thereafter. That might be where some of the confusion is arising. =)

    No changes to the crafting there are just new legendary recipes, that drop on RoS.
    Nevalistis: Crafting’s getting a pretty extensive overhaul. There’s a small peek at what’s coming in the Patch 2.0.1 PTR/Closed Beta notes, but in summary: new recipes, upgraded versions of existing recipes, consolidated crafting materials, and smart drops applying to crafting are all upcoming changes. Bear in mind that recipes for levels 61+ will be exclusive to those with the Reaper of Souls expansion, but the other changes will come in the pre-expansion patch for all players.

    Most of the new crafting plans, for legendary items and sets, are level 70 and make items that have a lvl 70 req. These Plans quite frequently (partially due to a bug), which is kind of annoying because 1) you can’t do anything with duplicate sets but throw them away since they are BoA, and 2) Legendary items drop so seldom that you have to sink serious hours into one character to get spare legs and salvage them into the Forgotten Soul mats required for all legendary crafting and enchanting.

    I almost listed #3 as the difficulty of obtaining legendary materials, but that one is debatable. I kind of like leg mats being so hard to find, with most of them only dropping from one or a small set of Purple bosses, since it makes them fun to hunt for. I’m trying to craft some items in the new Cain’s Set, but making them requires a legendary material that’s only dropped by Magda (it looks like a butterfly in a glass jar). I’ve found 1 of them in maybe 25 kills, so yes, D3 is bringing boss runs back, at least via legendary material hunting.

    Reaper of Souls Infernal Machines.

    Reaper of Souls Infernal Machines.

    It’s hard to judge the quality of crafting since it’s still under construction, with recipes and material costs changing quite a bit in the last patch and many more changes coming in the next one. Even many of the existing recipes are changing; Hellfire Rings made via the existing D3 recipe roll with higher potential stat bonuses, but if you want to make them in RoS, save up your keys now, since the whole system is changed in RoS. Not only do RoS HRs grant 45% experience gain and larger potential stat bonuses, they are obtained in a different way.

    You see the new recipes in the screenshot. From left to right the keys are Bones, Gluttony, War, and Evil. I got a Key of War from the Act 1 KW in a game tonight, and a Key of Bones from the Act 4 KW yesterday. You don’t need to find a new crafting plan, but it’s not clear if the keys are dropped totally randomly, or if they still correspond exactly one to each act. (There’s no Keywarden in Act 5.) And when you get all four and make the Infernal Machine, where does the portal take you?

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