It’s been a while since an individual tweet from DiabloWikiBashiok merited direct mention in a news article, as the dark days of development are over. However, Bashiok made mention of one of the more controversial topics of the current state of Diablo III: the items. Uniques (or legendaries as they’re called now) have created a stigma almost ironic to the title. Legendary weapons, mainly, have been underwhelming to the point of pity for the item meta game.

    We were promised that Legendaries were going to be taken back to the drawing board for Patch 1.1, and with it will come an out-right buff to make them more desirable and interesting. Bashiok posted his tweet regarding the ongoing process:

    Saw how #D3 Legendary buffs are coming along, and was pleasantly surprised by how much cooler/better/more interesting they’re going to be.

    It’s not uncommon for people to disagree with Bashiok on his statements, but I am of the mind that nearly any progress on the legendary item base would make them cooler/better/more interesting. I certainly hope so. The inferiority of the items coupled with the huge amount of uncertainty with their rare counterparts make the item grind relatively duller than its predecessor, Diablo II. While it is still great gameplay, it still leaves much to be desired.

    In a perfect Diablo III world, what kind of weapons would the community want to see in the game? What do you feel would make these items “cooler/better or more interesting?”

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