Legendary Buffs

It’s been a while since an individual tweet from DiabloWikiBashiok merited direct mention in a news article, as the dark days of development are over. However, Bashiok made mention of one of the more controversial topics of the current state of Diablo III: the items. Uniques (or legendaries as they’re called now) have created a stigma almost ironic to the title. Legendary weapons, mainly, have been underwhelming to the point of pity for the item meta game.

We were promised that Legendaries were going to be taken back to the drawing board for Patch 1.1, and with it will come an out-right buff to make them more desirable and interesting. Bashiok posted his tweet regarding the ongoing process:

Saw how #D3 Legendary buffs are coming along, and was pleasantly surprised by how much cooler/better/more interesting they’re going to be.

It’s not uncommon for people to disagree with Bashiok on his statements, but I am of the mind that nearly any progress on the legendary item base would make them cooler/better/more interesting. I certainly hope so. The inferiority of the items coupled with the huge amount of uncertainty with their rare counterparts make the item grind relatively duller than its predecessor, Diablo II. While it is still great gameplay, it still leaves much to be desired.

In a perfect Diablo III world, what kind of weapons would the community want to see in the game? What do you feel would make these items “cooler/better or more interesting?”

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  1. I think we can all agree that set items could use a back story, more full and partial set bonuses (with unique bonuses,and possibly a way of showing off set gear. Idk about you guys but I always enjoyed having full tals or IK because of the aura in D2.

    • I agree with ken, the partial and full set bonuses could be way more interesting, or rewarding (as I am only interested in parts of sets more than full sets as usually the bonuses aren’t good enough/interesting enough) I also really liked the aura you got, but all the sets and legendarys in d3 have some unique thing about their model that sets them apart from the normal version of the item, and sometimes its a custom model, which is awesome. The little story segment is kinda cool under all the items, and is fine as it is. I think its just the stats that really make legendarys bland.

  2. Less talk, more show.

    *97% chance to create better item system on post*

  3. “stigma”. I do not think that word means what you think it means… 😛

  4. Let’s wait and see… Apart from the technical side – the gameplay IS fun! – the designers have shown that they have (had? Hopes die last…) near to no idea, what the diabloseries is all about. As long as they’re hung up in their MMO-View, I’ll be beeing sceptical… So please Blizz: Prove me wrong!

  5. This is great, since if Bashiok says a game feature is good then it must be true. It’s not like he’s ever said something was awesome that proved to be otherwise, and he always makes sure to tell us what he thinks sucks and really needs improvement… right?

  6. this game needs soopa doopa weapons, 1000+ twohanded shiny swords that every whiny kid wanna have, i have no problems with uniques, imo they are pretty balanced

  7. Legendaries should be significantly better in power than rares of the same iLVL but give them a lifetime. Make them expire somehow. For instance they lose 1 max durability each death or perhaps each time they’re repaired. That way they will, over time, get removed from the game.
    Or requires a gem to be repaired. That would act as a nice gem sink, too (kill 2 birds…)


    • Or.. instead of putting that limitation on people… how about making legendary patterns extremely desirable? I mean, if we have a really good reason to salvage legendaries of lesser value, that is also taking them out of the economy.

      • Legendaries are easy to price by comparison to rares. That would bring the decision of whether or not to salvage it down to whether the legendary is better than the salvaged item. Doesn’t work because the desirable legendaries stay in the system anyway.

  8. I’m guessing they’re going to go a similar way they did for the *braces for hate* WoW legendaries by adding crazy proc effects etc to make the items really unique. Things like a random chance on hit to get a buff which causes you to send out charged bolts when you hit, more damaging/plentiful for each stack and at 10 stacks consumes them all to release a big wave or force/nova like attack. Man…that would actually be awesome 😛

    It’s a lot of work though to think up enough different effects like that though, so maybe that would explain why it’s taking them a while to buff the items?

  9. In a perfect Diablo III world, what kind of weapons would the community want to see in the game? What do you feel would make these items “cooler/better or more interesting?”

    – Runes are a dropped item
    – Legendary items are awesome (think Shako, Andariels Visage, Soj etc)
    – Pentagrams and crosses
    – Runewords (pick up grey items and hope for desired amount of sockets)
    – Statpoints (Manual)
    – Hidden Areas (randomly generated, pull a lever, door opens, 3 treasure goblins!)
    – Some Legendaries/Runewords give auras (IAS, MovementSpeed, Liferegeneration, Resourceregeneration etc)
    – Max players 5
    – Rain, Lightning and Thunder effects (weather & Day Night Cycle)

    • Your asking about weapons and only three of the options your giving scratch on the topic? Do I have to understand that? But ok… will comment your points:

      “- Runes are a dropped item”

      Not necessary. It’s ok, as it is. But I’m missing meaningful decisions and building (!) up a character. Having all skilloptions available, instantly swapping tactics around kinda defeats the purpose of a roleplaying game… (more on that later…)

      “- Legendary items are awesome (think Shako, Andariels Visage, Soj etc)”

      Why just taking the highend-part? Magefist or Frostburn, for example, were perfectly themed uniques. Yes, themed! It doesn’t matter, if legendarys loose out powerwise to rares or not, but there should be nightmare-legendarys beeing the perfect choice for an endgame-setup. Not because they’re more powerful than anything around even at that level, but because their themes lets them be perfect for a certain purpose, that’s only reachable with other means trough neglection of other needed affixes.

      “- Pentagrams and crosses”

      Yeahh… Missing those…

      “- Runewords (pick up grey items and hope for desired amount of sockets)”

      Doesn’t have to be runewords, but an meaningful application for grey and white items would be appreciated. Else differentiating qualitys on them just doesn’t make any sense!

      “- Statpoints (Manual)”

      The game proved to me that manual statpointallocation is unnecessary. And I can fully understand it beeing far easier to balance game and characters with the autostats we got now. But I’m really missing Skillpointallocation. If your connecting skillpoints to the runes as we got them now, there would even be another layer of balancingmeasures to finetune things. (Had opened a thread on US-BNet including that point. So if your interested, just search for me there…)

      “- Hidden Areas (randomly generated, pull a lever, door opens, 3 treasure goblins!)”

      Yeahh. That’s definitively something that’s a) missing and b) would increase replay value. The question is, if the mapsystem can be bend to not show these areas until found… (Would like ’em to be not so easy to spot when running by, even if you know exactly what you’re looking for, to keep the surprisefactor up. Thus a lever would be too obvious for my taste…)

      “- Some Legendaries/Runewords give auras (IAS, MovementSpeed, Liferegeneration, Resourceregeneration etc)”

      Would be nice, but not on a regular basis. That’s one of the systems that broke D2 a bit: Going munchkin was the only way left… :-/ But having them on a personalized table for each individual legendary regarding rolled affixes would do the trick, I would say…

      “- Max players 5”

      At players 3 the effects are beginning to make keeping an overview on what’s going on difficult already. Sure it would be nice, having more players at once in action. But then the effects would have to be toned down. And I certainly don’t want that 🙂

      “- Rain, Lightning and Thunder effects (weather & Day Night Cycle)”

      Ok, it’s no real cycle, but it’s in my game. Isn’t it in yours?

      To add I will have to ponder a bit, thus let me ask you a question to narrow my thoughts: Should I think about ideas answering your questions or rather add to your list of things?

      ’til then


  10. Ha! Over 150 hours of playtime, 1 character at 60, one at 59, and I still haven’t found any of these mythical legendaries you speak of. I don’t use the AH, I’ve always preferred to play just self found (which for me means anything my characters or my hubby’s characters find). So when I finally do find a legendary/set, it had better be freaking awesome!

    • 140 hours played, found 6 legendaries and a set. None of them were much good.. but they all sold for good gold 🙂

      The memorable D2 uniques had very strong affixes that usually could not be found on magic or rare items, or they had levels of an important stat (resists / magic find) that were much higher than was otherwise possible to attain.

      • 5 or 6 Legendarys thus far. Only one of them would have been useful on the act it was found, if I only would have had more luck on rolling the random stats 🙁 And none of them (, even the “good” one, ) was themed right… :-/

        • 3 SC legendaries, one HC legendary.
          I used one SC legendary straight away, from Normal right up into Hell, it was brilliant. The others didn’t get used until I started new chars, who used them a lot.

          HC was the worst I found – a fist-weapon for the monk (which, flukily, is what I was playing) but it wasn’t as good as my current weps. Dunno if it was a poor roll, or I was lucky with other drops, or it actually was crap.

          I think legendaries are ok atm. Maybe could do with a slightly higher drop rate.

    • 180 hours here, 2 lvl 60’s, 127 mf without NV and have yet to see a single legendary drop. My friend who has a similar setup on one of his character has also not found any. Finding rares by the boatload though.

  11. I love the idea of incorporating runes into items. That is rune effects should be removed from level progress and added to legendary, uniques and sets! That would really boost both their appeal, and make the hunt way more epic!

    • Hmmm… The idea of items changing skills is a rather interesting one. (Have voiced the same already.) But why not add on the runesystem we have? For example, having an item that adds homing to split-runed magic missiles. Or one other changin unruned Hydra into a pet that follows you for 15 seconds while shooting the enemies. Or … [put in your imagination here]

      (Wow… am in a commenting-mood today. ^^)

  12. oh the affixes are awesome, are they bashibash? ill believe it when i see it T_______T

  13. Legendary changes won’t happen come with 1.0.3.. Please, Bashiok, be wrong about this too…


  14. Unique modifiers/affixes. Something not found on rares or blues. And not just buffed up “+damage” or “+resist”. Something like “Slain Monsters Rest in Peace” or “Constantly lose Hit Points”. The latter was on the Hellfire unique sword Eater of Souls. It was crazy item – it was actually killing you over time. But it also had life steal so if you kept killing you could use it longer. Insane but memorable item.

  15. Ok 3 months left to wait lol

  16. I bet all they are doing is boosting the damage / defense / tacking on the “necessary for RMAH” stats like vit, crit, and all-res. Bashiok is hyping it up, doing what a PR does, as per usual.

  17. I’ll believe when I see it…

  18. unique items that make you sacrifice. Andariels Visage in D2 gave you -30% fire resist. I loved that.
    I would love to see a unique item with very few stats, but a 50% chance to knockback, or freeze etc. This kind of item makes you build a character around it.

    Uniques worth building a char around!

  19. Isn’t this what they promised us when Legendaries got flak for their boringness when first revealed and they pulled them off the site “to work on them”?

    A million Bobby bucks says Legendaries will still hugely disappoint.

    • Yes, it is. Which makes you wonder if the original ones were even duller than the ones we got. Would that even be possible??

  20. The problem with D3 legendaries is that they have nothing unique to offer. The affixes on uniques are the same we have on rare items. Diablo 2 for example, uniques had either … wait for it. … UNIQUE affixes not found on blues / rares, or else they had the same stats but in bigger amounts or an item which wouldnt normally have it. 50 faster cast rate on wizzy, 20 fcr on trangs / mages when you wont find it on gloves. COA and SS had DR, which is not found on ANY non unique item in the game… Some unqies and RWs had CB OW and DS. CB doesnt exist anymore, DS is a charater stat now and OW is bleed found on magics and rares.

    In diablo 3, the only uniques .. ok sorry legendary … that come close to this are Lacuni prowlers, boj anglers, hammer jammers … ias and movement speed on items that normally would not have them. But to equip say hammer jammers for just 7% movement speed is sad. Say it had 15%, now we’re talking. Lacuni prowlers and boj anglers are a bid better but still dont have that ooomph of D2 uniques.

    The only legendaries which actually feel amazing at this point in D3 are SOE, stormshield (godly shield), helm of command and justice lantern ring. They need to add more useful end game ones, that actually make you want to replace with a high end rare or magic item. At the same time, I dont expect my inventory to be chockfull of legendary items either.

  21. I can’t wait till they make the changes and we get to see them in 2 months!

  22. WTB crushing blow unique daibo

  23. man, i really like coming to this site but the layout and design blows. It is quite often jumbled all over the place. And when ever you click on a picture you have to go to 2 sites before you can see it bigger. Click on it once and it should just expand in the current window.

    anyway, since i cant read anyones post because their avatars are in the way i just want to ask

    what if you already have a legendary item will 1.03 re roll the stats on them?? as they are making legendaries better, all pre 1.03 will have no value unless they give them the new stats as well.

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